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>Don't forget to vote!





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first for gus

gus gun

Why didn'tyou include wolflame?

He did, but for some reason he put it in don't forget to vote.

Fifth for RNG

Not a very good time, it seems.


GAAAAH what the fuck

I see Ikaruga-friend has found /vr/ again. Poor bastards, I wouldn't wish that cuck on anyone.


It's pretty frustrating when you make it to stage 2 after a dozen restarts and something like that happens

who hellstinker here

Yeah try playing Guwange for score.

I don't play run and guns :^)

Oh right, not to worry every scene needs its plebs.

>swamp witch
>not labeled swamp gas
Such wasted opportunity.

I love Psikyo

I need to get back to this game at some point


>tfw only 21-22

Maybe I'll play today!

Will you stream? pls? ;_;

This prolonged silence makes me think that you will not.

Well, obviously that's not a swamp witch, but an annihilator witch.

less is more actually

Sorry, I'm trying to set a stream up. After that I'll do a test to make sure it works alright, and then if it does, I suppose I can stream. I've never streamed anything before though, and I don't have a mic or anything.

I'll watch, please (You) me when you start with a link.
I wish I was motivated enough to actually do that too, I've got a quality mic and all, but I'm shit at videogames.

You don't have to be good or have a mic to make an entertaining stream, anons.

Would you watch a stream with no mic and just the game?

but I'm genuinely awful at shmups, to the point of dying at stage3 in mushi every single time then giving up on it.


Hell, I've 1cc'd maniac and I still occasionally get fugged on stage 3.

Go into practice mode until you can no miss stage 3 a good chunk of the time, then go back to runs

yes, if you type something in chat every now and then or answer questions.


Yes. pls strim.
Please stream some Mushi and post the link here!

>pumpkin inside a pumpkin.jpg

I'll probably stream my stage 3 practice in about 10 hours, but only if you'll watch.

But that's 7am for me, I'll be still in bed. ;_;

time to start waking up in the morning, then.

I'll put you on my TV and watch you as I try to sleep, then.


kraut-kun going full autism in the /vr/ thread, check it out for some laughs

Just read that. Better there than here, /vr/ has gone to absolute shit since /v/ moved in recently.

>Better there than here
I'd rather he not shit up either thread desu, though I'm a frequenter of both.

It's almost as bad as the /v/ thread from last night.

He'll probably get bored of /vr/ and come back here again.

He even resorted to his "but whatever... this thread is just full of hipsters anyway" routine.

All right, I think I'm more or less ready to stream Deathsmiles. I'll be checking the chat often (probably look at it between stages) and I'll talk there or answer questions or something.

I don't know how well it'll work out, but when I try to preview the stream using OBS, it looks fine, so hopefully there won't be any problems. The game window pauses while inactive, so if the game suddenly stops (which it shouldn't when I'm in the middle of a stage), it means I'm looking at the chat.

I'll start... pretty much whenever someone comes in and says something on the chat. First I think will just be a relaxed run through the game, and if the stream goes without problems then I'll start doing score attempts.

twitch tv/harrykoakuma (copy the link and add a period between twitch and tv, because Veeky Forums spam filters)

I've always thought those 2 spikes at the bottom of the Impossible One #1 looked silly as fuck.

Aww yeah, stream time!



This has to be the most visually excessive shmup of all time

While not quite at that level, Kaikan gets pretty nuts once you know what you're doing.


It was a good stream; I'm sure you'll get that sound issue hammered out.

Thanks. I'll mess around with it a bit and see if I can figure something out.

At least it's the audio having troubles and not the video. Especially since I don't have a mic, the audio's not that important. Still, I'll try to fix it.

It's so nice seeing more streamers pop-up lately! I'll be looking forward to the next stream

most of my deaths come from overshooting with my movement and other inaccuracies, misreading the pattern is maybe 30% of it all

will i ever be awakened from this dream on the inside

>tfw your new approach to a certain section looks promising

I love finding little tweaks that improve my success rate

>there are no butts
fuck you ikeda

>Black Label
>There are no blacks or labels

So I started figuring out Mushi Original lately.

Am I correct in thinking that there is never any reason to leave safety of the bottom of the screen, even for scoring? There are of course certain situations when you are forced to dodge vertically, but other than that, no reward for taking the risk and no survival value ever in going up?

Is that better?

For scoring the higher up the better.
Watch the official superplay if you haven't already

I still don't know much about how all this stuff works, but I think I've figured something out, at least. If I stream the game with my channel open and the volume on, it creates an echo chamber. I streamed a few seconds of audio, then silenced the game window with my twitch channel still open. What happened was that OBS streamed the audio, then picked up the audio again when the channel played it, thus it gets streamed and the channel plays it again, and so forth.

This must mean that it's recording audio from my speakers, or something, instead of from the game directly, which might explain the drop in audio quality. I don't know how to fix that.

Not necessarily. Enemies are invulnerable to damage when they first spawn at the very top of the screen, so you'll want to get some damage points out of them. There are also points where you want to milk, like with those plants in stage 2.

allright, the HG101 article fooled me about scoring

still, I'm right when it comes to survival? or do you get extends for points?

Extends at 2.5 and 5 million
Don't glue yourself to the bottom of the screen though, that has a tendency to get you trapped.

There are two score extends in the game, but you'll get them even if you aren't trying optimize. Original isn't really a scoring mode anyway. The biggest amount of points you'll get is from not dying, the rest is from really complex stuff like milking enemies that are invulnerable and picking up every single piece of amber.

However, even if you're not gonna go off the deep end, don't trap yourself into only using the bottom of the screen.

>Still can't get the 20x multiplier on Eschatos

ok, thanks

so far hugging the bottom works out for me, but if I paint myself into a corner, I'll know the reason why

When you're dealing with aimed shots you can always make an opening for yourself by moving in a figure 8 motion like this

Stage 3 is the worst.

I have bigger problems with stage 4.

Why the fuck does Mushi run smooth as fuck one day then it's unplayable the next? It gets frustrating

Fucking IKD, why are you making player weapons flashier than enemies'?

>game is called V-V
>doesn't have any black mages

Do the worms in Stage 4 of Mushihimesama kill you on contact? I couldnt tell if I died because a bullet spawned right on top of me or not.

The giant dragonfly things? Yes, they deal contact damage.

The individual segments kill you on contact unless you destroy them first. One they're destroyed you can go on top of them. The destroyed segments are darker than the collidable ones. The small part between the head and the wings has no collision and isn't a destructible part.

>falling for the PC gaming meme

Wouldn't want CAVE rereleasing stuff on the 'bone now, would we?

Havin' fun with Raiden V, are we?


i'd even take the wii u over the MemeC

I don't know why, but the audio quality seems to improve if I plug headphones into my computer while streaming. Does anyone have any idea why it does that?


That's some nervous-ass dodging you've got there user


>current year
>still being a console kid
Just accept that computers are the future.

No shit, 5 Doom's back to back could do that on anyone.

I actually like the music in DDP. It pumps me up.

Alright so, for some reason it only records the audio correctly when something is plugged into the headphones jack. I don't know why it does this but I guess that works for now.

I'm going to do something else for a while and then try streaming Deathsmiles in maybe a half an hour or so.

Only autistic /mu/ fags don't
It's just a shame there's not a new track for each level

as an autistic mu fag i quite enjoy ddp's ost
sdoj and doj have better ones tho imho

Yeah I like doj's too but it's a quite different sound
Never played sdoj

>tfw saturn lost muh scores
Fuckin battery based storage

SDOJs OST is pretty weak imo
i only like the stage 4 track, the rest are meh

I really like the boss themes but I have a hard on j core in general

All right, it's about time to begin. Stream will start sometime within the next 10 minutes or so, or sooner if someone shows up to the chat and lets me know. This time, I'm going for score runs with Casper so I'll probably wind up restarting stage 1 a hundred times but I'll still check the chat frequently and talk.

twitch tv/harrykoakuma