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Veeky Forums approved books

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I disagree

What does Veeky Forums think of this book?

There's also a meetup group in my city about it.

I like that one. Im also finding this one to be good.

The coolest part about four hour work week is how he talks about building a business and Outsourcing stuff and getting like an assistant and paying people in India to make calls for you and what he's talking about the Drop Shipping is cool too

I flew through this book as well and I should probably read it again. I look for "golden nuggets" as people call them and typically you can gain one or two useful insights

4 Hour Work week is all about a paradigm shift from feeling anxious to having to go and get a real job and moving towards the freedom and flexibility of either owning your own business or having a rat hole or you can make it consistent income. Either way books are like this are basically about making money work for you.

I should also add that it's better to be in a financial position that's better than the average for consumer

As he warns in the very beginning it can be dangerous to make a commitment to shift your lifestyle so drastically

I read this book once a month, especially before hyper social events and interviews. Never had one where I didn't get a callback. Thanks Dale.

I didn't like the part about selling product. I'd rather do part time online service work in USD and live somewhere cheaper. 20 hours (if not less) a week is still half as much work as normal people, and living abroad will enable me to travel in daily life and save more of my money if I live in low cost of living nations. Now I may make my own practice, yes, rather than work for a company. So much of the book focuses on just selling products. Not everyone can design a product.

However I loved the general concept. I had been set to early retirement, but felt discontented that I could not retire until I was ~40 and would need to waste my youth. So 4hww was revolutionary for me on that term, so I can live now instead of slaving and waiting. Although I am considering a hybrid of working fulltime for six years to build money and skills for a resume, and then going part time. So I'm very grateful for the book's message but I'm not going to follow it exactly.

htwfaif is pretty solid. I've found it valuable, and read it once a year or two. I've noticed an improvement in my interpersonal skills when using its methods. At the very least it helps combat natural aspieness.

>I should also add that it's better to be in a financial position that's better than the average for consumer

I'm literate and have an IQ in triple digits, so already that is inevitably so. But no really I would partner it with having multiple income sources and an initial cushion, and lowering one's cost of living as much as possible. That offsets much of the "danger".

>books are like this are basically about making money work for you.

Exactly. By the way, if you can recommend any similar. I've ready many general investment and personal finance books but am always on the lookout for more.

How is this book, I'm reading this as bbys first investment book followed by a random walk down wallstreet. So far I feel it has some good nuggets but a lot of it is him fluffing the book by repeating himself and talking about himself.

I'll add the how to influence people to my list along with the richest man in babylon. Any other reccomendations?

Never Split The Difference is a pretty good book on negotiating. Good to Great is my favorite biz book though. 48 laws of power was a good read too.


This one helped me after my entire family burned in a hotel fire

Anyone read this one?

Does anyone know a book that's giving practical advice on starting up business?

No motivational stuff or anything

fuck off ryan holiday, you shill

Business Studies for Dummies and Accountancy for Dummies

one of the best books I've ever read.

>no one mentioned this yet

Stiner is top Veeky Forums

dont waste ur time reading this

the truth is real successful people don't need books and manuals to be successful , you think an engineer at NASA read a book on how to be successful at life or to interact with people? he didn't

u think Sorros read a book on how to become successful at life? he didnt
dont let other people tell u what to do

(im not talking about books in general obviously , im talking about the "how to interact iwth ppl/how to be successful " kind of books)

Having a leg up against normals is being successful you nigger.

Just saw this dude on tv. At first I literally thought it was an evangelical preacher or that I was watching WWE or real house wives of israel or some shit. Total snake oil salesman dude

have you read essay by paul graham on his website? pretty insightful stuff aimed towards startups

Currently reading "48 laws of power".
What do you think of this book?

Can you guys suggest a good e-book reader for PDFs?

>you think an engineer at NASA read a book on how to be successful at life or to interact with people?
Sorry to break your dreams, they probably did.
>u think Sorros read a book on how to become successful at life?
Sure he read a shitload of books.

The Book in the OP How to Win Friends & Influence People is a masterpiece and should be in everyones book shelf.

But still, you could try getting rich on the internet with your cryptoshit.



as far as babby's first you could do a whole lot worse. Its quite nice. He's really against HFT for some reason though. Its got an agenda but if you can see through that most of the info is good.

ugh I haven't read it but if its your shitty typical boomer garbage its worth skipping.

Short term single generation optimization stuff like this is pure cancer. If you're saving for your GREAT GREAT GRANDCHILDREN to be well off you'll have more than enough for yourself

Trade your way to financial freedom

How to make money in stocks

Yeah I figured most of it was bullshit just from looking at the cover, but a friend reccomend ed it as a good starting place. Although I'd like something a lot more detailed so I'm excited to delve into the real reccomended books.

shit man, sorry to hear that if true.

I read this book and followed the tips inside when I was a brand new natural gas salesman and I made a lot of big sales a lot quicker than I probably would have without having read it. So I recommend it.

Also what does Veeky Forums think about biographies? I've been trying to find a good bio on Bernie Ecclestone because that guy is just untouchable and no matter how many times he ruins F1 big manufactures and sponsors and broadcasters will still spill billions into it.

Any other bios you'd recommend? It'd be interesting to read up on some serial entrepreneurs.

I'd recommend Market Wizards series by Jakc Schwager.

So sorry if that happened to you. Seems like the worst thing in the world.

yeah it's okay, lot of relationship stuff in there, it's a bit hit and miss, but if you're having trouble with women it might be worth buying

Help me Veeky Forums ... im looking for a book that teach me the basic of understanding the needs of the customers, Why they want to buy/use things and how i can sell stuff without looking sleezy

pic semi-raleted

As far as life coach stuff he's actually really good. This book is targeted at the average person who is an absolute beginner though plus it has lots of self help type fluff that makes the book longer than it needs to be. There are better books for biz.

Actually since he is a famous a cool guy he got to interview some pretty smart people for the book. Like Ray Dalio who has some really informative stuff here.

I'd watch the video and read the research report here over the reading the book. Anyone who's been on biz knows that you should save money and invest, the book is just trying to convince normies to do that.

I just listened to it on audiobook. Good, but very hard to actually put into practice, especially for a beginner and very hard to take it all in at once as there is so much information in here.

I've read 90% of this (drifted off towards the end), very interesting but like anything it is hard to actually put into practice many of the lessons in the book. The only thing it has made me do is think more about how I talk and present myself to others, especially people I want things from such as my bosses etc.

Two of the books that always get mentioned in these things are Rich Dad Poor Dad and The Richest Man in Babylon. I recently read both and while Rich Dad is quite motivating, it doesn't have much concrete advice and Richest Man in Babylon is very basic and very long winded in it's style. Probably only useful for the absolute beginner.

Unless there's a book that teaches me how to read for efficiently and retain more information, all these suggestions are worthless.
I work a 50h week, I haven't got time to read two to three hours a day senpai

You work 10 hours a day?

I'm guessing you sleep about 8 hours.

So that leaves you 6 hours of time to budget reading PER DAY.

And that's just weekdays. You've got 32 hours of free time every weekend for reading.

So that's 62 hours per week that you could budget reading into.

At 52 weeks per year, you could easily read all the books in this thread by next year



>Four gym sessions per week that go for up to an hour at a time.
>Shopping for and preparing food (pre-prep included) about 40 minute a day.
>Travel time (40 minutes via train either way)
>Having hobbies and a social life (Probably four hours a week, and people think I'm a shut in).

So yeah.

Heartfelt comment
>pic related


It's literally just ramblings about how he spent his daddy's money

t. hillary

>Having hobbies and a social life (Probably four hours a week, and people think I'm a shut in).

Reading is a hobby, retard. Budget it in. Or do weekends. You could still read all these books in a year with just weekend

just finished this. holy shit was it dense. let me sum it up for everyone:

the best investments don't make 50%. the best investments are the ones where shit hits the fan, and you still break even or even make 1-2%. That's called the margin of safety. Buy a business for the value of it's holdings and IP. Buy a house for the value of the land. Buy a laptop for the scrap value. In any of those cases, there's a huge bonus upside if things work out, but you're also protected.

It also says that you can't predict the future, so how can you make money with betting or gambling (which the stock market largely is)? You should invest in things you know and understand, and try to make your investments have as huge a margin of safety as possible.

I liked it. Made my GF pissed off when I read her some passages, which is obviously proof positive that it has a true message.

>As a man, your goals keep you valuable, desirable, and alive. Don't let other people define your goals for you or get in the way of them. Especially not women

love it.

read it, fun to see him shit talk about people.
good to see how the wealthy build connections and leverage those connections into opportunities. Honestly, Trump doesn't fuck around with business. I recommend it, only because it's like 200 pages.


If I want to get Veeky Forums, I read Starting Strength. What do I read to get Veeky Forums?

>books about becoming the best and richest person in the world
>written by people noone besides those reading this type of books know off
>none of them is really rich

I seriously hope you people torrent or download those books from the net for free, because if you pay for that then I don't have good news for you.
Most of the shit that is written there is either utter bullshit, people bragging, basic knowledge or knowledge you can get everywhere by just observing human behavior for a day.
If you bought that then you are the source of income for those "business gurus", probably the only one, becouse truly succesfull people will never spend a lot of time to write shitty book for masses.

Its no wonder you get shilled into every crappy crypto there is on this board if you truly believe any of those books will make you alpha from the beta you currently are.

Richest man in Babylon

The Richest Man in Babylon
The Magic of Thinking BIG
The Science of Getting Rich
Think and Grow Rich
>How to Win Friends and Influence People

I've just finished listening to the Richest Man in Babylon on Audiobook and I was pretty disappointed to be honest. It repeats itself a lot and rambles a lot. Also the mock biblical style language gets really annoying and cheesy after a while. I can pretty much sum up everything it says in a few bullet points:

*save 10-30% of your income
*make 'good' investments to increase your income (no mention of what these actually are)
*don't squander opportunities as they arise
*only trust people with a proven track record of good returns etc.

That's all it is, just very basic common sense shit that anyone over the age of 18 should pretty much know instinctively.

>Travel time (40 minutes via train either way)
40 minutes via train is 40 minutes you could be doing something productive with, like reading some of these books.

Well, it's a starting point. If you need more specific advice you need a more specific book, obviously. There isn't a get rich formula that you can follow like an algorithm

The Investopedia web site maybe? I recommended "Trade your way to financial freedom" earlier and "How to make money in stocks", but they are more for the ones who've been trading some.

I read some books in my mother language about the generals, there's probably a book for dummies or something in English.

there is if you have high income and can save a lot.
if you don't have high income you are fucked.

Educate yourselves!

Why wouldn't Sun Tzu be on there?

kindle paper white

Proprietary garbage.

Get a kobo glo hd

I just want to reiterate how good the link in this post is. It's not a book but between the 30 min video which is easier than a book and the 350 page pdf which is denser than a book it works out to be a lot of really helpful info. It gives a useful model to work with.

Speaking of models I highly recommend the book about Charlie Munger's mental models. "From Darwin to Munger" I have it is.

Here's an essay from Munger I re-read the other day which is excellent.

Proprietary is one big negative point.
I'm checking out the globo.

I'm happy for more input, thanks!
Currently I'm buying the books because it's nice to have them in shelf, but this is not very Veeky Forums like because I already have most of them.

The first chapter of this book completely changed how I think about money.

Try not to get sucked down the self help rabbit hole. If self help books help the secret to having an amazing life, everyone would be reading them.

At the end of the day just figure out who you want to be then set goals to become that person.

Also read the fountainhead by ayn rand.

'I will teach you to be rich' is actually really good.
Great for a young person completely new to personal finance.

Shall check it out.

Write 4 dot points after every chapter.
I'm gonna go pseudo-science here: but the act of physically writing helps you retain information because the part of the brain that read isn't the same that controls fine muscle control (your hands). That helps your brain retain the information better.


If you really want something, you make time for it.
Also if it's a book you enjoy then you'll just organically fall into reading it.

I read 3 chapters. Too low brow for me. Some interesting insights (particularly the part where he mentions Woody Allan and Sylvester Stallone and marketing to their respective niches) but it's so far very lacking in the "deal" and negotiating more about the property market.

Thoughts? That's why I mentioned Bernie Ecclestone earlier. I figure studying him and Trump would give me a very good knowledge base on high level deal-making and negotiation.

Ive been reading through Scott Adams persuasion reading list, lots of similar recommendations in this thread

How to Fail - Scott Adams

I have a question for you: how do you interpret his Chapters?

I took it as, "read one book from each chapter" but was curious to know if you understood it differently. (differently as in read every book here) I sincerely doubt it's that last one though.



The lazy option would be to check out the spark-notes or google some reviews on each book, and whichever one piques your interest the most, start with that.

It's better than not reading them at all, or only reading the one book

what about Benjamin Graham Intelligent investor?

Warren buffet endorsed the book.

shit tier
ultra shit tier
haven't read it
meh, good for absolute beginners
scam tier
shit tier
GOAT tier (jk it's a meme)
ultra super turbo shit tier

>hating on SS
DYEL? It's a solid book that explains a lot of the science behind strength training; also a good learning material for proper technique of the lifts.

pretty good if you want to look like a t-rex

It's a book on strength training, and strong legs are the foundation for most (if not all) competitive lifts. It's aimed at powerlifters/athletes, not people who want to work on aesthetics (bodybuilders).

I agree with your taste user.
Recommend a book plz fampai.
Or do I just sponge investopedia up.

It's not "one" book it's one from each chapter so four. No one is going to read all those books when "How to win" tells you no amount of reading will replace experience.

You're seriously doing it wrong.

>not people who want to work on aesthetics (bodybuilders)

You should also do starting strength for a couple of months if you're training for aesthetics, as these exercises are the foundation as you say. Even Zyzz did them.

I started in this one but when I read lines like "everyone has accepted that gender roles are a thing of the past" it really puts me of.

That line is true though like it or not. Women do more than stay at home and have babies, but that shouldn't be a threat to any mature masculine man

Did anyone read "Common Stocks and Uncommon Profits and other writings"? Is it worth my time?

How does this work with the concept of being "antifragile?" It seems like almost the same concept only almost in reverse.

I haven't read it, but if you google stuff like "best stock books" and recommended reading it's usually mentioned. I'm thinking of buying it, but I have currently Peter Lynch books and Jack Schwager Market Wizards series to read first.

Ayy the good shit
dumping goat business book post imo

is this like taleb?


>Think and Grow Rich

>The Magic of Thinking BIG
about to read it but I fear it's gonna be the same "MUH EDISON AND ABRAHAM LINCOLN ENDORSED" if-you-convince-yourself-it'll-work! shitbook

>>Think and Grow Rich

Reading TaGR atm and suprised by how much occult / alchemy this guy gets into.

A lot of people I've looked up to swear by this book though. seen it on a few top 10 lists