/rgt/ Tuesday morning

Making tiny gains edition.

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--FAQs for Robinhood--
Visit the website first - www.robinhood.com
If you're not into robinhood -stockbrokers.com/offers
> How is it free?
They invest your unsettled funds after a trade.
It's also pretty basic software.
> When is it coming to my country?
Soon. As in by the time you retire soon. They only have plans on an Australian beta (robinhood.com/au/) and only just launched a Chinese version of the app (gupiao.baidu.com/download/).
> It's been X days, why isn't my account isn't verified yet?
If it takes more than 3 days, try emailing their support. They are very good.
> Is this the right place to pump and dump and/or shill a worthless stock?
No, please go to Stocktwits, Plebbit, or one of our many chat groups.
> I hit sell when the stock was X.XX, but it actually sold at a lower price, am I being jewed?
No, that would actually be illegal. Robinhood graphs are just shit and only show you an average, not-really-realtime price. To get Bid/Ask prices and important things like candlestick graphs, you should use a more robust platform.
> Where can I get better charting or bid/ask?
thinkorswim is bretty gud if you want to go open a second account with real broker.
Otherwise you should be using Yahoo/Google finance or even Stocktwits for your graphing in addition to Robinhood.
> If I have Robinhood do I need to worry about 'Free riding' violations?
No, its not applicable for limited margin accounts (instant), and if you don't have instant, RH won't let you buy with unsettled funds
> Can I use Robinhood on my PC?
Yes, download an android emulator. Setup is extremely easy. memuplay.com/

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who /still holding MGT/ here?

still waiting until later this month, probably on Friday or Monday open

Anybody going for XGTI?? Share price is bound to move up on the 20th

Look into EMC today. It's getting acquired by dell "the largest technology takeover by market value."

3 weeks and rh hasn't managed to approve my account. already emailed them and got the usual "thank you for your patience!" response. is this normal for them now or am i just supposed to keep bothering them? take my fucking money already.

Get an actual broker man. Get something reliable that isn't purely a phone app. You'll have more options of things to invest in, certain stocks that robinhood wont let you get into.

Goodluck, Kids


If there's no news, what do people predict IMNP will do today?
I just put in a buy order for .40, but I dont know if it'll go that low.
After yesterday, a lot of people left with shares don't seem like they're going to let go of their shars as easily. And the more days go by, the more likely they are to release PR regarding the deal, which gives incentive for even more buyers to come in right now.

So, uh is there a flaw in my reasoning? Anyone have an idea of how low it'll go based on this? Yesterday there was a 14% increase from the low to the EOD, so I'd like to ride a wave like that should it happen

I'm assuming the
is a troll.
Bro dump IMNP. It may have potential but it's a literal shill/meme stock. That deals probably going to fall through or already has. Weren't we supposed to know by monday or some shit?

Literally there was phone calls of people shilling the stocks...you think that's a solid pick lmaooo?

I'm down like 150 on my vmware short ;_;

Maybe this is a sign I shouldn't buy these fucking VIRT calls?

Nah I'm doing it anyway Y O L O

These threads sti meme on I love it.

Also where is that nokofag at and what is he following?

What's up with the rise and fall of IMNP in pre market?

I remember you yesterday and was going to say your short seems inspired by a personal vendetta and not actual industry trends but you still might be onto something. Give it time, sandpie.

fucking read it's pump and dumpers trying to get idiots to buy their stock by thinking the PM price and vol is worthwhile. noko fag is following EMC

only looking for EMC today. made a decent chunk off of PRKR yesterday and a couple of other things.

>yes i still hold a fat portion of VHC.

I will titanic that motherfucker until I can drop le fucking coeur de la mer into the middle of the pacific.

"i'll never let go jack."


You can find my watchlist on


some decent calls were had.. I add stuff to it every now and then. w/e

Oh so you do lurk. Your stocktwits page is retarded all you do is troll people..

First off why is the actual president of it following you?
Second what the fuck is spacedad
And I found your watch list they seem like decent picks.
I won't follow you but I'll steal your picks.

Some upcoming heaters post them here post them now

That's the only reason to make a stocktwit.
Just find a stock that dropped a shit ton and tell everyone posting on that page that you shorted the fuck out of it. They not only believe you, they also hate you.

He's a chill dude.

spacedad.me follow the seahorse, you'll figure it out.

Some of those picks have treated me very well.
I don't want followers, the list is for anyone that wants to look into them so have at it.

I need some 30+%rs

I'll give it until the end of the day.

My dick when I get a boner tbȟ

So Monsanto declined the offer. Will Bayer increase it once more?

Whoa! If AH is an indicator, today is going to be a very good day for me.

CERU bag holders rejoice!

I'm getting fucking murdered ;_;

What is your entry for EMC?

>Cerulean Pharma (CERU) Granted FDA Fast Track Status for CRLX101

Got 97 swag left over. Hopefully find a good dip today to stick it in.

Probably. I'm surprised the 2nd offer was declined desu and Bayer seems pretty relentless.

Also if you REALLY want to get conspiracy theoryish, the rumor is that the crumbling of the Republican party is going to lead to long-term Democratic control in Washington, a byproduct of which will be the eventual legalization and regulation of marijuana. Monsanto being arguably the largest agribusiness firm in the country with the most advanced R&D for seed gene engineering, they're poised to profit the most from it. THEIR TICKER SYMBOL IS JAMAICAN SLANG FFS.

tl;dr buy MON cuz 420 blaze it fgt

Damn, were you the guy shilling for CERU the last few days? Shit's prepared for takeoff


Just need to jump off of NXTD. It's killing all of my fucking gains ree.

Heh, I feel good about sticking 1k from my brokered account into it. I'm not selling that though until it hits 5 bucks. I am holding my RH until aug earnings report (only got 100 shares in my RH)

>the crumbling of the Republican party
What are the actual chances of this happening? I'm hoping for it because it's our only chance to escape the two-party system, but at this stage I'm not sure how likely it is.

No I'm the idiot that's 1000 shares short.

Please kill me now.

What do you guys think of HEB?

Here we go, nxtd is already launching on moon mission

>mfw CERU finally takes off

pls nxtd go up to 0,58 at least

Was waiting for the CERU shills to Bukkake all over this thread

-600 now.


Calls nigga.

This will save me. Gonna leverage it up.

Ugh. Same.

If it hits 5.00, I'm out. Then it's off to find another meme stock.

I really think I should have sold at 4.3, but I think McCaffee still has some tricks up his sleeve to bring this thing over 5.

Bukkake? What is this guy talking about?

>looks at price

FUCK YEAH! I was thinking of putting my extra cash in it yesterday but held off because of how it likes to crash. Watching it closely today.

What about the guy that bought it at .63? Are you unloading at 56? Why the fuck did everyone think it would be a good idea to invest in a $150 wallet.


I closed out VMware at -200, but I'm short CERU until it stops being a meme.

What happens when you are holding 20 shares and then they reverse split?


pls delet this youre giving us bad luck

the 0.63 guy is probably fucked for at least some time

Lol thank god I jumped ship on IMNP.

It's possible to own fractional shares. I've experienced this myself with a dividend reinvestment program I was in for a while.

Also I was thinking of buying LUV, but I'm really all out of excess liquidity.

2k excess liq is probably too low actually.

Depending on the ratio, you get that many shares. So if it's 1:10, you now jave 2 shares, ya dig

I remember I was taking a butt fucking on MNKD and the hype was to dump it and jump into IMNP. Man, if I had taken that advise I would be further down than I was bag holding.

On the flip side I jumped onto PGNX, looks like its going down instead of up. I am hoping it is profit taking.

HDSN buy now

>tfw can't trade because CERU short is murdering your bunghole
See you folks tomorrow. I'm gonna play League of Legends.

>I remember I was taking a butt fucking on MNKD
seriously nigga



Always spot the wrong words after posting.

in EMC at 28.14

fucking lel

>tfw 10k shares of IMNP @ .50



$GSS 1.10 reached, it may just break loose upwards

Anyone else hopping on the XNY train? We about to be rich chiggas with this one

>I didn't fall for the ceru meme

holy shit DGLY has lost me so much money in the last 48 hours, I couldn't sell when I wanted to yesterday because of robinhoods shitty day trading block

Wish I knew what was driving the price. What are the chances of a CERU crash? Debating on whether to sell or throw more money at it.

75 shares of GM at 30.89 looking good so far

Does anyone know a way to search for dividend stocks excluding REITs?

It's a meme so it will crash since everyone is selling right now

>Things going great in USA
>Solid week+ of stock rallying
>Yuropoors jealous
>IMF cuts global growth again
>everything shitting red as a result

This is why everyone hates you eurofags. Please just go back to fiefdom and tilling the fields.


Youre doing it wrong. Buy DGLY on Fri, sell on Monday after an incident. It's going to fall 20% before the end of the week, just like the last 2 weeks.

tfw bought ford this morning instead

Fuck I missed it


that was the plan, I bought at the dip friday then bought a couple more at opening, was going to sell yesterday afternoon for massive gainz but robinhood blocked me

I think you're right. Just sold for a nice profit. Will rebuy when it falls. I still think it will bump after earnings report in Aug.

>bought a couple more at open

you fucked yourself because you got greedy

Why though

tru, apparently I only lost $3 from dgly lol, everything just took a dive today

Holy fuck at that volume. Now if it goes back to 2.10 I will do back flips at the money I will make.

next rise it's time to dip out of the meme stock game and buy more F and STX for that spicy dividend gravy train

Heb I believe for the past 6? Months hasn't gone under .11 and touches 13 occasionally

Bag holding CERU because I sold CPXX at $7 and is now $30. Mfw when kek predicted it all along! Praise kek!!!

Spot on. HEB is garbage.

$NXTD due for press release. Buy into the dip.

No I mean buy at under .12 sell at high .12

Who /bagholdingnxtd/ here?

It'll go up, r-right?


The only bag here is the one I'm about to suffocate myself with.

I had 2 shares of DRAM before the split. Am I just SOL?

It's literally exactly where it was when you first posted it you hyperbolic idiot

Yes cause Im the idiot who just made 3k kek. You obviously can't follow exact times, moved from 3.70 to over 4.10 since.

Good day already at 7:30

It was at 4.02 when you posted it you retard and has only went down since

You bought 7500 shares at 3.70 each for a meme?

Mad? I posted here at 3.70
Just trying to help people, volunes over 3m not shilling like most people.