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A general for talking about games published and developed by XSEED Games/Marvelous USA and their partners, including Rune Factory, Story of Seasons & pre-SOS Harvest Moon, PoPoLoCrois, Ys, The Legend of Heroes and Earth Defense Force 2017/2/4.1 (Senran Kagura fans should visit /skg/ due to the sheer volume of Senran Kagura activity).

Marvelous has announced Story of Seasons: Cherished Friends of Three Villages, scheduled to be released in Japan June 23 for 3DS systems. An introduction trailer has just been released: [YouTube] 3DS『牧場物語 3つの里の大切な友だち』紹介映像第1弾
gematsu.com/?s=story of seasons

Return to PoPoLoCrois: A Story of Seasons Fairytale is out in the EA/Australia and NA alike for Nintendo 3DS.

The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky the 3rd is being localized for PC in 2017, while Trails of Cold Steel II NA releases for Vita and PS3 are due this fall. Steam and the PS Store currently have sales for TitS and SC.

Ys VIII Vita is set for a June 21 release in Japan, PS4 version in 2017.
gematsu.com/?s=Ys VIII

Someone ported XSEED's translation of Ys: Memories of Celceta to the Chinese PC version:


RF/Story of Seasons Stuff

Falcom music archive:

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tanned wives.

An update on the RF4 file ripping. I have a lot of the voices and other sounds converted. Just look in the "stream" folder. Most of the music is in SEQ_.7z


What, is everyone asleep?

The old thread died long before the new one came up. No link, no love.

>can go online to post screenshots to miiverse while a game is up
>can't go to settings or stats without quitting game
Get it together Nintendo. I was trying to get SoS at first place in all areas, but if I have to keep quitting to check my gameplay that lowers the average.

Only in RF3 is there a desert within walking distance from a frozen wasteland?

New Vegas. Or any other place with a really high mountain in the desert. Though I guess it really does depend on what you deem "walking distance".

>implying deserts can't also be frozen wastelands


>tfw I've never seen snow locally
(I live in Phoenix, AZ)

Best waifu coming through.

Yes, Frey is the best waifu.

Consider yourself lucky, snow is way overrated. You gotta shovel boatloads of the stuff and it makes driving dangerous, doubly so because every year people seem to forget how to drive on it.

You guys told me that Fantasy Life was a great game...

why did you lie to me?

I used to see snow locally when I was a kid though (we lived in other places). Being a kid, traffic and shoveling weren't too much of a hassle.

I notice it's not a hassle in RF games either. Imagine having to shovel snow just to move around. Every day.

Fuck you man, that game was a masterpiece and now it suffers a fate worse than runefactory's limbo

>that game was a masterpiece

I get that you liked it, but come on now

>fate worse than runefactory's limbo

What fate is that?

It is the only game I've ever played that made crafting a fun and meaningful part of gameplay, I'd say that's masterpiece worthy.

mobile shovelware

>crafting a fun and meaningful

It stopped being fun from Expert onwards to be honest, too much stuff to cover

I enjoyed it, the dlc really improved the later levels too.



Better RF be in limbo than that.

Your words cannot stop my love.

I have yet to see fanart of human Venti and Pico as adults.

Why would you want that? I've seen Pico with big knockers, and it wasn't good.

Are you looking for any human venti or just adult human venti?

Dreaming of waifus



Is modding possible yet?

What kind of modding did you have in mind? I'm sure it's possible.

We could uh, I don't know, make a community update to the game since it doesn't sound like RF5 will be coming any time soon. Stuff like new content, some combat rebalancing, filling some gaps where it gets a bit blatant that stuff got rushed. Just make it RF4++ or something like that. I think it would be nice.

I just had texture/model swaps in mind but if this is possible it would be pretty rad.

Textures, models, sounds, and scripts would be easy to change. Game mechanics would be trickier since they appear to be mostly compiled binaries.

A reminder to believe in a RF5.

I'm still afraid they'd fuck it up somehow now that (some of?) the devs were absorbed into Marvelous. Making it on the shitty slow ANB 3D engine, or cutting the dialogue to HM levels or something.

It was really pleasant to see how Neverland improved the series by leaps and bounds each title. I always imagined they'd expand the store mechanics in 5, or cosmetics. Hopefully recycle all the past games' stuff for extra postgame content again too.

I'm working on doing some reorganizing. The folder will now also contain RF3 resources.

Also I've got 100% of the RF4 sounds and music dumped and converted.

What would it take to revive this general guys

Rune Factory 5

A new game in AMERICA. So we're going to be cruising like this until this time next year, at the earliest.

Do you have a link to it?

It's in the first post, the mega link under RF/Story of Seasons Stuff

Ah, thanks. It was kinda hard to tell since there's so many links in the OP.


Nip Teacher Warrior Waifu

16 months until western release.

the wait is killing me

Quite cute. I wonder what she teaches.



Do you have all the sprites ripped? A high res copy of all the faces in RF4 is something I've wanted for a long time.

Huh? What don't you like about it? I put a shit ton of hours into it and really liked it.


You have? If it was on tumblr or dA, then yeah, probably.

thread is more like:


I really want to dick Daria so hard.

What is it with elves that make my dick Durandal?

I meant adult human Venti, yeah.

Blossom kind of looks like old human Venti though.


Some of the voice clips from the characters sound pretty lewd.

Like Meg's reaction to Love Potion?

The Love potion ones are there? They're all numbered so I can't tell them apart from each other.

I don't know -- I'm just going from memory from the game itself. I don't know how to access it anyway, and probably couldn't because mac toaster.

>access it

I meant that list of resources.

That top is really bizarre.

Yeah, it's from that cat cut-out fad from a few months ago.

When will pixiv get a good meme? Is it Ellen Baker?

>cat cut-out

i just noticed that

Seems like Ellen Baker is the new one.

>Ellen Baker

Who's that?

She's an anime styled character that's appeared in Japanese textbooks for learning the English language. As expected she's recieved a lot of lewds on Pixiv.

>a lot of lewds on Pixiv



>Do Not Lewd the Ellen.jpg

Too late.

Am I the only one who likes Selphy here?

She was the first waifu I got MC to marry in any HM/SoS/RF game.

She seems cute. Nice taste.

From what I remember she's just a literature/english teacher who is uptight and curt to adults but open and approachable to children.


When we were talking about RFF a while back probably a year+ ago she seemed like the most popular.


I think I've been around /rfhmg/ then. I don't remember that though. I started posting in /rfhmg/ around the time xseeddude was still regularly posting.

Man, Frontier is a great game, too bad it was stuck on the wii I really wished they had at least could've done a port to PS3 in HD.

Anyone here gonna at least pirate/import the new SoS when it releases in nip-land and give us first impressions?

I am. My Japanese is elementary level at best, but I'll make my way through somehow.

Cool. Be sure to let us know how it goes.

So should I just shove apple trees on all my fields until all my soil levels are maxed out?

RFF was my very first RF. I thought it was a stand-alone game and wasn't even part of the RF series at first.

I really enjoyed playing it then. Sometimes I still do, but the difficulty of the ice place and that Runey System really makes it hard to enjoy nowadays.

>wasn't even part of the RF series at first

I meant HM series.

I _really_ meant HM & RF series. I thought RFF was literally a standalone game.

(I gotta get it together like that one purple-haired butler.)

Anyone else really excited for "...3 Villages" ?

Yes. Will be playing day one.

>potato + peppers = mashed potatos


It's in English already?


Nope. The Japanese version just has some bits in English.

Most of them should be in the faces folder. It might be a bit tricky to put together since there are a few base faces and the rest of the expressions are overlays.

So far they haven't put out any English screenshots. These are just a fan translating over the Japanese.

P.S. We should put the official "Three Friends..." website in the OP...

what kind of abomination they are forcing us to produce?!!!1

I'll try to remember that next time the thread inevitably dies.