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>What in the fuck is this
/indie/ is the general for all indie games, such as LISA, Yume Nikki, OFF, Middens, Bastion, Machinarium, Braid, Limbo, Axiom Verge, Guacamelee, The Desolate Hope, Sonic Dreams Collection, Dorito Galaxy, etc.

Mobile or consoles, flash or unity, freeware or early access. This place is a home for the indie game community and indie games that don't have a home. So be free to talk and share all your hidden gems, forgotten games and starving devs here.

>Can I talk about games that already have a general?
We mostly discuss games that are not popular enough for their own threads (since they have no other home in Veeky Forums), however, all indie games are allowed. So talk about them if you want, but don't overdo it since you already have other generals for that.

>How can I contribute?
All we need right now is people to talk about their loved indies, so don't be afraid to post, bump and reply your fellow anons. Also we're looking for anons to make new pastebins/wikis/images and update the ones already made. Besides that, don't forget to play our !!!!GAME OF THE WEEK!!!!* and other indie games to have lots of joy and to make more discussions to our general. And please give lots of feel, love, kind and nice to everyone.
* - not a thing right now because we're on life support, also because that user is gone now


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darkestdungeon.com is down for maintenance

Could this mean news about Town Events soon?

Nope. Never ever.

Hey /indie/ have another Buddy sketch.

It looks good, man.

Thanks, I like to poke in here and drop LISA doodles I do since most places I post seems to like it or know much about it.

Cool. Do you have a place where you post your art?

Why is LISA so popular right now? Not complaining just curious. Did it get a content update or something?

LISAutists made this general.

It's one of the more recent of the titles posted compared to OFF or Yume Nikki. That could be why?


hi /indie/. newfag here. i sketched a yv

Well there's nowhere else to talk about it so /indie/ will have to do.

Someone requested a Richard mask for Buddy last thread so here's that plus some.

How about Buddy's original mask? Maybe get it from a secret event or something?

Do the masks give any powers in your mod, or are they
just visual things like in joyful?

Way ahead of you on the secret event thing.

As of right now they're still visual but giving them abilities isn't out of the question either.
Infact I actually really like that idea so I'm going to try and work it in to the game somehow. Would make collecting them have more of a purpose.


This is pretty Gud dude

Show me your war face, user!

So apparently Refunct has a free prequel called Refunktion. It's got stealth elements in it that has you avoiding drones and pushing buttons.
Also I believe I might just be a sucker for the Unreal 4 engine.

Wip of the bomb boss.
What do you think of the changes so far?


He was a military general before dying, so I guess that fits.

Oh. Well I guess means he has a fitting design. Though if he has control over the facial expressions of the bomb then maybe it should be more... Shouty?

The bomb is more of a hunk of flesh and metal than anything he can move.

Fair enough. I promise this is the last question I'll bug you with but what's stopping the ghost guy from just dropping the bomb? I mean the only reason the protagonists are fighting him is to stop it from going off as far as I know.

Essentially, [spoilers] the protagonists accidentally changed the course of the bomb to land on his base rather than it's planned target. Neither of them are aware of this until he gets into the bomb.


Okay I lied this wasn't this last question but I diect it at /indie/ in general. How's everyone doing?


pretty good

Fine and bored, I got a huge ass holiday coming and nothing to play nor to discuss in here.

alright! busy with work, but a good busy.

the weather's been nice here, too

Hey glad to hear it.

Well I might be able to dig up something. What genres do you like?

Are you making a game? sorry im a /indie/ newfag

He's the dev of Dashbored so yeah.
You can find a download link to the demo there.
Oh, and welcome to /indie/.

You know IMSCARED? It recently got a huge update and put on steam. It's like 4 times as long as the classic, and i highly suggest playing it

Yeah, my game's called DashBored.

The Demo's really outdated and full of bugs, but the full game should be released in the next two months or so.

wow, that looks so cool! Im definitely buying it, along with the ost (which sounds awesome from the trailer). Good luck developing!

oops! i meant to send it to Karbonic! sorry :/
Cool game none the less

Thanks! You can listen to some more of the soundtrack on here: soundcloud.com/karbonic-1


i listened to a few tracks, and love it. It sounds earthboundy, with a little bit of angst sprinkled in. My favorite one is fat man. btw, what do you use to make your music?

My favorites are fast paced stuff and that do not require too much of player knowledge of impossible bullshit that the game carries so you can have fun. Stuff like Hotline Miami, Shank, Castle Crashers and probably The Binding of Isaac. DO NOT give games that just fill the screen with bullshit! I'm looking at you Nuclear Throne.

Slow paced games are fine too,I do like RPGs like LISA and Darkest Dungeon, ones that do not heavily rely grinding. About Stealth and Survival, I enjoyed Mark of The Ninja and This war of mine. Fuck Puzzle games.

2D Platformers are something I haven't played in a while... The only thing I remember is Super Meat Boy. I did not enjoy Ori and The Blind Forest, too open and empty.

Games that focus more on the story than gameplay are OK too as long as they don't make it a huge bore fest where nothing interesting happens through it. I liked OFF, I disliked Kentucky Route Zero.

More like "I'm trying to be scary". I did not enjoy that either. Sorry!

Thanks again, I use FL studio for my music.

Played IMSCARED 2016 yesterday, and I'm still confused and uncomfortable. Mainly with HER. Like wtf. WHAT IS SHE. I loved the end tho. anybody else wanna talk about this game with me?

Wasn't the end just that you had a brick wall you couldn't go through?

Alright. I'll see what I can find.

It wasn't that. SPOILERS BTW The house returned to normal after the curse was lifted

IMSCARED is the Inalienable Dreamless of video games

>Inalienable Dreamless
>never heard it
>look it up
Holy shit

Is HER just White Face in a different form, because there's many things to imply that, like the many mentions of changing

I wanted to love this game, /indie/, but I couldn't


What game?

Forgot pic

oh god i looked up inalienable dreams and listened to one of the songs and now im deaf

Oh it's OK, I found it a pretty shitty game too.

Does anyone actually like this

They could maybe alter her stats a bit.

What would be really cool if they changed how people reacted to you. Like if you talked to anyone with the Terry mask, they just complain about how annoying you are and tell you to fuck off.

I like the changes to the face, big improvement.

It looks like the tail is going into the mouth, maybe you could take that a bit further and give the bomb a big disgusting mouth, with the ghost guy coming out of the mouth, giving a more solid impression that he is "inside" the bomb. Sort of like pic related.

You love them when you learn Bounty Hunter can punch melee monsters into the back ranks to turn them into total pussies.

You'll miss out on certain recruitable allies if you didn't recruit them before things got a'sploded.

Any help is appreciated. We got roughly half the booru tagged which is cool.

Just click on the note, then type in what you want, then click save.

I tried it just now, can you see the note?


Do you have an account? Maybe it won't work for anons trying to add notes.

I couldn't stand the first few seconds so put me down for no.

Alright this was what I was able to dig up from Steam library.

>Iron Snout
A free game about a pig beating up an endless horde of wolves.

>Noita Love 2 Devolution
Fast action game where you use your mouse to click and attack robots that fucking shit up.

>Megabyte Punch
If you’re a fan of Super Smash Bros and customization then you’ll love this one.

>Savant – Ascent
A game about shooting robots while dodging their attacks by hopping between two platforms. All while an awesome soundtrack pumps in the background.

>Super House of Dead Ninjas
A fantastic action arcade game.

A 2D shooter where you survive wave after wave of enemy droids.

>They Bleed Pixels
A platformer with some great combat albeit a floaty jump.

These are all on Steam so I'd suggest you judge how much bullshit is on the screen as we may have different cutoff points.

Thanks, although few of them caught my attention, I'll try them out... tomorrow, cuz now I gotta get some sleep. Night /indie/.

I hope you'll enjoy at least one. Anyway sleep well.

no. the new one is basically just an expansion pack of the original, as its exactly the same to the original ending, except is keeps going.

/r/equsting more Horror

goodnight bump

How do we expect to survive like this?

Best albino Dorito.

Does he die again if the bomb blows up?

Is there a design of him before he became a ghost?

>Inalienable Dreamless
There's a niche for it but from the looks of it no one here's in that niche.

From my understanding she isn't, but I just watched a review of the game so beats me.

What's indie's opinion on using LMMS to make indie game OSTs.

I legit hope you use that anal vore song for a really dumb optional boss.

It's sorta funny, just like lisa I like this soundtrack the most I listen to it.


>it's a just some user thread
sage goes in all fields

Great because there was a new Brigador update with more advanced Spacer technology to fry Corvid scum with.

here you go
I can get you some lewds when I get home


Good, now sketch a cute Horror or melee weapon wiedling Plant.


Use whatever to create yourself or use free music from various sites(that you give the source to in a readme/credits).
All is fine as long you don't use default assets or the 9gorilionth ff music.

What genre is this anyway? RTS? Thought it was citybuilder from the screenshots before.

Yuck, couldn't last a minute.

What's her name.

>New Brigador update
Let's change that.

No changelog yet, but as far as I can tell
>new story missions, some replacing the old tutorials
>new laser for the Broodmare
>new engine sound for the Pompadour
>some new ambient tracks

It's a shooter.

>get back home
>no edition
>no last thread
I fucking hate you.

This is what happens when you make new threads just because you spammed images too much.

Damn it Scott, what are you planning?

Haha how funny the throne does nothing and then blasts me with a nuclear shoopdawoop beam. Guess that is everyones first try.

Hopefully not more for furry letsplayers.

>shitposting here AND on /lite/
git gud

What shitposting?

make it look like he's coming out of the bomb's mouth

Karbonic how did you manage to save notes? I can't do that for some reason.

Shit. This was supposed to be Cute Batter edition though I had to re-type/paste the blurb so many times that I forgot the essentials you mentioned. I'm sorry man.

Can you please, please only use the name when you post reviews?

Would this be the right thread to talks about Momodora? I picked up the most recent one and it's pretty fun, if a bit short. Are any of the older ones worth checking out?

Which Momodora, because there are like 3 of them. Although I like all of them.
You could, if you didn't already, check Cave Story, the game on which momodora is based on.

Could you take off your name too?

Reverie under the Moonlight is the one I have.
(and yeah, I played Cave Story back when it was a thing)