What is the best degree to earn in STEM for a high paying job...

What is the best degree to earn in STEM for a high paying job? I hear Electrical Engineer is really good along with a few others. Friend told me to do Software Engineer, but I like getting my hands dirty.

What's a STEM degree you can start out making 30k+??

lol doing STEM for the money is asking to hate your life.

any degree stem or not will put you over 30k

I like STEM a lot, though.

You'd know what you want to do and money wouldn't even be the question you have then, bullshitter.

also fucking lmao if you think engineers get their hands dirty. You'll be doing literally what software engineers do; sit in front of a computer and go to meetings. You're full of shit.

im EE and have hands on work daily
you have to look for it

Why are you so angry? I like all things in the electrical/computer/technology field. Just don't know which one I should do. You gonna make it bro?

If you like it then why does the money matter ?

Because I like *a lot* of it so I may as well pick something that pays higher than the others on average.

You're a burlap sack of shit. Pick whatever you're passionate about. I'm sure the money would money come then

Didn't mean to trigger you. Need a blanket?

I'm chilling senpai

You're just another moron that wants to make money in something because you saw a high starting salary. Just fuck off retard. nobody is going to take you seriously and you'll work at some third-rate shithole.

Guess you didn't read the part where I said like this field.


But why does money matter if you like the field ? Just curious

because he's lying. there are hundreds of these faggots in every engineering college that drop within first year.

That's a terrible pic related

Electrical / computer / chemical engineering are the typical degree meme for most money least time.

Honestly though, unless your comfy working for someone else for your career you'll have to go to business school afterwards. Really just depends on what you are comfortable with.


I was one of them. Fuck that shit though I'd rather make money off of what other people know then learn a bunch and make less.

video games and anime could be just a phase tho.
rest is fairly accurate.

>2016 and this bullshit is STILL being perpetuated
I'm not going to spend 40 hours a week on my ~passion~
I was in high school, picked the high starting salary major (EE), got a full ride, interned every summer, and got a high paying job

i dont love it
its a job, and its some of the best pay in town
you fucking morons will never make it