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using a defibrillator on a dead corpse edition, apparently

what do you guys think of Monochrome Heaven? English translation is a bit shit.

OP pls

Ah, fuck me. I forgot. I don't usually make the generals, but I noticed it had been dead for some time and jumped the gun I guess

> high amount of bad endings
I didn't know about this game until now. How many bad endings have you run into so far, user?

I missed the days when one could go away for a week and still can participate in the thread afterwards.

16. Most of them are rather silly, and the game as a whole is a bit unsatisfying partly because the game cucks you/MC cucks her butler (and possibly her husband?) in the true ending but it's still decent. Psycho and/or rapist cast for the most part.

I actually just finished it a few minutes ago.

> decent
> psycho cast
> utsuge
W-welp. What do. user, why'd you have to make it sound interesting?

Wondering if they even bothered asking the original maker if they could port the whole thing in renpy... Just seems a little iffy.

Happy end with the robot? Otherwise I don't care.

It's a ride, at least, and it's not boring once you figure out how to not die in the common route. Its fun. If you read my first spoilered image though you might be spared of how mind-searingly stupid the tweest is

I hope so. Also, it's hard to say. They left it a bit ambiguous for if it's a romantic happy end or not. He seems happy enough, at least.

In depth Basically it shows Akito (husband) leaving on a business trip, and the brothers duck out once they realize he's leaving so that MC and butler have the house to themselves. She asks for tea and it ends with a monologue from butler about how he's in a city with the woman he loves.

Amusingly enough there's a fifth character route and he gets smashed in a basement collapse during the finale, but he's never mentioned outside of his own route. MC floats about how "yay everyone got a happy ending!" while this dude is off-screen ground paste

Touken Stuff
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Artbook scans: mega.nz/#!CN4HCYxS!ysBUl56dooRevfriIm2eU5-X2YkYin6vmY3DQpnWkVw

Touken Ranbu GFC Anthology full volume:

Still looking for a game with a good, real shota.

I'll go check it out and open those spoilers later once I've played it. Thanks again for the game's info, user.

Have you also played Ikusei Nikki, the first game that Twin Project has translated too by any chance?

I haven't yet, but it's on my backlog. I'm just not fond of the artstyle nor raising sims personally.

That was translated? I didn't expect that.
I played that one ages ago in Japanese and I remember enjoying it moderately though the idea of the MC dying of chronic anaemia was rather silly.
Riku was a qt and best bro. And yeah, leaving Ryuuta in the basement until he dies in any route besides his was oddly satisfying considering his backstory.

>>Wondering if they even bothered asking the original maker if they could port the whole thing in renpy... Just seems a little iffy.
I doubt it, considering the author stepped away from making games some 5 years ago.

Do your own research, that's what vndb is for.

So apparently the Makura Danshi game is still happening.

I cannot get over how wacky these character designs are. Might be comfy though

Started playing Monochrome Heaven, but I'm getting an error on the text history log. I can't see anything on it. Nothing appears even after closing and opening the game again. Anybody else encounter this and know the solution?

Sadly, the shota tag is full of relatively old guys, like pic related.
Searching for 'kid' in the character search works better, but you can't filter the kind of game they're supposed to be in (like, no doujin games), so it's pretty hard and time-consuming going through there.

Is there maybe a tag/search function I'm not aware of that might make it easier?

Most doujin games don't have character entries yet so I guess that wouldn't help.
You can try this doujin search, not sure if it has a shota option.
Don't know a search for bl though.

>look at the channel's other videos
Fuck no. I want off the VR train.

And they're also working on a Norn 9 app?

If there's anything I'm fine with becoming VR, it's otome. But it needs better assets, more lewd, and less sparkly shit.

Those hands.
That's a pretty shitty model.

And yeah, the Norn9 app has been advertised in magazines a few times now.

I want my 2D to stay 2D.
3D models are fine for realistic designs, but if they keep the anime faces and stuff, it's just creepy.


Lewd shota.

how ryonastic

Does anyone know the serial code from the Aichuu TV after talk?

Part of me wants it, but another part of me feels like it'd just be really strange and awkward and kind of sad.


> the chuuni is dateable


I like the idea of "holding a conversation" with the characters, but the kissing scenes would be weird if not even creepy.

The homepage lists all characters, so even the shota should be dateable in one way or another.
Guess they'll just add the characters little by little to the game.

That art looks surprisingly good for a shota.
Though the standing sprite looks wonky.

>this is hiroshi
>this is not hiroshi


is he a furry

No, the ears are on the hat and the tail is a clip on accessory.

furry also refers to furfags.


>two best boys together with second worst boy
What a shame.

Cute as fuck.

Someone's gonna get murdered.

I'm actually starting to look forward to this, even thought it's pretty much guaranteed to suck.


Who, Masamune?

I feel bad for the dude. He was my favorite outside of every route but his, which absolutely blows

Unless you're referring to Ron, but I like Ron.

Is this Voltage? I don't recall any of their games being even close to lewd, but it looks like the arstyle

Yeah, Masamune. He's too fucking bland for me, and the FD doesn't make him any better.
Second worst, only better than Kakeru.

Ron a cute.

I kind of like his blandness, but his sugar drunkenness and plan to get Koharu away from the Norn were both super frustrating.

I'm not sure why they didn't just make him an alcoholic

This is your otouto tonight.

What will they do next time? There's no more space for more exclamation marks.

Did they really...

>Is this Voltage?
It is and probably as lewd as it really gets with them. Voltage is just too vanilla.

I have some hopes with their new game and Yu Narukami since he seems like a horndog, even if it's just high school. He already confirmed he's even up for grannyfucking in one of the routes






Haven't opened the game since the first event, that got a chuckle out of me.

Are there any characters that get dangerously furry in Otome? Or monsterboys, at least

There is this doujin otome.

That kind of stuff is like a niche within a niche within a niche. Not many people are interested so it doesn't get made.

Are Japanese furfags as bad as western ones?

What's Loki's face trying to convey?



Can anyone say anything about this game?

It's lewder for an english translated title and it's got a niche appeal. Overall pretty enjoyable. Not sure about the price, but you can buy individual routes on the mobile app.

Thanks, user. How lewd we talking?

>how to not die in the common route
Oh my goodness. You're right. It was a ride. My sides were in orbit when the revelation that 'the butler fucking did it' happened. I guess it made sense that it wasn't revealed until in Touma's route since Akito's unbalanced, Asuka doesn't want to live anymore and Riku was too distant to care before the MC came. Marie and Ryuuto being alive was unexpected. But damn, Ryuuto's story was terrible.

Real glad for the hint system or else this game would've been an exercise of frustration for me during Riku's route.


Read some of the reviews and remember that this is a mobage port, which means it's pretty likely that you'll get mediocre to shitty music, a no personality MC and mediocre to shitty writing.

That excessive movement is distracting.

I bought it, it's pretty relaxing so far.

I wonder how much of the 'bad' writing in most english phone games is more like bad translation.
An then I wonder if they have such a bad reputation how many dumb eop's keep buying them...

I have a sneaking suspicion that EOPs that like mobile otomes (on a more than "casual" basis) probably never really play games on PC or a dedicated gaming device and so they have a lower bar for what's good in terms of quality and price.

They have a very limited collection to choose from. They're thirsty for anything remotely otome, good or not.

I went through that, too. Played tons of Voltage games before I started learing Nip. There was not much else available.

What game is it? Image research give me nothing.

It's Bad Boys Do It Better.

Aside from what said, EOPs are very desperate and will gladly grab every game they can get their hands on, no matter how shitty it is.

Yeah I'd get it if the games were free, but you have to pay per route for those things. Lot's of chicks with bad taste and money to burn...

And you didn't get fed up earlier? I only played one game before realizing I like this stuff enough to learn, but then I'm really frugal and hate how samey and boring the art in Voltage games are.


I didn't really think about the money, and reasoned that getting games from Japan wasn't any cheaper either (my country had pretty strict custom controls and high taxes).

B's-LOG is coming out on Tuesday right?

20th of every month. DGS on the 10th.

They move way more than they did in the anime.

Apparently Masho Megane is up for preorder already. Amazon has it listed as coming out July 29th.

It's up on AmiAmi too.

I think Hobi has a Peach tokuten set and Animate has Doutei. Of course Pil-Vamp still hasn't updated their damn site or mentioned anything themselves though.

So I am about to buy vita, and order some japanese otome for it. Give me good game recommendations, bonus if the language isn't awfully difficult (so no historical otomes please).

Code Realize and Psychedelica are good, though if you're a beginner you may have some trouble reading them. I haven't really played many for vita yet, and the ones I have played are mostly just average.

Sweet Clown is a good game, its language level is a bit over average though. If you've played Corda 3 on the PSP or 3DS, you should also grab Corda 4. Binary Star seems to be a decent game, too.

On another note, anyone here who has played Dance with Devils? Is the game worth its money?

I bought it and it's been sitting in my PSTV since I got it...

>Play Ryuuto
>I raped you and abused you for all these years because I was angry that you didn't tell me to stop raping and abusing you!
>"but I did tell you to stop"
>that's not the point
>set fire to the bed
>he hugs MC to death
such a cunt

It's easier to recommend something if you list some things like settings you like, if you want a MC with personality/voicing, if you want more focus on the story/romance etc.
There are tons of Japanese games to choose from.



Worst case of mental gymnastics and 'can't spit it out' syndrome.

I'm looking forward to what the scary eyed senpai and the twins have to offer.

What's the most unintentially funny or embarassing moment you've come across in these games?

Twin route better end in 3P. They were so lewd in the anime.

I'd be disappointed if it didn't end that way.