Does anyone here have what you genuinely think is a billion dollar idea...

Does anyone here have what you genuinely think is a billion dollar idea? I've been brainstorming for about a year and think I might have come up with the real deal last week. Anyone else? Are you working on it?

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yeah mate, what's yours?

A different way to share a certain type of content

aaand stolen. thanks cuck.

A hairbrush that vibrates and has different types, sizes, and colors of handles. It's smart because you market towards young girls. You make millions of dollars but you will need to set aside a few million for lawyer fees once little Jenny's mom sues you for giving her daughter a terrible yeast infection.

edible fleshlights

>billion dollar idea

>UFC was bought for 2 million and sold for 4 billion. Putting 2 guys in a cage and having them beat the hell out of each other is a billion dollar idea

>Mark Zuckerberg is worth 40 billion because he stole the code to a social website

Ideas aren't worth a billion dollars. Operating ideas is what matters.

3D Terraria.
A good Aliens game.
An RTS sandbox farming game.
A combination of both forum layout and imageboard layout.
A cryptocoin which only fa/tg/entlemen use.
100 tribute comics about a very popular franchise(Star Wars, Harry Potter) with slightly different and better characters.
A limited edition toy/card/something which isn't actually limited, but you keep track of all your costumers so they don't affect the price market.


btw im an android app developer without a degree so no one will hire me. Is anyone looking to partner with someone like me on some project.

A jump to conclusions mat

A bill legalizing prostitution so long as the government can collect taxes on it. Much like how they collect taxes on tobacco and alcohol.

you would just steal my idea if i partnered with you

Office Space ref gave me mad keks.

OP, read Zero to One:
I think a lot of ideas could be converted into a billion dollars if your have:
1. Two million dollars for starting capital.
2. Work 60 hours a week solely on this venture.

My idea would be to partner with a Chinese company to manufacture clones of older Thinkpads, business level HPs/Dells and Toughbooks with modern specs. I have a lot of normy friends who really like the nifty little features and quality build of my refurb Thinkpads. Also picture related, starting nature parks with AR Dinos.

Well yea maybe. Maybe not. Well ideas themselves don't generate money desu. If you work with me then there is a chance the project might get to market, and a chance we might make money. Im sure you can find ways to make sure all the control of the company doesnt come to me, and I would do the same. I'm a jaded entrepreneur man, i dont care about that stealing ideas mark zuckerberg type shit anymore. I just want to make some money so I can move out of my parents house. I dont delude myself into thinking I'll be the next billionaire genius any more desu. and yeah my email is [email protected] . that inc means nothing, its from the time when I thought I would become successful if I acted successful hurr durr.

Also I have thought about licencing Live 2D and Amazon API to make an Anime Babe personal assistant then charge a monthly subscription to weeb users.

My big idea is a language learning app. There are plenty about. My idea is rather duolingo type stuff, or more direct but limited learning aids, it would be a comprehensive thing. Links to media in that language. The typical learning stuff. Tinder style language exchange chat. Obviously the actual learning stuff too.

all of my wats

You won't beat duolingo. If you could partner with duolingo that would be a coup.

Trailer hitch balls for your shoes

I might be thinking of the same thing.

Sounds like languagezen with language exchange built in. I think there's money there but I can't imagine language acquisition is cheap to develop for.

If you can figure out a way to make money on the Duolingo audience, you won't have to beat it. You'll outlast it. I think they've been running on fumes since the EU shut down their business model.
One thing that drives me away from other language learning programs is that they seem to always launch with Spanish or French and promise to add more languages in the future, but years can go by without any more coming out.

A game of tag played on an international level with an app.

it's all about execution

An app that removes ads and shitty, irrelevant information from news articles, recipe websites, etc.

I'm sure you've all experienced terribly coded mobile apps that run terribly on your phones. If you could somehow universalize the way people read/look at content, I think it might be a hit. is one of the pieces of shit websites I'm talking about. Load it on your phone's browser and you'll see what I mean. I'm sure this functionality could be extended to any type of website, though.

Or maybe not. Maybe people are content to deal with annoying "features." I guess it'd be similar to the Tapatalk app, except not for forums.

DIY surgery kits.

I would buy that.

Cars that are powered by ammonium hydroxide

Mint-flavored churros

Yes, but why the fuck would I tell you my billion dollar idea?