Is it possible to get a job from self-learning to program and having no degree? Anything, just like a $30...

Is it possible to get a job from self-learning to program and having no degree? Anything, just like a $30,000 per year kind of job? How long would it take? Or is it a fucking pipe-dream? I just want to make enough to live my own fucking studio apartment and eat.

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Do FOSS stuff on the LKML or GitHub

You don't have the discipline to work at least 8 hours a day on programming, do you?

Not OP, but I do. I have. I just can't monetize it. I don't have a portfolio. I don't have an education. I feel like "do it yourself dev" is a meme.

I taught myself web dev before getting a job and I've met many that took that path.

is this something someone can get into to support a family and eventually retire on?

There are plenty of web devs earning way more than is needed to support a small family. The problem is whether or not you will enjoy the job, as it's not for everyone.

I haven't done anything since I finished highschool at 16 beyond an incompleted semester of college in irrelevant general ed classes, I also tried trucking which I got my permit and was in a school learning to drive but it freaked me out too much so I quit that too. I'm 21 now and I have no idea what to do

Try something like and see how far you get. No harm in trying.

Depends on your location. Pennsylvania is hiring a lot of paper tigers.

You might just be a fucking loser
Have you tried drinking bleach?

If you want to see if programming is for you, you can try CS50x.

But to be fair you can easily make 30k with an entry-level sales job. And you can start making that in a week, as opposed to in a year as a junior dev.

>30k with an entry-level sales job
Sales job that pay this low are often shit and never have clients for you. You have to cold call everyday and well the people you're trying to do business with won't do business with you because you're an unknown. If you don't have a sales job at a well known company that pays at least 45k then don't bother. You'll be hunting for a new job within a month or two. He'll be better off in the long with coding abilities. Sales is an unskilled profession which lays off people after their mid 40s.

Yes, but you will have to start out doing something else. Then let it leak that you know computer stuffs. Then you will be the guy to go to.

From what I hear yes, but you will have to have a good portfolio.

>Is it possible to get a job from self-learning to program and having no degree?

Only if you have a supportive partner or social network of friends / family.

Completely impossible otherwise alone.

>But to be fair you can easily make 30k with an entry-level sales job.

What type of sales job exactly, desu?
Like over the phone, door-to-door or what?
Can you please provide examples?
I am genuinely interested.


I've published 2 android apps and made 2 more for clients. Didn't finish college though. Applied to 110 startups and 5 replied. Of those 5 one gave me a hard ass 'test' to complete which I haven't completed in 1 week. SO yea its a fucking pipe dream unless you are some coding whizkid or something.
>inb4 some faggot saying hurr durr its EZ to fin job hurr i did it SO it must be easy for everyone durr.

lol why don't you go out and get a decent paying job?

I was 18 and got into a casino, lied that I was an experienced dealer from overseas (asian so I said macau), literally just watched youtube videos on how to deal blackjack and baccarat, practiced for a month (had to spend a little money buying a shoe, cards and practise chips etc) and got the job, getting paid a little over/under a grand a week fresh out of high school with no previous job experience.

Quit being a neet loser faggot.

Yes it is . I am Indian and u can ask me questions.

Too old

My second job as a developer and I make ~130k/yr.

Here's what I did.

> Quit College and part time job at the time
> Study programming for 1 year fulltime 60/hrs a week. Used resources like MIT OpenCourseware, TeamTreeHouse, Udacity, many more I cant remember
>Realize I need a more structured approach to programming and did a 3 month bootcamp focused on javascript
>They let me do a 3 month internship there to work on their internal software(first dev job) for a stipend.
>Had friend from bootcamp who got a job at some consultancy shop recommend me
>Passed the interview and negotiated salary

Been there for about a year now. That's how I did it, dunno how well it will play out for anyone else.

All kinds of sales jobs, really. 30k is scraping the bottom

The catch is that usually you get a small/no base salary and a commission for each sale.

The downside of this is that shitty places will hire too many salesmen for each area and let the worst ones starve until they quit. To avoid look for companies that look legit and aren't trying to sell you in the job opening. Here's an example of one of those places, look how hard they're trying:

Most common *legit* sales jobs are B2B sales over the mail/phone. Large orders are generally done in person.

I have been programming for years but I'm autistic as fuck so I mess up every interview. I wish I could get a decent job