Shit poor people do that piss you off

>pay for coins at register

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>have cars that look like this

>poor people voting

>Dressing two decades behind current trends
>Taking no pride in appearance
>Piss away every dime of their paycheck every week then complain when they're broke
>Buying $500 worth of groceries on Food stamps and holding up the line while doing so
>Poor grasp of the English language

>buying steak and shrimp with their EBT card

>giving a shit about peoples clothes

Nice one queermo

>Robin hood

Wait... why wouldnt you buy steak and shrimp with your EBT? They give you more than enough to afford it.

Really the only answer is "multiply and an unsustainable rate"

Everything else is secondary

>paying for satellite tv packages
>buying everything at the gas station
>smoking and drinking half their paychecks

I stopped reading at
>Taking no pride in appearance
Go kys faggot

But multiplying means more labor and thus more income, plus you don't have the stress of having all financial responsibility

>rent rims

Be alive

you mean paying with coins?

Begging on the street

There's money to be made working, they just don't want to

You mean making change? Like for quarters? Im assuming thats for laundry. Why would that bother you?
>caring what people wear
Whats wrong with TV? Its a relatively cheap form of entertainment
Lol nobody rents rims
Theres more money to be made begging

Most of these complaints are absurd. Pretty elitist mentality for a bunch of robinhood using neets

>nobody rents rims


ever thought about the scalability of begging vs labor cost? there's a lot of money to be made.

Holy fucking shit. I knew Veeky Forums was filled with socially oblivious autists, but this thread made me realize the extent of it.

Protip: Non-autistic people do take pride in their appearance and the appearance of others.
You can go "fucking normie reeeeeeee" all day, or you can just adapt to real life.

This. The fact that they exist and consume oxygen on the same dimensional plane irritates me. Peasants should just get forcibly teleported to their designated areas or be replaced by robots.

>using up change is being poor

is that even possible to do?
the only thing I could think of is if they couldn't fully pay for it at the time of sale

Change user at register detected

The poorer the person, the more entitled they seem. And the more they blame other people for not being rich.

>Non-autistic people do take pride in the appearance of others
lol. sure buddy ;)

Where can I press the upvote button?

What I meant by that is "taking pride in their own appearance and judging others by their appearance" but of course, you're a fucking retard so you couldn't see beyond your nose.

Sure man. Keep sperging out im sure youll form a cohesive thought eventually. Caring what other people wear is literally tmz nigger tier



> blowing money on clothing or jewelry
> $2k rims on a $2k car
> Buying a shitload of guns
> Getting covered in tattoos
> Refusing to work

>being poor


is the proper board for fashion faggots, please leave.

*WITH* coins i think u mean, dumbass.

>Trying to return cheese or any type of food at the grocery store.
>Having children
>Having a wallet full of 'loyalty cards'
>having a wallet that isn't designer made
>carrying 'change'
>having a credit card from a store (Walmart MasterCard, etc)
>Using a credit card for everything while having no money
>driving a BMW/Benz from 2005 to say they drive a BMW/Benz

the list goes on, but you get the point.

Literally nothing wrong with paying with coins. It makes more sense to do that so you dont end up with more coins when you pay with your bills.

this cant be a real thing.

>poor black people try to explain why they're voting for Obama
>half of them are honest and say it's because he's black
>the other half repeat campaign slogans and think themselves smarter than the former half

>ordering only 2 drinks for 4 people and splitting them

>making threads about poor people

>not buying ethereum

There's nothing wrong with that if they're on a double date. I share drinks with my gf whenever she wants something she knows she won't be able to finish by herself.

What's wrong with that? You jelly you don't have a 450 sticking out of the hood on your toyota corolla?



>Buying a fucking designer wallet

Are you Armenian?


No, rich.

Loyalty cards save you a shitton of money. Why do you like wasting money user

autismo out the ass

At least it ain't going in faggot

>eat a fucking ton of food until they get fat
>drink soda instead of tapwater
>"improve" their houses in shoddy ways, especially southern hillbillies, such that it is dangerous to anyone who visits and structurally unstable
>have filthy animals that shed all over and spread insects and disease
>have animals that shit in the house, which is usually carpet, be too poor to toss or replace carpet, whole house smells like dog shit
>smoke like a chimney, drink like a fish, too poor to buy fruit and veg
>buy disgusting food, always prepackaged shit despite their unemployed asses having literally all day to cook
>spend all their money on stupid shit
>if they come into a windfall they piss it away and never invest it or even use it to pay off debt or fix their property
>complain their problems are the fault of others
>ugly, out of shape, wear walmart clothing, unhygienic
>shop at walmart
>play shitty music way too loud
>let their home/rental go to shit which destroys property value in the neighborhood and screws over the investor/landlord
>all have tattoos and piercings and get their nails done regularly, but "too poor" to afford education, even a tech class for job skills at the community college

>>having a wallet that isn't designer made

I have a wallet I bought 14 years ago for a quarter at an indoor flea market and it still works perfectly fine. Problem?

Theres a lot wrong with this post. Just

A huge portion of what's wrong with poor people is that they frequently have very little, if any, sense of resource management, specifically time. Poor people will spend hours doing something very badly so that they can save a few dollars. They usually wind up doing it several times. They don't tackle problems before they occur, and as a result their problems are far more severe, and expensive, on top of being disruptive.

Take health. A poor person hopes that a condition gets better. By the time they can convince themselves to seek treatment, their condition is bad enough that it will be phenomenally expensive. Rather than going to a dentist on a routine schedule to head off cavities, and other minor problems at the pass, they wait until their teeth are rotting out and need thousands in dental work. A poor person will let their car fall apart, and then will wind up stranded without a vehicle instead of getting the brakes replaced, or that shoddy bit of the frame reinforced ahead of time.

It's a fundamental dissociation from cause and effect. The problem is that welfare systems actively encourage it because they prevent poor people from being forced to learn about these things by taking care of stuff for them. For example, they don't need to learn how to take care of a house because they get subsidized benefits that shield them from punishments. They don't need to learn about money management because they get food stamps.

Universal income is better because it lets them make mistakes, and doesn't hold their hand. They are going to try and abuse any benefits you give them anyways, so let them. Let them go hungry for a few days because they decided it was a better idea to buy a TV instead of groceries. Let them get kicked out of their house because they thought rims were more important than paying their rent/mortgage. Let them experience the consequences of their actions, and some of them will eventually put 2 and 2 together and dig themselves out of their shithole.


Using fucking foodstamps checks at the grocery store and it takes for fucking ever.

If you go down that route leftist politicians will agitate for spinning rims as a human right, you fucking tard

Cut them off the govt. teat, and then shoot them if they revolt

That's how to deal with the scum of society

I wonder what sort of backlash would occur if a grocery store introduced designated lanes that accepted food stamps. Anyone could go into the EBT lane, and none of the other lanes, including the express lanes, would accept EBT.

Probably breaks some discrimination law somewhere. Even if it doesn't I can't think of a company that would risk the publicity.

Properly applied universal minimum income would actually be cheaper than the clusterfuck of red tape we currently have. Simply refusing to give any form of support is more expensive because all it accomplishes is increasing crime rates and prevents people from getting out.

Abuse of the system will happen no matter what you do. The best system is the one that helps people with a minimum cost to society. If they waste their handout, make it their problem.

>pay for coins at register

I'm making this constantly. I hate coins.

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