Cash savings

Post yours /biz, how much hard, actual currency do you have? Right now I have about $1780 in cash(a bit more than $1800 if I count the loose change in my wallet and around the house). It's not much but I've finally paid off a lot of debt and am now currently, absolutely debt free so have a positive net worth.

why would i need so much cash?

Move aside for the real ballers.

Unlike Europe, cash is still accepted by everyone here in the US

i got about $6.57 nigga thats that baller money son i aint playin

no pics cuz i dont have to prove SHIT to yall Veeky Forums mofuckers

Got about 5k in small bills in my sock drawer next to my Glock 19 w/ spare mag and my epi pen.

Pix user?

uh, why wouldn't it be accepted? from my experience, americans use their debit cards excessively, that's not the case here.

when i paid cash in a starbucks in NY the cashier was pissed because i used dollar notes and not a card.

In my experience, the more cash you have, the poorer you actually are.

Trips of truth

Maybe $2 and bunch of coins.

Sounds like you've never had to get out of town quick.

like around 55k lol

still, why bother?

$20000 most of which im going to spend on a brick

A shiny gold brick?

Around 13k

lmao literally what

Why keep so much cash? If you are keeping cash out of paranoia you should be holding physical gold or silver.. When shtf people will be using cash to start fires... Precious metals are universal currency... Cash is a bad investment


I feel like 1-2k is an okay amount to keep at home, no real disadvantage to having it in a bankaccount.

why is that? arent poor people living paycheck to paycheck so they literally have nothing saved?

kek just saw your thread on /b/, how's the weed selling?

13.5k in the bank, 2.5k just tossed into business

Pretty good thanks. I don't normally post on /b/ but I'm bored tonight desu

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This was me 2 years ago.

I don't like using cash. I seem to be the minority though

Honestly I feel like a societal collapse that requires precious metals as currency isn't that likely to happen. What's more likely to happen is that some sort of shit hits the fan event happens in my personal life that requires me to bug out. Having a few thousand in cash is perfect for bugging out in that regard.

god damn our currency looks gay now.

>user eats peanuts, has an allergic reaction
>throat swells up, can barley breathe
> player 2 enters the game
>"please get my epi pen in my drawer"
>player 2 takes all anons money
>user dies

Only a few cents, a couple of hundred in the bank (net negative if you include credit card debts).

You've clearly never been to Europe.

You're right, because that's a poor people and/or a criminal problem. If I need to get out of town quick, I'd rather have a credit card than cash, because I've got a $10k credit limit, and carrying $10k in a duffle bag is straight up retard or drug dealer tier. Remember, if you're not breaking the law, there's no need to hide your purchases or be concerned about liquidity enough to use exclusively cash.

Poor people have cash because that's what the payday loan places give them, and they're too stupid or financially illiterate to understand that banks actually insure any money they put in a checking or savings account up to $100k.

In poor people world, cash is king, because they think it's a status symbol, and credit is nonexistent when your income is barely enough to keep you afloat.

>Implying it's for allergies.

I don't trust banks after what happened in 2008. Considering how cyclical economic collapses are, we're due for another one soon

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And exactly which savers lost their deposits in 2008, you literal retard?

I could see sums of cash being useful in a divorce but other than that this man speaks the truth

probably 1kg of pure coccaine.

Fuck gold. It will be useless if shtf. Ummmm let's see do I want heavy shiny trash or ammo, food, supplies? Pick one nigga

I think you've been on this Mongolian arts and crafts website too long.

I had, for some odd reason, 10 one dollar bills in my wallet. Noticed and seriously considered just throwing them on the ground.

Thought better of it and threw them in the trash instead.

No savers lost their money because the governments and central banks around the world acted in unison to deal with the mess. Next time shtf they won't have any policies left to use.If we enter a depression and governments are helpless prepare to see all of the major banks collapse and get 'bailed in' aka taking your money.

For me, I have $130k in a bank account and $110k in a safe.

Should have just refunded the accounts and let the banks fail

you realize shtf is just a meme right

if shtf happened everyone would die because nuclear reactor take a long time to safely shut off and if they are not safely shut off and left unattended they will melt down and poison everything

gold is for the coming multi decade recession deleveraging

Where's the safe?

Wow user you are so rich, I'm attracted to you already. You're definitely not a penniless NEET!

Fucking liar. I bet you really have $7 but just don't want to get robbed.

5,150 USD
31,200 ILS (~8100 USD)

and another 5k somewhere in my Dad's room..

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>tape over webcam

>I read once that Sweden barely uses cash and is going all digital

Fuck off retard, in the UK cash is still widely used as always.

I have about 5g's altogether; 4 in my savings and about ~1000 in my checking.