Any stocks i should be watching for tomorrow guys

Any stocks i should be watching for tomorrow guys
Im prepared to be sent into orbit

KNPD. profits will come at you hard.

What the hell is KNPD?

krunk niggaz police dept

Kneel Now Pay Debts

SGY looks like its about to spring again. be careful though its pretty wild right now


Why do you think it'll keep growing?

NXTD will probably keep growing for the next week or two, they are working on a huge deal with some travel company and might be merged , those e wallets are the future

SPU will probably be a good money maker as I can see its volatility be crazy. You can short it if you have that ability and also long it but wouldn't do it near 10 unless some better rumors of being bought by CocaCola are out.

Just watch that for some huge moves.

Really no one yet? c'mon.

CERU my nigga.

What's going on with CERU tomorrow and why will it go to the moon?

I got in a little late on Fridays open but still up 20% wew, hyped for monday

nothing mostly as usual

I really wish I'd bought NXTD instead of IMNP on thursday, but I caught an end of day dip and I'm already up 8%.
Here's hoping it keeps climbing and also that IMNP really does go to the moon tomorrow. Shooting to $4, right guys?

>not falling for the meme

I thought you wanted to lose money user


What do you guys think of AMCC? I heard good things but your opinion would be nice to hear.

i want a new duck.

My ducks ROI has mostly been shit.

my nigga!

share home page mane! let me see your total returns. well done sir

What's the app?

You fucker nice. I'm only in at 400 shares at .42. I split half between that and IMNP.

Going to buy another 600 shares in the morning if I'm not too late to get them around .60-.65


Buy on a dip and pray that IMNP goes to $4.

MCD to the moon

RH pleb

Had NXTD scribbled down somewhere, bought $320 worth of other crap instead.

After the grind last week, I hope MGT has a big week.

NFLX seems like a very solid bet for Monday.

Yeah that's my bet here man. Going to double down on IMNP and NXTD soon as my money comes through robinhood.

Originally I thought IMNP was the safe bet yet NXTD took off first which makes me glad I even split.


Made some OK gains off MGT and SGY, sold off my SGY and dumped most of it into NXTD. I have some shares in BCLI and XGTI I bought on the pit that was dug on Friday, I'm expecting some good news on those in the coming week. And 1 share in CERU for luffs which is up 9.09% new lad

auto-corrected to oblivion, fug.

You bagholding bro? I'm bagholding IMNP hard. If this shit doesn't go to the moon by Tuesday I'm going to go shopping at the noose emporium

All fresh memes on Friday except for CERU my nigga.

>go to casino
>loose $500 instant
>have $600 on rh
>make $50 over 3 months

Fuck casinos all my extra money is going towards memes

>Going to double down on IMNP
That's pretty risky.

I only have 200 shares. If I had enough capital to put real money on stocks I wouldn't be using Robinhood.
If there's no announcement tomorrow, the best you can hope for on IMNP is holding it long enough to reduce losses when the price recovers after what is certainly going to be a crash.

Risky but I look at it as NXTD looks pretty solid to double my investment at this point. So even if it tanks I should come out on top. And if the news which supposedly may come out tomorrow is good, I could be coming out real nicely.

Thing is, the news was supposed to be out Friday. And if the news isn't coming, there isn't going to be an announcement, so for all we know the deal fell through.