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Strike the earth!

>Two threads

This one came first by 30 seconds

this one was made 30 seconds earlier and already has one post in it so I guess I'm going with this one

Any tips for training squads

lewd names

How does languageplay work?



Same way this human operates and think's on a daily basis

They live and breathe their family names

>Trying to find a place to stay in the night
>Reach a dwarf hillock
>Ask for permission, they let me stay
>Wake up
>A fucking night troll
>He beats the living shit of every dwarf singlehandedly
>I throw some shit at him
>He kicks me and i start vomiting
>No fuck this, im out.
>Hop my way out to safety

Let's have one of these, guesses to the metalcrafter's result?

I have seen invasions three or four times, and I have never had a game last to the point of an invasion being called off and the siege broken.
SO THEN that is an objective of mine, I worked out with the population control feature in the init file quite a bit and I am longplanning to keep the settlement smaller and develop the fighters before opening up the 80.

It took loads of game years, but I planned waves of dwarfbirths by manipulation of those numbers in init while existing minors matured, then bumped it up to induce a new wave of approximately 14 newborns for a while.

The childbearing mothers would train at wrestling when the infant feature was off - also, pump operator because nursing infants in arms tend to shoot out on the water stream. Turned off those activities for those dwarves when they time was coming to turn out progeny. It worked therefore I am cool

eh I'l l call it off, I got a grate

>Manage to get away
>Fast travel a little bit
>Another fucking night troll
>Hop away trying to avoid him
>Get inside of one of those dwarf burrows
>Everybody sleeps quietly ignoring the black man getting chased by a huge night troll while wrecking the place in the process
>The fucking night troll ignores every dwarf sleeping and keeps chasing me until he beats me to death with a shoe

Well, rest in fucking mush Ride Deathgrips.

What must I do to please this noble? She wants leggings, and I've made plenty of cloth trousers, but it's not changing her mandate.

Maybe armor leggings?

Try lycra next.

> setup as wall grate
excellent to keep out demons since it's indestructible and immune to demons of fire heat aura, can be shot through, and can be linked to a lever to raise/lower

> setup as floor grate
instant insane value to even a small room, and as a grate can have pressurized liquids be pumped through it into said room killing whatever assholes there are inside who need killing.

Make leggings.


>shot through
oh good to know when I get around to assembling a crossbow militia.

But I think i'm due for retiring this fort to the King, and eventually he will designate his generals and usual world-gen nobles along with the duke. I'll be curious as to what to look out in terms of changes to items dispersion or handling creature deaths for when I unretire the fort after the Adventuring loses its novelty and/or the new fort I build is stable enough to leave to check on the old one.

Double walls to avoid dodging bugs (melee ).

Knowing that there is a visitor cap to the d_init, like the babies and 80 pop cap, what number do you guys usually set it to?

30 pop cap with 10 babies max

>dwarf goes mad
>still new to the game, just order my squad to kill the guy because i had no idea how to capture him
>tantrum dwarf happens to be fighting the expedition leader at the time
>soldiers join the fight
>expedition leader finishes off the dwarf himself
>proceeds to take it upon himself to kill two of the soldiers

i guess he was mad they were attacking the tantrum dwarf? no idea how he managed to kill two soldiers with his bare hands either. one of them got thrown across the room, the other punched in the head until his skull collapsed.

the fuck do i do about this

oh man loyalty cascade was the phenomenon that happened here

Give your EL an amazing room and shower him with gifts to ensure he is appeased.
>also the blood of the firstborn from every migrant wave helps

Can I start a civil war in my fort?

it can happen, but it's easier to replicate killing merchants than just one berserking dwarf
the effects between two are the same but the more spread out the kinsmen kills are among the murderers the more 'criminals' there are to 'mete out indiscriminate justice' to from onlookers

Slaughter some dogs or turkeys or whatever. You can make them from leather or bone.

Well I didn't expect a beast to show up at my tavern!

How do I convince her to stay? I have no mayor & only 11 dwarfs ;_;

>tfw realize I've been playing on an outdated version after putting hours into a new fort while the new version is elsewhere on my computer



>tfw I just realized I was on 42.04 instead of 42.06

Why are all my evil biome embarks either the same shit as non-evil embarks with nothing bad ever happening, or "rain will kill your fucking dwarves within seconds" difficulty?

Because the myth release isn't out yet.

ayy triplets

Thoughts on equipping military with copper/iron then training a weapon/armor smith to legendary before making candy/steel armor and weapons? The wiki says 2x damage/protection with masterworks compared to no-quality weapons/armor.

>masterworks candy spear against FBs

Page 10 begone

Excellent save, bro.

Here: have a sweet gif! Go ahead and save it: it's all yours, my dude!

>Last post before the thread 404's

well shit it still lags somewhat entering the fort, yet sleeping for a few hours, prolly into the night, settles some of the lag down. I can barely slog through it and the movement feels actually manageable

Things that run around in the dark.

>no boogers
Still pretty cool, though, Timbuk. Keep up the good work.

Bump for this

Yes it's a good idea. Surely that's obvious? I'll call you Shirley as I damn well please

TB2, looking good.

so i havent played since before the last update

how awful/FPS killing are the new features? tavern/etc especially. can i just skip them?

The thing is, soldiers grow attached to their weapons and shields. Taking those away might induce unhappy thoughts.

There is no notable change in fps, really.

There is no reason to want to play without the new features.

I've never noticed any issue here, and they always seem to name the new ones within a few months.

I'd just make sure to remove the shitty copper weapons before they grow attached to them.

So after taking what feels like a 2 year break from DF, I'm ready to come back. Wanted to ease in with the lazy newb pack, but it seems the last version is DF40_24 and the newest DF is 42_06.

Don't hate me, but I need my therapist and my qt spacefox tileset.

Am I missing some important updates when I go with the starter pack? Or is there a way to include the tileset and therapist in the newst version?

Thanks in advance!

>Am I missing something
Yes you are. You're missing that the starter pack has a beta release.

Stable only comes once DFhack has released (because everything depends on it).
But there's already a beta dfhack release so there's a beta starter pack release too. last page of the thread posted in the OP.

You don't need the starter pack just for the rapist and a tileset.
Just download the tileset and therapist separately.

I'm pretty sure there's an updated version of the starterpack somewhere. Both DFhack and therapist works on 42.06.

Don't die

Pgae 10? It is sad but not unexpected.

Newest patch was a flop.

>hating on taverns and libraries
When will this meme die?

Do you regularly take some time off searching the internet to find new clip art for /dfg/ bumping, or do you sit on an archive?


I constantly look for new content, but it has accumulated a bit in the last few months.

It wasn't until a few days ago I began collecting these 3d gifs, though.

You should do more photoshopping beards and shit.

One sweet meme a day keeps the page 10 away.

thanks guys, will just add a texture pack and therapist to the newest version.

Another question, would anyone be interested in a vg dorf stream with names of the dudes in the thread? Thought it would be a fun idea

Is /dfg/ dead?


Page 10 again? It was inevitable.

>Urist McAnonymous
>user McUrist
>user McAnonymous
>Urist McUrist
>The Dwarf Formerly Known As user

nah, i'm busy torturing my dorfs

>not ripping its arm off and giving it to the king
it's like you don't even hero

As far as I am concerned, vampires in the community are a new feature and I have some not want that because, they kill some dwarves and I would have to try and figure out a way to take care of such a vampire.

The answer is always the same.

Grendel's arm was not half that total big,
and was a furry not a regular human.

>a furry not a regular human
I knew it!

Vampires have been a thing since like 2011.

Again magma forges appeared immediately in the menu, although there's no volcano. Is this a bug or do I have magma here? How can I find that magma? I have not breached a cavern.


>not want that because, they kill some dwarves and I would have to try and figure out a way to take care of such a vampire
First of all, like the other anons said, vampires aren't new.

Second, your explanation of why you don't like them is utterly retarded. You're playing a game that currently doesn't have many real challenges(I don't have a problem with this, really). Weeding out vampires is currently one of the few challenges that can't be solved simply by letting some peasants playfight with copper weapons for a few years, and then send them at any outside threat with said copper weapons. Accusing vampires is the ONLY activity in which the current justice system actually becomes interesting and useful, and you dislike it because it slightly inconveniences your production.

I'm also pretty sure that vamps can be turned off in advanced worldgen.

Any guesses

As for how I got him to take platinum: I simply haven't started making bars yet, so I just chose to smelt platinum which now was the only bars he could get.



Indestructible floodgates can be pretty useful.

For example, they allow you to connect your water reservoirs to water sources on the surface, without making your fort vulnerable to any swimming building destroyers(like titans).

What's the problem? That's a good artifact.

>new world
>shit looks nice and interesting from a glance around the map
>start up in a little town near the goblin infested southern glaciers
>take a step and this

>now git out

I am so confused, everything ended up on fire, I go downstairs and punch the dragon in the brain until it stops moving, come back up to bodies everywhere, go tell a story about killing said dragon (can't directly tell people about zombie kills, gotta use a story first) and then find some bandits.

I beat them up and a swordsdwarf joins in, then I learned there was an election apparently?

Spitting fire is a common election campaign tactic amongst humans and dragons

Makes sense I suppose... maybe.

Apparently I triggered some sort of bandit purge and everyone loves me for it.

>Lor Perfectcircle: a mug for every fist, and a fist for every brain!
>Brainpunching you can believe in.

And you, are a salesman of vampires that comes calling "this is a good product"

Why won't my dwarfs dump anything? I've set a garbage dump zone and marked some corpses and used clothing to be dumped, but no one touches it

Are they on the surface? If they are, you need to allow dumping of outside items from the order menu.

Boats when, Toddy?

I want ships real fuckin' bad. But I want offensive siege weapons more.


Let him stay in your fort. I can't see what could go wrong.

Turn all his labours off so he can spend more well deserved time off in your meeting areas.

OK now *that* gif is just weird.

>The ballista calls you a double digger!
>You are stunned.

>setting up offensive siege weapons to bully elf caravans
>flinging saplings at elfs

Just spray them with sawdust.

>tfw you realize kinky elf fetishes would involve exactly that

>mfw I save the thread from page 10