How would you invest £27,000?

How would you invest £27,000?

>Neet but looking at college/apprenticeship
>High house prices

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where abouts in the UK.. same situation bit older and bit less


12000 distributed equally into bitcoin, ethereum, siacoin, and monero. 2000 for a nice computer, 11000 to live off of for 1-1.5 years while learning blockchain development/programming and building a github project portfolio, then get a job at a blockchain startup company as a junior dev and working my way up.

Go to college. Put whatever else you can in stocks to supplement your neetbucks.

Sell call options on Nintendo.

Add the other 2k to living expenses.

East Anglia

I'm in a shitty isolated village in the middle of nowhere

im one of the few Veeky Forumsrealites who doesnt understand all this bitcoin stuff

i tried it once and some bloke wanted me to send pics of me just to buy a bitcoin lol.
haven't tried since, but that doesn't mean i never will.

i know ill have to learn it
im not particularly interested in bitcoin as an investment though

id like to become a share holder and collect dividends

When? This month, next month, financial report month?

You could buy TrumpCoin

what are the local/highest paying industries?

well its not far from cambridge where the science park is

also theres the horse racing industry not far away

you are only 19, wouldn't worry to much unless your parents are going to kick you out.. don't want to go to uni?

i have no a levels
need to prepare for the future though, ive got all this money just laying around which i got from working, but i left my job to enjoy the weather

1.1% interest in a savings account is a waste of time
thought i'd ask the economic geniuses on Veeky Forums for advice, they've never let me down

no really they haven't

all in $TSLA Elon Musk is a god

look at a emerging market fund then, don't buy individual shares unless you like gambling

open a HSBC account (if interested can set you link, will give us both £100)
Within HSBC, open stocks and shares ISA.
Place as much as possible into the mutual funds.
I've gained around 1-3% a week for the last 2 months, as i've been buying mutual funds when they're down, waiting to gain around 3-5% and then selling them. This also is beneficial as they're no fees associated, meaning your yearly return would likely be above 30% and with little risk.

Hope it can help.

>left my job to enjoy the weather


Assuming you don't NEED that money anytime soon you can invest it into an Index Fund. Basically it's diversified, cheap, has higher interest rate and controlled by algorithms. Or you can try investing the majority of it in Realestate Investment Groups, which is where everyone piles up their money into a fund, spends it on rental properties and then you get paid a portion of the rent as a dividend. My family does this and it's the highest interest bearing investment they have.


it was a shitty job and i hated it anyway lol

im either going to join the RAF soon or go to college in september anyway

before i know it im going to be tied down to a massive mortgage debt anyway. may as well enjoy freedom whilst i can

Yo my friend was in ROTC during college, he got to take a bunch of courses through them that gave him credits and saved him money. Do the Brits go anything like that? You should tots look into it.

Mutual funds and check what's going on once a year

You have £15k ISA allowance this year, £20k next

Even if you add nothing to it, your retirement is mostly solved

Mutual fund

You a fakenham boy?

Buy stock in a stable company on margin.
Get weekly covered calls on said stock.
Enjoy making 1,000+ a week forever.

I'd invest it into finding a job you NEET fuck

Maybe buy some grass cutting equipment or a tractor

>pump it all into forex
>wait for the GBP/USD to take a quick dip
>buy in, max leverage
>wait a few-ish minutes
>boom, 40,000 GBP

after that, chill for a few months, start investing in your living space and repeat

easy peezy lemon squeezy

Leave your shit in the ISA

Save the rest as your fall bank savings, never to touch it unless you desperately need it.

Spread the $27,000 into 5 deposits on owner financed triplex's. Retire on the gains after mortgage and insurance.
Buy this.