Going for my first big boy job

Going for my first big boy job.

Is pic related a good suit to buy (accounting)?

I'm fashion retarded and apparently the one button suit I already own is too formal.

Alternatively there's this charcoal one

>Who hired this faggot?

dont let them see you are a fking beta newbie who care to much, try something more casual, but with some class. The suit is the last thing you should care. . .

1. Don't go 2piece.
2. Have you seen what the employes wear? I've been to accounting firms where they don't wear ties, blazers or sometimes even dress shoes.

Point being, go sus out what the typical drone wears and copy him or her (if you are one of those individuals on the LGBTQ+ spectrum)

don't go 3piece*

yeah nah this. Unless you are big 4 I would ditch the blazer and go a plain dark sweater



yeah looks nice, the vest might be a bit much but check to see how people dress at your job.

also, do not get those tight fucking pants. you can get slim fitted pants but if they're that tight then you might as well quit now. unless you mentioned you were part of the LGBT community and that's how you got the job. at least then they already know that youre a faggot

Stay away from skin tight shit

Drop the vest

At most a simple suit/tie. Black, navy blue, or gray suit. Red, blue, or gold (maybe purple as well) tie. Stick with darker, calm shades of colors. Don't go with bright stand out ties. Slowly expand out of this with your own "style" (whatever the fuck that is) after you've gotten the standards down

Nobody wears suits anymore.

It's all reg pants and button up shirt these days.

You'll stand out wearing a suit.

Oh no nigga don't do that


It's a fashion suit, not a "business suit". So the jacket is much too short on your picture (as well as the vest), jacket lapels are too thin, and trousers are much too tight.

You shall also wear a tie (not a thin one, 8 cm is a minimum), and oxford shoes.

My picture is an example of what you should wear in the office. It's Brooks Brothers.

Something loose fitting to get on your knees easily

And here's a picture of a suit (Canali) that's already too short to my tastes, but still acceptable for office wear.

You cannot go shorter or tighter than this IMO.

Honestly, it's likely no-one else at your job cares that much about fashion. Blazers will probably be too much. Just wear some nice trousers with a plain sweater and button up shirt tucked in. It's literally the easiest look to pull off.

On a particularly cold day, maybe wear a long blazer with no tie.

Veeky Forums here.

It's a very good look but you have to be able to pull it off. Obviously if you're going for a slim-fitting suit it needs to be custom tailored otherwise you'll look like your picked it up at goodwill. You also need to be physically fit to pull it off, like the handsome gentleman in OP pic.

A safe bet for white collar boring shit is just dress pants and a button-down dress shirt.

>all the plebs going full "just wear a sweater bro"

Literally the equivalent of eating with your hands at a restaurant. It's not because no one blames you that it's acceptable.

Black slacks
Light blue dress shirt
Black tie

So please tell us the need for a full blown 3 piece suit on a fucking accounting position. Its just accounting, most people there wont even leave their office. THe chances you'll ever meet a businesspartner soon are close to 0. Dont wear a suit on your first day OP.

OP, just wear something like this.

something like this, very classy and comfortable but doesn't make you look like a wimp.

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I occasionally wore a blazer on cool days after getting my job. I noticed the VP do it and the women always looked very dressed up, talking to each other about new purses. A group of introvert accounting drones actually came up to me, they nervously looked at the ground while talking, "huehue you already have the job, user". They even laughed in unison. I also got shit at that job for not wearing jeans on Fridays oh because jeans and a button up shirt is so much more comfy? Fuck this gay Earth. I should have started my own business years ago why did I stay a slave for so long?

>working for any company that's not business casual

is this moss? i just bought one from there 2 days ago if so. will keep you updated

My advice is to go with jeans and a t-shirt.

A suit is proper dress, for office and just anything else (that won't involve manual work).

A sweater is never proper. It's not a question of "meeting" anyone.

I never talked about wearing three-piece suits though. It's not 1920 anymore, we have central heating so the need to wear a vest is dubious.

Dont wear a fucking suit if your an accountant unless you manage hundreds of millions of $

How to let everyone know you are a lazy millennial: the outfit

Buy one charcoal, black is too formal. You can mix that quite well with black shoes/belt or brown shoes/belt whichever you feel like is more suited to the occasion.

I'd get a 2 button suit. 2 buttons > you only button the top one. 3 buttons > you only button the middle one. If you are sitting unbutton it, otherwise it looks idiotic.

No, just buy a normal fucking suit.

Just buy a cheap off the rail suit. You are going to be on the bottom rung and literally nobody will give a shit how 'fashionable' you are.

I know this is probably a troll, but just get a navy suit from Suit Supply. Don't get it hemmed this much. Don't wear a vest. Don't wear a black suit to work. Don't get a "quirky" tie or socks.