I work on Hollywood sets, how can I stop seething with jealousy at how much these people are getting paid...

I work on Hollywood sets, how can I stop seething with jealousy at how much these people are getting paid. It's affecting my job performance. I learned the Director was getting 20 mil + 15% of gross

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try kys

Pose as a big wig and try to stick your sick into beautiful women.

How much do you get post-taxes?

>I learned the Director was getting 20 mil + 15% of gross

You're not the director

I get 5500 a week

Can you get me a job? Doing anything? I dont live too far from hollywood and would love to work on set.

Kill them or steal from them, your only choice

>I make 280,000 a year before taxes.
>Wah the director makes bank.

No shit, save your money, network, and you should be getting up there.

did you mean to say 500?

try r9k

What do you do? I used to be a personal assistant for a big wig producer, but he was a Jew. Zero connections. I live in the valley myself.

>I dont live too far from hollywood

>useless, "creative" people make a shitload of money
>meanwhile, IRL: arstechnica.com/tech-policy/2016/07/kickasstorrents-alleged-founder-artem-vaulin-arrested-in-poland/
you should steal, cheat and lie to these fuckers

Yeah, man.

What the fuck do you have to complain about?

i live in LA that's the equivalent of a 50k salary in nebraska

no it isn't

my rent is 3k

>my rent is 3k
Dam Son.
Why don't you pick up a condo or a house?
You could cover the mortgage with that salary, and property taxes would be less than a third of what you're paying in rent.

user, there are extremely skilled programmers who make a third of your salary.

Can you help me get a job. I would be forever grateful to you. Anything as long as long I don't need extensive qualifications to be considered

im a nobody and have no power.

What's your title though OP, how'd you get in

Lighting Tech

Im a spark too.

Working on a music video tomorrow,

I get £2-300 a day depending on the job but i dont work every day.

How can i workin hollywood

I don't even... Jesus Christ get your shit together. There are nice living in LA off of goddamned welfare and minimum wage. Just grow a sack and move to a shitter area in LA and don't flaunt your money. you could save 200K a YEAR. And don't give me any shit about getting mugged or stabbed cause I lived on 80th and central and didn't get any shit. Jesus fuck, you yuppies piss me off.


Auto-correct doesn't like the word nigger.

Neither does my cousin, Darnell.

So OP makes more than the average doctor and all he does is set up lights, and he is jealous that he doesn't make 20+ million. I can't help but feel like this is either bait or he is simply trying to low-key brag about his job.

>300k is worth the same no matter what city you're in

>the guy who's responsibility is putting in light bulbs, complaining about how much people get paid when they're responsible for hundreds of millions of dollars of other peoples money, that can be flushed down the shitter if they do something wrong

>sparking is just "putting in lightbulbs"

Oh I'm so sorry. I'm sure it's much, much more difficult and stressful than having millions of dollars riding on you.

Guys I'm a janitor at GE and I just found how much more the CEO makes than me, wtf I hate GE now!! Any advice?

Yes it fucking is actually.

Do you know how much a day of shooting costs? Millions of dollars.

If you fuck up you could kill someone or completely ruin a day of shooting. Which costs a lot of money.

you earn more in 1 month than I do in a year

>making over a quarter million a year

And guess what? The people OP is enraged about are also responsible for that, as well as every other thing that can go wrong.

down south?

just accept the fact that you are just a set-slave.. you are nothing special, you can easily be replaced if they wanted to

you may be trolling but I'm not surprised you feel this way. people dont make that much money without really being concerned with money. do you think the director is shitty? do you think he works hard enough to earn what he actually earns? I bet lots of people on hollywood can do your job. but not everyone can be a director. imagine if you said "I want to be a director one day." its like saying "I want to be taylor swift." its a ridiculous gamble and you could lose your life pursuing that career. If your director made it this far he probably went through absolute hell.

I am a shitty programmer and make like 1/13th of that

Wat m8?

Office Production Assistants gets about $500-$600 a week doing any where from 10-14 hours each day.

Rent in LA is retarded so expect to pay between $1,200 to $1,400 for a non-ghetto room to yourself or around $700-$1200 in the valley if you're in a 2-3 bedroom apartment.

I usually spend like $500 a month on groceries and restaurants and shit. The only good thing about production life is free lunches/dinners.

LA sucks and so does the ent industry, dont come here for money... Your job is only temp, and its hard to get another one after the season ends.

>LA sucks
Aw come on, it's not that bad.
Too fucking hot sometimes, though. Like today.

I don't think there's a city in the world where 300,000 dollary doos isn't a large salary.

comrade, rob the bourgeoisie pig. He clearly doesn't need the money as much as you do.