Mass Effect General

Mass effect General.
MEG's updated updated Pastebin:


Back from the dead edition.

>BT's laughing at us
>Hunting for quarians is now considered sport
>My son has a vorcha boyfriend, is he gay or not?
>Casey Hudson
>Beating the crap out of cheating waifus
>Mass Effect 3 ending

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Dr Underwood best waifu

we're loosing the battle, aren't we ?


is WG dead ?




Excellent work.

she's a big lady

What eye colour does you're waifu have? Which do you have?


>Cerberus thanks you for all your hard work


Jesus, did you seriously let the thread die?

shame on you

We're all dead



Hi there /meg/ How's it going?

I imagine her eyes are grey, with a white iris that shimmers like an opal. Or like the eyes of a cat do.
My own eye colour is green.

Did we ever get an explanation what kind of space magic emitter he's got in his palms?


Good choice.

It still bothers me that they never even bothered to put actual landing gear on the shuttle.

>My son has a vorcha boyfriend, is he gay or not?
it's juts a phase, he will literally grow out of it in a few years. vorcha life expectancy: 20 years

would waifu/10

I just can't be here 24/7

>"Blue with a slight green."
>Green (Metroid: Other M)

me: Green

Does everyone here have green eyes?


The vorcha was so in love that he had a son in secret and arranged for him to meet with user's son. The vorcha didn't want his lover to be lonely after he passed. unfortunately the vorcha's son has tons of issues from being brought up to replace his father. It is likely user's son will be eaten and his entrails shared among the vorcha tribe.

Let's just hope Gavorn get's there in time.

Also why would the communists build a statue of stalin with the expression of a dead man?

Hold the line
Love isn't always on time

Is it just me, or is Nolan consistently growing worse since TDKR?

>Wish the pic was cropped as to hide the foot
>Would not get to see that tight right gam

Brown on both accounts.

>How's it going?
Day was frustrating. Home now, so a little better.

I really liked interstellar.

Why was your day frustrating OCD?

It had nice imagery, but the plot was worse than Inception. It really bored me.

I was supposed to stay overtime for some "communication skills" training. The training was canceled, but my schedule wasn't changed. When I asked whether we would be free to go, since training was canceled nobody had a clue. An hour into said overtime, my supervisor came over and asked me why was I still there, the same person that one hour earlier told me he had no idea whether I was supposed to stay or leave. He also told me not to expect to get paid for said overtime. But it's not like I ever got paid for overtime in the past, just that I got duped into it. Again.

The plot was a weakpoint, especially the bits on the farm that just dragged on and on.

That fucking sucks man. I hate it when people in charge don't have info, a good supervisor would have tried to find out.

Dude's got another 60 people to juggle around my department, plus the stuff his own job entails and also has to deal with the shit from the people above. Whether I stayed or left was a footnote. Can't really blame him, but eh.

You must be in a real shitty and low paying job where an hour of overtime is something a company wouldn't pay for without second thought

>You must be in a real shitty and low paying job

Call centers are notorious for being hellscapes. They are one of the most stingy employers

>OCD works in a call center
>Western German is a hotel counter staff

You think they're shit jobs? I write for Kotaku.

A soft brown colour. Blue.

No, I'm me. I think.

Also, eddrf works on a ferry

Not on the ferry, on one of the terminals where it docks. And only rarely, I'm the guy you call when the guy you call is sick. Just like most others in my age that work there. I'm gonna study in the fall though, gonna be a teacher.

I like the music in Star Citizen.

A great mix of an orchestra and electronic synth, a bit like in Mass Effect.

Eddrf is gonna give arabic lessons in fic writing

where do I sign up ?

Ed speaks Chinese, not Arabic.


What will you teach?

Unless your feet are horribly deformed, that's not how the arch of the foot works. That's like the head of a camel. Or Sara Jay's face.

>those brown eyes

pls, 2pretty

Why does Scar always ask me for fashion advice?

Fuckin' Veeky Forums.


>they decide to make them a sickly green

No, please. Another reason not to go for Synthesis.

why the page number is "?"

He wants to know if he should button up his shirt all the way or if he should leave just one button undone.

Sometimes.. he even leaves two buttons undone

Sort of orange.

I always figured he was a twiggy sperg who dressed in weeb sweats

Green eyes best eyes bro

Not that green.

what a heart-breaking love story

>Hold the line
>Love isn't always on time

Damn, I like Toto

I didn't really think it was that interesting either.

it pays well, the hours are shit though.


so what are you going to teach?

what a crazy man.
1 button undone max. if you are at work, all buttoned up if you wear a tie. 2 buttons up is just for when you're out partying

indeed. though blue eyes are nice, too.

Though they can also appear a very dark brown or even black, which I'm also okay with.

I like language, so probably English and Swedish or English and History. We'll see. The way it works is that you choose a primary subject first, then a year later you choose a secondary subject.

Not really, although I recently bought a very cheap 800 page book on Mao. It's a good book/doorstop and it really showcases what a shitty human being Mao was.

Whose eyes are that colour?

Very funny WG.

He only has one outfit, it's a recreation of Miranda's Cerberus uniform. He just adjusts how much cleavage he shows everyday.


if you have the affinity go for natural sciences, maths, physics etc.
main-language teacher (in your case swedish) in the country it's mostly spoken lowers your later job expectations because the market is simply full of them. history is shit as well, 2nd most chosen subject.

>Whose eyes are that colour?
Though after a bit of looking I don't find any clear in-game examples.

I'm afraid I'm shit at math.
From my research, and from what I've been told being a teacher in Swedish and English is a combination of subjects that is in high demand. History is a bit harder but teachers in general are in short supply here.

I see.

>teachers in general are in short supply here
then you're lucky, BUT the market is usually very short-sighted.
I remember in the late 90s there was a shortage of teachers in Germany, too and they encouraged people to study it. then in the mid 2000s there was an overabundance of it due to that encouragement.

I don't think you're the one who should be giving job advice

Yeah, but the thing is that people simply don' follow the encouragement. There's been several articles about just how few people apply to the education required.
We'll see what happens, I won't get word whether I got in or not until late July.
Engineers though, that is a job where I foresee an overabundance sometime soon. So many people from my old class became engineers, along with many others.

I think working at a hotel might be fun.

>someone who has a save and well paying job shouldn't give any job advice
>someone who literally studied to become a teacher in English and History but dropped out because of job chances shouldn't give any job advice
you're right, thanks for that insight.

well then go ahead I think.

mildly related to mass effect

resisting the urge to do a femshep shitpost because you fags could see my country

What? Are you ashamed of your nationality?

>working night shifts in a dead end job
>being proud of dropping out

nah, its just fun to see you fags trying to figure it out

Oh i bet it's so much fun, good for you man

thanks faggot

Ah, so that's why you were so versed in the job prospects of teachers.
Shame there were no jobs though, but I hope you're happy with your present employment.

waifu insisting you take advantage when her suit becomes damaged?

>dead end
this isn't america.

>being proud dropping out
quote me where I said it.


very nice.

At least he's employed.

Has anyone done a complete Human Supremacist run? (I.e. no alien crew, mined all the minerals in 1 and 2, screw over aliens and push human agenda at all times.)

What happens?

It's barriers being drained and focused through into a single shot. So basically a ranged nova attack. Of course phantoms don't take barrier damage when they use it like the Slayer does, but I'd chalk that up to gameplay/story segregation.

The interesting thing is that Leng isn't a biotic like Phantoms. His shot is different too, it fires faster, but does less damage. So Cerberus must have found a way to replicate it with tech. Or maybe he and Phantoms have some biotic energy stored away, that would explain why Phantoms don't take barrier damage.


red/green/blue happened.



The guy in the floral shirt in the back is still in the same position as before. It took me a few looks to see the difference between these two


Damn, that's nice. Finally fixed her shitty model. It had this really fucking weird texturing on it.

>Kill all alien squadmembers except Liara and Javik
>Don't save the council
>Preserve the Collector Base
>Don't cure the genophage
>Let the Rachni die
>Side with geth
>Destroy all synthetics

Batarians, Krogan, Quarians, and Geth are fucked. Not saving the Council means Humanity's fleet is super fucking strong even after the war. Turian forces are still sizable, but Palaven was fucked over harder than Earth was. Asari have their biggest advantage over the other species taken away from them, while the humans discovered more cool shit on Mars. Alliance forces have access to all Cerberus research and tech, as well as any knowledge Javik can provide. The Shadow Broker is still in Shepard's pocket as well.

All in all things are looking surprisingly great for Humanity. Strongest species by far, Shepard is the galaxy's saviour, Hackett and the Alliance have a shitload of intel and new technology at his fingertips, and seeing has how Humanity managed to catch up to species with thousands of years of technological advances on them in a couple lifespans, a clean slate only benefits them.

Remember, guys, just because she's only covered metal chains and pasties, doesn't mean you can should stare.

a new miranda model was released as well.

he says he's going to remodel every mass effect and resident evil character eventually.

>remodelled Ashley

Thank God. The old one needs a nigh-complete rework. Needs bigger nipples and areolae.

I want her to eat my smegma

James Woods and Gina Torres?

Damn that sounds awful


indeed, how did you... oh wait there's the internet of course.

Justice League - Crisis on two Earths is a damn good movie though.

proper writing please

>oh wait there's the internet of course.
I honestly didn't look it up. James Woods is pretty distinct and I recently watched Firefly again.

Proper BT spelling is "hoo"

I'll believe you this one time.



>page 10