How can I make $500 by the end of the week with no starting capital?

How can I make $500 by the end of the week with no starting capital?

Suck 25 dicks a night for 20 dollars per dick

Take out a loan, hide the cash, declare bankruptcy

Meant to say 3.57 dicks per night

Its virtually impossible "no starting capital". You need to think deeper.

Are you a desimbodied soul? If not, then your starting capital are your muscles, brains, tongue and body in general.

Can you lift? Do you know how to do daily home tasks? Do you know how to fix things?

Doing anything requires research. It will always be a matter of region, country, needs, but there are some needs thats universal. Food, for example. There is a world wide trend for healthy food.

Candies are other good option. Shit sells a lot because sugar is additcive.

If you really lack skills or whatsoever, maybe you should consider investing time to better yourself


Pedaling some form of good or service sounds promising.
I'm in shape, well above average strength. I have a working knowledge of computer hardware and software.
I'm not sure manufacturing candy is an option.
I'm interested in doing odd jobs for a relatively high payout (I only need $500, after all) but I'm not aware of any effective medium to market on
I tried and craigslist to no avail

Get some knee pads and get to work senpai

steal phones. break into homes. or start sucking dicks.

Unfortunatly, the market works a lot more like a cassino, or a poker game, than anything else. Winning big will always be a matter of luck but you can work your way to win some small amount if you are playing right. Having good contacts, for example. If you are not social, start working on that right away. It will be the best investment you can do starting now.

Also get out of Veeky Forums to discuss business or ideas. Its hardly worth it. I think you got lucky today. I am a small businessman who was just chilling at /v/ and decide to take a look on this board


borrow from a friend,family or loan shark. pawn some of your stuff. beg on the streets. b&e

literally start begging

beggars in good spots probably make more than the typical wage slave

Go get some meth fronted the whole game is all based on fronts easy money man

suck 500 dicks at $1 each
suck 1 dick at $500
suck 2 dicks at $250 each
suck 5 dicks at $100 each

basically all it boils down to is how long you've been on nofap

If you're attractive, you can always try camwhoring for money

Just be prepared to stick stuff in your asshole if you're a guy

invest in kneepads

>he's back

>Declaring bankruptcy on a $500.00 USD loan

I lold

Try task rabbit they have a shit tom of odd jobs for you to do you can stand in fucking line for someone and get paid

Find a job that pays you $12,5 an hour, work 40 hours

is this a joke? if you don't have money, you still have to pay back during bankruptcy proceedings with your property (whether movable or immovable)

Find a pamphlet online about a world hunger donation thing. Go door to door with the printed out pamphlet and ask people to donate what they can, tax deductible donation of course. Easy $50/hour.

you're fucking welcome.

I don't think this is true. I know a guy who went through bankruptcy and kept 10 acre property with his house, cars, a lot of other valuable shit, because the debt was unsecured. I would bet $500 would be unsecured.

So you suck 3 dicks and then half a dick?

Like someone has half their dick chopped off and you charge half the price or what?

I'm assuming OP meant he had NO ASSETS

too much work

find a $500 an hour job
problem solved

Rob someone you'll need at least $50 invest it all into NXTD

>not selling all your assets and putting the money in btc

plebs ignoring the obvious lunar goldmine


But even if the debt is unsecured, can't the creditor still sue the guy and get the court to force the borrower to sell off his belongings?

Write an app. And it doesn't need to go virale.

They can garnish your wages but they cant make you sell your shit


suck a dick for $20. Go to goodwill and buy kneepads, a wig, and lipstick. go suck a bunch more dicks but now you can charge more and not bruise your knees

And hold?

I heard earnings will come hard and fast, but others say it is a bare market

Rob a bank. You won't get caught if you do it right. You don't need a gun or anything either.

get a loan on credit