Has anybody here actually made good money reselling Aliexpress goods to a US market? With almost all electronics...

Has anybody here actually made good money reselling Aliexpress goods to a US market? With almost all electronics, it seems like there are already sellers on ebay who have listings for not much more than the chinese price + shipping.

I'm curious because it seems like in almost every ebay general, flipping chinese goods comes up as a recommendation. But it seems impossible to make money (unless you're buying the goods by lots of 10000).


Just spent $30 on some shit from taobao to test out Amazon's FBA program

For the last 3 months I've been dropshipping electronics boards like Arduino, nodemcu etc from Aliexpress. Profits were small, like 20-50 cents per 1pcs order, but per day I made anywhere from $5 to $20. Well, that is not much for US, but I'm from Bulgaria and here the minimum wage is like $230/month, and my profits were like 300$/month,so its good. Also it didn't take much time, about an hour a day. Well all good, but sometimes my clients didn't receive the items, and they open a case to be refunded. Then I'm opening a case in Aliexpress, but these chinese fucks are pain in the ass and they rarely do refund, so if a few people complain they didn't receive the product and you refund them you might as well lose your profit for days. Also i got banned for Ebay, because for a month i had more than 2% defect rate (2,54% or like that). In the long run you might have some profit if you open an Ebay store and have lots of products (more than 2000), but the unreliable shipping kills it (that's if you're selling without a tracking number). There are some fuckers that purchase an item with free shipping, and even if they receive it they open a case and want their money back..


tried it and stopped

Dealing with customers and dealers over the internet thousands of miles away is absolutely shite

Po Amazon li gi prodavash? Ili nqkade drugade?

professional ebayer here.

the only people that recommend filpping chinese goods in these threads are

-newbies that dont know what theyre talking about and just regurgitating what theyve heard, never done it themselves
-beginners who are currently trying to flip chinese goods and think thats the only way to make any profits on ebay
-trolls/liars for various reasons

when someone starts ebaying they almost always belong to one of 2 categories:
-internet marketer types that have read about ebaying online and decided to give it a shot, normally wind up going the chinese wholesell/dropshit route with no name / knockoff prodcuts

-non internet marketing types who try to sell whatever used stuff they can get their hands on. thrift stores, garage sells, flea markets, their own garage etc. dollar stores and "cheap cost" stores as well

over time if they keep at it they evolve past these 2 starting types and a small % will go on to become longt-term successful ebayers.

I originally started with buying cheap chinese product, but after learning the dangers of it i started brainstorming and eventually came up with various ways to get inventory. I quit my IT job about 5 years ago and became a full time ebayer. so far today its 10am and I've made +/- 150 bucks, not a bad start for my day

trick is to think outside the box. don't just sheepishly follow the "make money on ebay" guides you find online or youll just be trapped in the cheap chinese product rat race fighting for a few dollars

How did you find a product that worked? I don't want to know what you're selling, but if you had to start over again, how would you go about it to reproduce your success?

to continue with additional thoughts:

Honestly ebaying is pretty much the same as Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

when youre trying to come up with keywords you dont go for the most obvious, overly saturated terms that have billions of results on google. You'll never get to the top 100 pages, much less top 5 results.

You also don't just throw a site together and stuff it with paid content written by someone who can barely speak english, youll never hold any traffic or have any conversions aka no income

you come up with a niche you can work with personally, you find something that has less competitive keywords and try to take them over. you build rich unique quality content to pull ur traffic in

translates perfectly to ebay. Don't go after it doing the shitty lazy dime a dozen approach, it will be over saturated and you will fail

Resell gun parts at gun shows.

You can buy all the fake parts, cleaning supplies and other parts you want and flip them for double the outlay.

focus on your own interests, topics you know about or could LIKE to know about (aka willing to learn)


-youre a car guy, you have a honda. You work on ur honda all the time as a hobby. Been doing it since you were a kid with your dad. I bet you know fair value for parts and can spot a good deal when you see it. I'll also bet you can find a good deal that has enough margin between ur price and ebays price to make a few bucks.

Or maybe you can go buy a car with some major problem...the head gaskets are blown. Since you play with cars as a hobby you can rip the entire thing down to nuts and bolts in a weeks time. That 500 dollar car parted out piece by piece will probably bring in thousands in profit

just a rough example off the top of my head, but you get the point. focus on your strong points when you get started. At this stage in the game for me I don't even focus on my personal interests anymore. I've done it for so long It's just always in my head to pay attention for deals and do a quick research to see if i can make a dime. I find all kinds of deals mostly by accident.

At one point i was selling brand new (cheap) android cellphones for 40 bucks each on ebay, I was buying them for 20 at walmart. I was making like 4-5 dollars profit per phone, then i started goign around town buying them out and was selling them in bulk lots on ebay (in turn the profits per phone was upping to 6-8 dollars each due to savings from shipping). In total I think I sold like 700 phones and literal thousands from that run. Was a good time.

thanks for the advice, user

this is one of the problems I had running a dropshippnig business through aliexpress. their "free" shipping sounds good, but most of the time it's shit and they dont even give you a good tracking code. imagine being one of your customers and finding that your tracking number is shit and doesnt give you any info.

this problem was fixed once i started using FBA, so you're on the right path.

Thanks for your stories user, I'm inspired.

I wouldn't do it unless you can be on the ground in China. especially with electronics (too much can go wrong). Also, never pay Ali prices. You have to contact the manufactures directly and strike a deal.

eBay is better for local arbitrage (acquiring used items that have developed/retained value over time). This requires you to develop an area of expertise (books, video games, car parts, porcelain knickknacks/ china).

try and get out of the mindset that every market is saturated. every market besides emerging ones are always saturated. that doesn't mean you can't grab a piece of the pie.

Kupuvam v ali i prodavam v ebay,ama me bannaha i sichko svurshi,sq mislq stealth account i da dropshivam drugi neshta ama oshte razuchavam kak sedqt neshtata

By FBA are you referring to fulfillment by amazon? If yes, how does it work out for you?

Hey, iskash li da si pishem. Jiveq v tchujbina i mi libsva da govorq s Bulgari lol. Shte mi razkajesh kak sedqt neshtata v BG i az shte ti opisha kak e tuk.

nqma problem,kak shte razmenim koordinati?

it worked very well. it was great waking up and seeing emails from amazon that someone has ordered and they have already shipped my product. also it is great to be able to sell to US customers when im not physically within the USA, saves the great shipping costs from my country into the states.

the problem here is my products are not priced high, and amazon's FBA fees really eat my profit margin where i make maybe $5 per item sold after all fees. if youre going FBA make sure your product can be sold for more than $30 is my advice unless you think you can sell thousands of your product every month. however i read that now they have something called FBA pick and pack for smaller,cheap items but i havent looked into it

pic related for an item i sell for $15, amazon takes $7.15, it cost around $3 for my to buy the item so i have $5 profit

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I used to bring knockoffs to the outside of Anime conventions. Not worth the effort with dealing with the cops when some fat whale calls you out on it though.

>Not worth the effort with dealing with the cops when some fat whale calls you out on it though.


Lolwut. What happened. Tell the story desu

You have the best ID Ive seen in a while

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