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Skullgirls 2nd Encore Upgrade is out! Comes with voiced story mode, challenges, trials and survival mode!
Official Website: indivisiblegame.com/index.php?page=0
Youtube: youtube.com/channel/UCSvJctUjDhlGS3jFwlhSB-g/feed?&ab_channel=IndivisibleRPG

New video from Lab Zero



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Lab zero is streaming work on indivisible right now by the way

I'll check it tomorrow for sure.

Goodnight /lzg/, Hope you dream of your waifus (or husbandos)

Needs some lewd


As long as it doesn't involve Cerebella

Ajna's new stuff is so cool

>dem eyelashes and legs
das it

I really love Beowulf!

is the plot and worldbuilding to skullgirls actually interesting for you, or do you just care about fap fodder or gameplay?

All three


Gameplay and characters. World's interesting and I'd want to see more of it, even if not necessarily through another game. with the plot there's not enough for me to be really hooked on it.

Gameplay and plot are about even for me. You can tell both things have been given a lot of love and attention, especially if you dig a little below the surface.

3rd for me is LabZero as a studio. Their love for making games makes me love their games even more.

Fap is really fkn low for me. Yeah the girls are hot, but fap's never been a reason for me to enjoy a game. Some of my fav fap material is actually from stuff I don't even care to play, like Wakfu and Overwatch.


I don't really fap to the game. I enjoy the gameplay and the world building.

I tried fapping, but Peacock is too pure.
All the other girls are sluts.

>can win
>drop combo

Welcome to fightan games boi

It's a shame that there aren't too many active fanfics about Skullgirls. I've read some great lewd/ story-driven ones but there are sadly too many "insert super powerful spiky haired animu lad with harem" type stories. Only OC story I found that was actually good was this:


I find the OC's awkwardness and wit pretty endearing, plus his relationship with Filia and (later) the new Skullgirl is pretty fun to read.

Valentine X Heather when?

Valentine X Christmas When?

But they hate each other. Val X Hallow is a better ship.

Wasn't Christmas x BD scrapped though?
And in her cutscene she would have wished for all 4 of them back. Pretty sure they retconned that pretty early.
ValXHollow is tru tho

>tfw no Val X Hallow art


Who dat bitch on da right be?

Don't know, to be honest
I'm too lazy to look it up

I wonder if she's an older character than Bella.

Alex created most of the SGs cast in like, the late 90's. So Bella's been around for a while.

That's true. It's fun to think about how the characters ended up in the game.

For example, Bella was supposed to be a thief and there is a piece of early artwork that shows her with Muse instead of VV.

Also, Samson could launch Filia's skull at people.

Wasn't there supposed to be a character from the Chess Kingdom?


I'm not sure. The only character I know of that existed at some point was Licorice, but I don't think there was even a backstory for her

>'Some of you guys are alright, don't go to Lab 8 tomorrow.'

Thanks pham

>It's probably canonical that Valentine listens to nu metal


>you will never play tennis with Cerebella as you discuss the legitimacy of having an extra pair of hat arms in sports

i bet she likes balls


Why do the girls bother wishing if the Skullheart just fucks them up? Don't they think, "Gee, this thing's pretty dangerous. Better throw it away lest I end up like the maid." Instead they go, "I maded a wish and I'm gonna turn into a she-saiyan. Whoopsey Daisy!"

Because deep down, there's something they all really want, that only the Skullheart has a chance of fulfilling. It's like finding a pot of gold.

Like Marie's only real regrets are not being able to kill the Medicis before one of the other characters kills her. She wouldn't take back her wish at all, and a lot of other girls in that world would probably feel the risk was worth it.

Imagine wanting something so bad that you are willing to give up everything just to make it come true.

Now combine that with a cast whose members have their fair share of emotional problems and you can see why the Skullheart thing works (most of the time)

It's simply human nature

Who's the best fighter?


You mean lore-wise?
Parasoul, Cerebella, Valentine and Big Band have at least some combat training.

>Greetings child
>Do you want to get fucked up with me?

Both lore and gameplay wise I gotta give a big hand for Big Band.

Who is your perfect crush?

You just posted her ;_;

At least you get to have yours. Mine got tripped at the finish line for hulk hogan memes.

I thought nuns couldn't smoke?




How does he put on his underwear?

Probably with drum sticks.

ready for your shots?
lets up the dose.
this might pinch.

know your place



back in the habit

i love that goddamn nun


>double cross
Bravo Mike and Alex

Does double refer to herself as double?

Magikarp magikarp magikarp.

Does anyone have that image of Marie and Peacock doing the 'smooth jazz' pose from Spongebob? I think it's in my other harddrive.

Hi /lzg/, my Skull Heart Box arrived today.

General notes:
Looks gorgeous. Dat reflective title down the side of the outer box.
The white cardboard insert is useful for keeping everything together, even when the game case is taken out.
The artbook is just ok - there's only so much you can cram onto 31 bluray case sized pages, and if you're in this thread you probably already have the digital art compendium anyway.
In my PS4's library it looks identical to the PAL PSN store bought copy, but is of course recognized as a different game. Hello, near-empty gallery.

Pricewise, I preordered from Play Asia back in November so don't know if these prices are still accurate (PS4 ver is now 'awaiting stock', Vita is in but currently showing as "Price: US$ 94.99 (GBP~66.41)"), but my invoice was (USD/GBP) $55.99 USD/£36.65 game, $19.90/£13.02 shipping to the UK via FedEx, $75.89/£49.67 total. Supposedly Amazon also include a poster or something? (currently 7,580 JPY = $70/£48)

Anyway, I know there are already videos on youtube of the japanese voices doing blockbusters, but if you have any requests for stuff to be recorded then I'll do what I can.



That looks really awesome user, congrats!

looks like you got a good deal user. yeah the collectors' box was probably the biggest perk to that release, and the fact that it was Japan makng it for a western fightan game is pretty historic. it might be worth a lot one day.

might as well record everything you can. footage of jp version is still pretty limited for now.

and if you record any story mode, pls refrain from adding commentary. thanks!

who is breast girl

Do anything with this number (732) 372-5408 feel free to send anything

I'm going to call and confess!

I'll send it to ANOTHER DIMENSION!!

>Look! I can see their parachutes. They're okay.


Not your personal army.

>perfect crush
Cerebella's ribcage.

That's not very nice. You should reconsider your opinion

What is this number?

Steam ID: XisaleX
If anyone wants to friend me, i'd actually like to play this game more, but fighting AI gets kinda boring, even on ridiculous.

Also, I just discovered that Parasoul is like, the Anti-Skullgirl. I main Squigs, but im starting to really get into Parasoul.


I honestly wish I could fap to this game more.
I love the character designs so much, and Mike Z has a lovely artstyle.
But there aren't a lot of good artists that give this game attention.
The world is super interesting to me, and you can tell there's a lot to it, and I love it.

I'm really new to fightin games though and skullgirls is the one i've practiced the most at and goten decent at, but the gameplay is still really satisfying.

>Mike Z has a lovely artstyle.
Mike is the guy who punches letters and numbers onto the screen to do math and make games run.

Alex and Kinuko are the ones who draw.

Also yeah SG gameplay is 10/10.

Sorry yeah, I meant Alex Ahad.

That also works.



I'd say Big Band has the most interesting mechanics to his combat abilities, but if were talking about who would most likely legitimately kill whom in combat then I think it's

Double>Marie>>Eliza>Valentine=Parasoul>Squigly>Painwheel=Big Band=Robo Fortune>Cerebella = Beowulf>Miss Fortune>Filia and Fukua is non canon.

Oh and Peacock in last place.

Close but Peacock was designed specifically for fighting the skullgirl and Eliza's easily the strongest.

Except Peacock sucks and Double is definitely stronger than all of them.

Also, so was Painwheel.

93rd for fuck off, shuckle


What did he ever do to you?

What music's playing in your head /lzg/?


Blue Six- Music and Wine (Speakeasy 3000 remix)

Squirrel Nut Zippers - Blue Angel