I'm not here to start a shitstorm or political shittery

I'm not here to start a shitstorm or political shittery

I just wanna know, which candidate will be better for our economy and business, and why?

As a young college student, will my chances of near future employment be much better improved with trump over Clinton?

My major is engineering.

But whose fields will benefit which each respective candidate?


Trump is bringing in American companies back to America. If all goes well the international countries will have a reason to buy American products.

Or pick Hillary if you want an economy fueled by WW3.

Clinton -- government bureaucracy, HR, environmental regulatory jobs will DEFINITELY benefit. Trump will likely end all of these jobs.

In the larger economy, I honestly believe that not much will change with Clinton. Hell things may get even better. Maybe she'll even start accepting white and asian immigrants en masse.. However, there's also chance that it'll turn into a socialist shithole.

Trump will (hopefully) loosen regulations, and if this happens, there will be a huge boom in jobs, as well as business profitability. Couple this with the deportation of 11 million underpaid slave-wage workers, and WEW lad, we'd have a lot lower unemployment.

How? By tariffs and lower regulations?

Meant for

I've been thinking less government spending and higher taxes is really important when you're over 17,000,000,000 in debt. unless you think its futile to try and keep that manageable, in which case you've lost faith that usa will survive.

but hillary probably wants high taxes and government spending on the poor, trump probably wants lower taxes for the only people whose taxes actually matter, the rich, and would probably also spend money on the rich, in the form of bailouts, if they get stuck.

the us economy will someday sink or swim by the national debt

I believe Trump's tax plan will boost jobs, to be honest.

>I'm just gonna make assumptions about the candidates rather than actually learn their policies, then I'm going to act like I actually know what I'm talking about. Not complete with a condescending "above-it-all" tone to make me sound enlightened

According to the logic of economic theory, Trump's protectionist policies will essentially raise prices for goods and services in the domestic economy as will now then have to provide livable wages to Americans factory workers. .

hah ok. ever notice politicians' campaign platforms dont necessarily match their actions in office? i could dissect their platforms bullet point by bullet point but in order to decide that investing my time in research is worth it, have to guess how far my assumptions will be from what their actual platforms are. i suspect theyre probably not radically different from my assumptions. probably a little off. thats a ton a research for a little information.

I've spent a fair amount of time researching national debt. if hillary or trump were noticeably very outspoken on the issue they would have tied into my research. i never came across them and i doubt they want to talk about it. because its bad and not very inspiring and not immediately hurtful.

You mean by losing comparative advantages?

Illegal immigrants are bad for the economy meme.

It's not the economy, but the stock market does better during Democrat presidencies. It's not even close.

Garbage correlation


Can someone debunk this?

Yeah but how does he intend to bring them back? Through protectionism and fascism or by lowering the value of american labor?

The tech boom happening by happenstance during the Clinton administration alone makes this a little unfair.

Are they?

they are. they cost american states about 100B/year and they're really not paying any of that back in taxes.

From a business POV,Hillary. People don't like uncertainty,and the way the international media portrays Trump (accurately or otherwise) is a very extremist one. Too much change in too little time is not good.

It is for that exact reason that many early investors would be better off with Trump. Lower prices for their initial portfolios.

Trump: Blue collar jobs/protectionism/less social programs/potentially better tax plan

Hillary: Government/Social/Medical/Non-profit/etc, work. Similar to the last 8 years. Strong on social programs, pro-free trade, pro-higher education work.

True, yet, I would of thought Ronald Reagan would have more of an effect on this graph. It goes back to his 2nd term.

Who you voting for user?


Reagan economy was shit. His deregulation policy was the reason the S&L occurred. He increased the debt than any other American president in history. The US military is bloated and too big to fail because of him. Reagan administration is also considered the second most corrupt in US history. Grant administration was the worst.

Considering Hillary grew up with nothing and now has over $100 million I'd say she is more shrewd with money than Donald.

and considering Hillary is bent over doggy style by all the top Finance firms and wall street.

I'd say even though Hillary is a dem, she will be a better pick for business.

So much this.

Other than bringing down the wall, Reagan is one of the worst presidents in American history. Not sure why so many republicucks worship his dick.

You do know she made literally ALL her millions doing paid speeches after her political career right?

This. She made her money after being first lady. She also worked as an attorney at a big name law firm for a few years before becoming senator.
She grew up upper middle class.

Lower corporate taxes. We currently have the highest in the world. Lowering that will at least do a little bit to entice companies to base themselves within the U.S.

That is because Democrats tend to be responsible for spinning up the money printing machines, and most of that money goes to the stock market and thereby inflates the bubble. That is what has happened since QE started in 2008 under Obama.

Trump will be best for no other reason than he is against TPP. NAFTA shrunk the middle class, TPP will cripple it. Also he can work with wall street and build a strong business infrastructure.

Hillary has and will push TPP because she will get kick backs from the billionaires she makes over seas.

because if you lived during his time and were working in finance/business you would become a millionaire overnight.

You can't just start a thread "le which candidate is better for the economy" and expect normal responses. Hell, I'm pretty sure just by mentioning tax policies I'd be able to piss half of this thread off.

Truth is, americans already passed the best reforms up. Now they're just stuck with shit and more shit desu.

STEM is a meme and you will be fucked out of a job by Pajeet

>using protectionism and fascism as syllables

Everyone ignore this man

Because he came right after Jimmy Carter, and it's hard to be more of a fuck up than him

Also the military industrial complex is a good thing from a business perspective, lots of $ in military tech


>lots of $ in military tech

>no understanding of free trade and trade policies

if the American car companies didn't get their ass handed to them during the 1980's by the Japanese car companies, you'll still be driving shit box Ford pintos that rusted out in 2 years and fell apart in 5. Just ask anyone who lived during the mid 80's how much they liked their american cars.

Wouldn't other countries just lower their corporate tax rates in response?

I'm telling you dude the US supplies more than 50% of the world's tanks, guns, jets

Not to mention a lot of civilian tech was developed by military related R&D

It's let's us get in on the ground floor of development and production

This all translates to $$$


Fuggin autocorrect