Yikes. Hope nobody here bought this week.

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I had to buy

[spoiler]because I was shorting it[/spoiler]

what happened?

Going to ride it back the other way?

Earnings miss

actually earnings surpassed expectations

it was a subscriber growth rate miss

That is a pretty sizable dip. I would buy

>not just streaming everything for free
>not making streaming sites with ads to sell bandwidth to stream scraper services

Well fuck, you're correct.
I read the estimate as .22 as opposed to .022

I'm thinking so too....

Think it will climb back to 100 within 3 months?

/a/ just banned me for asking a question.

I was curious if Hulu getting a lot of anime was hurting Netflix subscriber numbers.

It appears that a lot of them pirate, but some do stream. Streamers tend to not get all or the newest content, but it seems a good way to get into a new show.

Also, yes I added to m position. I now own 185 shares.

Yeah I'm betting 40 days with my option position but I can roll out longer if need be. The market is emo AF

With a sharp dip like that, there has to be a very sharp rebound, but I dont know what will happen after that.

>netflix releases the big short for streaming
>stock plummets almost immediately after


Actually, im a fucking idiot. It could take a while.

This is a growth stock. It will take time to grow. If you bought the dip, like today, then you will make money if you wait long enough. Long enough means at least a year.

Keep in mind that Netflix is not Tesla. They are making money.

>Long enough means at least a year
That's nice if you want to long term that shit, but there will be plenty of opportunities to profit much sooner than that. I would guess it'll be at least $5 away from it's current price (up or down) a week from today.

I get paid to predict this sort of thing. I told my students to buy puts on NFLX. We are up 100%; most of us sold this morning.

If you want to know what happened, I can send you the report I wrote before NFLX reported its earnings.

>but there will be plenty of opportunities to profit much sooner than that

Of course. After brexit it went to $85 and then $100 before earnings. Now back to $85.

Is this a pattern? No it is not predictable, but to me I wanted more at this price. Should I have sold at $100? Yes, but I was a long who didn't expect a gain so quick.

I doubt it helps

People that watch weeb shit are not exactly known for paying for the content they consume

How did you predict that the subscriber growth would be a miss?

Different things mate. This time it's something that directly affects the company, unlike the Brexit which was just the market selling off due to fear.

I can email what i wrote for my newsletter to you. it should explain my prediction and give you insight into how to predict earnings on your own. so far, i'm 92% accurate in predicting earnings.

I'm interested in reading it but why don't you post it here? A screenshot, perhaps?

It's from my newsletter, which is posted behind a paywall. I can copy it into a docx file and send it to you.

It's about time. In order for the price of this stock not to fall in the next 10 years, 1 in 5 people would need to have a Netflix account. This stock is overvalued. Don't buy.

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>[email protected]
Sent. If you want others, let me know. People pay for these, but I'm always willing to help out the only board on Veeky Forums that wants to improve itself (well, besides Veeky Forums).

And if there is enough interest, I can start an earnings prediction thread. In the meantime, check out these videos, one relevant, one not:

>going to /a/
I hope you learned your lesson

Only normies stream anime from Netflix or Hulu.
Everyone else either torrents it or uses Crunchyroll.

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would be interested too

Daimler will present their numbers tomorrow, they are quite cheap beacuse of the Volkswagen Scandal and Brexit right now, but are also facing a lawsuit for price collusion. What does Veeky Forums think?

[email protected] plz

I am interested. Can you upload somewhere?

>less content than ever before
>price increases even for longtime customers that were guaranteed the longest price freeze

have you ever tried to do the sebum tweezer remedy from the first video? Might try it out myself when I get home from work

so whos buyin this shiz?


[email protected] plz

I bought yesterday when it was 85. Up like 3 a share today.


Me too, familias.

pls do some threads every once in a while

Time to buy some calls lads.

You probably should have did that yesterday. We moon run now.

Fuck, ABX took a shit too.

/a/ doesn't stream. They torrent. They probably thought you were some casual from /tv/

First of all, no one torrents on /a/ or uses streaming services like Hulu or Netflix.

They use duh.

Second, they banned me before for saying Grimgar sucked fucking balls. 3 day ban for saying a shitty show was shit yet they are all on the hype train about it.

[email protected] pls! I would love to read everything you've got I'm an esteemed learner.

I'm interested

[email protected] if you would be so kind.

>Second, they banned me before for saying Grimgar sucked fucking balls. 3 day ban for saying a shitty show was shit yet they are all on the hype train about it.

Well my ban expired. Guess I won't be going back there. Can't even ask a serious question.

/a/ is the echo-chamber of Veeky Forums, they will mass report every offensive post about anime and it will get removed due to the sheer volume of reports.

Will you please start making threads to help people?

If you really are great at this stuff, there's a lot of people here who could benefit from your advice.

Beginners should not be messing with calls and puts.

What are you talking about? Options is literally the best way for a beginner to gain any leverage in trading.

This is the danger with high PE stocks. If the company has the smallest hiccup the price can tank because of how many people are long. Now think what can happen to Amazon with their ~590 PE.

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If anyone who got it could pass it on, I would appreciate it, thanks.

He didnt dont be dum

I got warned in a thread in which an OP wondered why liking loli's for their personality still gets him labeled a pedo, for explaining to him that loli's are still kids which means he's a pedo regardless. Because I was posting off-topic to anime or manga.

The thread stayed active for like hours.

It not just an echo-chamber, it's a fucking retarded echo-chamber.

Hey guys,

I'm sending over the report to those who left their email.

I could start a thread on earnings or options or whatever. Give me some ideas on what you'd like to discuss, and I'll figure out how to use a trip code and make the thread.

My trading style is typically focused on three things:
-predicting earnings
-playing price gaps
-daytrading gold miners

I use options and only options for specific reasons, which I can explain if you're interested.

Let me know, and I'll get a thread up.

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pls help a noob out

I'm interested

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plz senpai

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Would you kindly?

>bieng mad that /a/ is the purest Veeky Forums left in a reddit,tmblr infested shithole

>, which I can explain if you're interested.
thanks! just in case you missed it [email protected]

I watched your youtube video. Good presentation. I definitely appreciate the concept that there are gaps in analysts offerings which can be exploited.

I think more than anything further examples would be beneficial expanding upon the evaluation of all of the variables you had mentioned.

Pls. [email protected]

Much love, [email protected]

>buy low, sell high

Now is the time to buy, go all in. Buy when others are fearful. If you can't bring yourself to buy, then it's the reason you're poor. You don't have what it takes. You know how to be rich, but you can't do it emotionally.

You know you should buy low, sell high, but if you review your performance for the past 1 year, you'll realize all you ever did was the opposite, you bought high, then sell low out of fear (yikes).

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What's with all the /a/ rejects that either admitted to shitposting or are clearly hiding something?

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>hiding something

[email protected] please

I'll bite
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this this this. just bought hundreds, go for it

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thank you

Sent to everyone above this post.

Thanks. I saw all the emails earlier and was putting it off.

>Thus, please write your requests in the comments section below.
What comments section?

He means in the actual newsletter

Thank you sir

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I'll be looking forward yout thread. Your trading style is the one I prefer the most although I don't understand options wellenough yet (we use CFDs in Europe)

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2nd year econ student. Would definitely appreciate a thread. Thanks in advance.

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Can't wait to hear from you.

interested, thanks a lot
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if you get a chance.
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Veeky [email protected]

ok [email protected]

please enlighten me wise biz/nesman

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You should be posting a throwaway emails and not your real emails, to protect yourself from spam and doxxing.

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He didn't. He sold before anything was reported, a safe strategy that guards against a dip after a negative report. It also means you can't cash in on a spike, but it's just one way to do things. Good prediction too.