Literally lost 90% of my investment in cryptos

>literally lost 90% of my investment in cryptos
Farewell anons, I guess I can add this to the long list of failures in my life. I thought if I kept trying I would find something I am good at. I guess not. I am truly worthless.
Next attempt will be buying kneepads and lip balm. Maybe I will even try /r9k/ even though I have never lurked it.

Proof is required

I'm not saying do what I do but I literaly tried everything, stocks, forex, sports trading/ betting, cryptos and lost money on all probably because I wasn't good enough and made bad decisions, the past year I've been playing poker non stop and have finally found my niche grinding low stake 180 playet sit and gos and havr an roi of 3.4% after nearly 20'000 games. The point is never give up, I'm sure theres something out there besides the normal college - uni - work shit. Gl.

buy monero you dumb fuck

90% of nothing is still nothing.
Unless you post proof you're not getting our sympathies nor the right to use this as your personal blog.

>Posts one pic showing a $90 loss and another of a bank account with $10

I have also tried playing poker but I lost money there too. I have also tried two different uni majors and failed at both of them. I am just retarded I think.

monero is shit though

I invested 150 euros, but I am a poorfag so that is a lot of money for me to invest.
>Unless you post proof
I don't have a screenshot where it says "oh look you lost all this money". It happened gradually. I am going to risk my last 20 bucks on a high-rick investment that will either bring me back to life or bankrupt me completely. Considering I am dumb and unlucky, I am going to go bankrupt

LOL fucking rip

Read Harrington on Holdem from start to finish then play SNG 180's, play 10 a day for a month at the lowest buy-in, I think you'll be pleasantly surprised unless variance fucks you.

>I was dumb as shit and fell for the cryptocurrency ponzi scheme on Veeky Forums

serves you right

I know I am dumb, although it makes sense to invest money in higly speculative markets to increase it, because I am a poorfag. If I had thousands to spend, I would have been more conservative.

Thanks user, I will give it a try.

Wtf were you doing? I would like to know because I'm finding the crypto markets insanely easy to profit with. Probably because of idiots like you.

>it makes sense to invest money in higly speculative markets to increase it, because I am a poorfag
Yea but then you are listening to other poorfags for financial advice. Blackjack/roullete is highly risky too but you don't see people shilling it in every damn thread, and the reason for this is they don't benefit from you putting money in it. Cryptofags pretend to be helping you but all they care is that you buy and hold forever. They don't care if it drops to $0 and you get left holding the bag as long as they can get out first.

to be fair I never buy whatever is shilled here.

I guess I just have a low IQ

Buy ethereum you cocksucker

experimentation is part of life faggot, learn from your failures

at least you tried, most of this board is cacooned from real life and are pissing on everyone that goes out and does something with their lives

>it makes sense to invest money in higly speculative markets to increase it, because I am a poorfag
Is that why the people who play the lottery are all poor?

>I invested 150 euros
fuck off kid

there is a coin that is much better than ethereum and nobody is seeing it coming. If I had a lot of money I would put all of it on that coin

I am ok with learning, I just wish I could learn without failing completely at least once.

the lottery isn't a speculative market, it isn't a market all

I am 25

>the lottery isn't a speculative market
I see.
It "makes sense to invest money in highly speculative things", as long as they qualify as a "market"?

Yes. A market isn't pure gambling.

How did you lose almost 100% of your investment? What did you do? Aren't bitcoins just a matter of buying and holding?

Not anymore.p

I'm sure you could argue that sometimes your odds could be better with an actual market. But this assumes significant liquidity, among other factors, which you may not have any way of knowing exist or not.
If not, your odds could be significantly worse, "market" status notwithstanding.

>i never buy whatever is shilled here

Stay poor twerp

25 and u wanna kill yourself over 150euros?
You are an idiot

>You are an idiot
I know, if I weren't, 150 euros wouldn't be a big deal for me at 25


Lol aw did he hurt your wittle feewings? It must be depressing to spend so much time shilling and for nobody to buy your bullshit.

>not looking for the frog poster to drop moon rockets

You faggots literally piss money away. I don't even know why I help any of you.

Then how does it work?
All I know about bitcoins is that if you bought a bunch when they were new you're now rich.

well you won't make the same mistake again

how did you end up losing the 150€? bought ETH?

Yea it doesnt work like that anymore. Nobody has gotten rich off this from buying and holding for years. You would have had to have bought before 2013.

Word up!! Spot on

>Then how does it work?

Did he make bad trades? I don't understand.

If the value goes down, can't you just hold them until it goes back up?
If it won't go back up, why does anyone buy bitcoins?

no one can predict price fluctuations, that's the whole point

at the end of 2013 when it was at $1100 and it crashed everyone thought it was the end of bitcoin, but it settled around $200 before it made a comeback

OP invested his savings and probably wanted to day-trade and he panicked when it dropped a bit too much

If he is trading then that is not "buy and hold". Buy and hold implies that you never sell because you are waiting for the value to reach a certain point. Nobody has gotten rich off buy and hold since 2013 because the best case scenario and lowest you could have gotten in was $200 and now the price is a little more than triple that. Worst case scenario you bought at $1000+ and lost almost half your investment.

I meant hold until the price goes up and then sell when you like where it is. He did say "invest," so I assumed that's what he was doing.

>no one can predict price fluctuations, that's the whole point
Sure, but if you don't expect it to rise after every dip you shouldn't invest in it in the first place. It's not a stock; you have to expect some volatility.

this is bitcoin we're talking about

OP could have put his money into any of other cryptocurrencies, some of which are so volatile that you can expect them to crash for good. He even said

>although it makes sense to invest money in higly speculative markets to increase it, because I am a poorfag

means he went all-in into probably some sketchy pump and dump shit that's being shitposted all around here and he panicked that the shit might crash for good so he figured he should cut his losses or something.

OP should just tell his story. I lost around $800 dollars on bitcoin, gained around $1600 on dogecoin and then lost the majority on fucking fedora. But I learned my lesson.

what cryptos have you invested in? proof or it didnt happen

Bitcoin is doing good. ETH is recovering

Yea but if he sold today and somehow was lucky enough to be one of the ones who bought at $200 then he is only making 3x the investment. He did not get rich unless he was rich already.

Well, he only had 150 euros and he showed us a screenshot of bitcoin. That is so little money I assumed it was all in bitcoin.

I said "when it was new," not "after it crashed in 2013." I know nobody is going from rags to riches on bitcoin these days, but I thought that profiting was just a matter of waiting until the price goes up before you sell. You ought to be able to at least break even unless you're buying high and selling low.

I know where to put my money in the long. But it's too little, do you understand? I need to multiply it so I can help my familiy economically. That is all I want, I don't want the Dan Bilzerian life. If you need to know, my long-time strategy would have been nxt, naut, btc. If I had thousands I would put it all there and wait to become a millionaire. But the way it is now I don't have enough to do that.
I simply day-traded and lost. Sometimes I doubled my investment, but then ended up losing all of it.

bitcoin is ok, but eth's tech is buggy, gimmicky and slow. Honestly it's just obsolete at this point. But I understand that many became rich with it and are biased, so if you believe in them stick with them.

You asked if people still get rich off of buying and holding and I said "not anymore". Just explaining what I meant.

If you think 150€ is any sort of wealth, you need to rethink your priorities.

Get a job, save a certain amount of money you're willing to lose and put some of that shit into risky investments. By all means, help your family, but you can't help if you're unemployed and gambling all of your money on cryptocurrencies.

I've got nothing against you personally and you've probably learned something after you lost your money on day trading. I learned that I won't make it through bitcoin as it is. You either have to be an early adopter or you have to write your own trading bot. I was too late with too little expertise.

But I dont regret it either way. Yes, it hurts to lose that much money. Yes, you want to just quit this shit and do something else. Yes, you may get depressed.

But I will never make the same mistake twice. I was stupid and in still in high school when I bought into the $1000 bitcoin. But I'll never fall to the moon memeing and that endless pump and I learned that through spamming le doge through the internet while I was sitting on 500€ worth of doge made it worth my while for a short time, since only a minority had it then.

That $150 loss will probably prevent you from losing thousands in the future. Don't give up and learn from your mistakes. That's the least you can do.

ok, thank you user

this happened

trumpcoin can save you lad