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X for canon gay sex

Only made it to 400 posts and let it die.

VX Ace here.

Is there a way to copy-paste multiple events at once? I ended up not using the top 10 rows of tiles on a map for anything and would like to move absolutely everything, tiles and events, up to the top of the map to cover the wasted space.

more battle thingies

Ladies, gentlemen, tile-lovers, thank you for your patience.


With the release of the FFXV demo, everyone has been thinking about how Final Fantasy touched their lives. Will we ever recapture that magic?

Do you like FFTA, or FFT?

1st for aimlessly poking at maps trying to get inspiration.


Change to:
>Powerful fire slash used against one foe. Might set your opponent on fire.

New track. It's the theme for the first dungeon.


Finally figured out how to EQ a bit, hopefully it sounds bretty gud.

Hellman: Define success? It made me a few thousand dollars, and people seem to be enjoying it, so I'm happy enough with the result, but it didn't make me rich.

will do, thanks user.
I must be sleepy or something.

Trying to work on my 'cute' art skills today, /rpgm/, as I was inspired by the cute-as-hell robot game. How'd I do?

New thread, new place to post this:


I've already got heaps of nice feedback on this, if you have an hour or so to spare and like generic JRPGs please try it out!

Pretty solid.

I need to start practicing so I can make my music. I got no skill or experience with music, so it is gonna be a trial to get through.

Thanks user. I didn't either til about 2 months ago. Ya just gotta buckle down and do it. I'm actually having more fun learning about all the nuances than actually working on my game sometimes. Plus its a neat skill to have. Not that I'm skilled, though I will say I have a much better grasp on the basics. Getting an actual instrument to practice on helps too. Just gotta pick one that appeals to you.

I wont' have time tonight/tomorrow, but I'm going to download it now to check out on Friday.

It sounds pretty good, though the drums bit at around 1:36 sounds kind of jarring and out of place. Plus I image as background music, it would be a little distracting.

Otherwise, it's good.

I'll probably tweak that bit, wanted to change it up but I may have gone a little overboard. Also, it won't be quite so loud in game. Its my first drum heavy tune, so I can only get better. Glad it's not too bad otherwise, so thanks for that!

I've always wanted to learn the kazoo.

Now with a little more polish, a bit more detail, and a comparison with their race portrait.

From creepy to cute. Nice.

Then roll with it. Kazoo's are dope, and I bet you could come up with something good with one.

So in the process of drawing a rough sketch of my Nerd portrait, I may have accidentally created James Rolfe with stubble. Oops.

I hate when that happens.

Remember: No dying.

Sure are a lot of budding musicians hanging around the thread.

sure is bump

Bump. Here is a pic of my 100% do not steal original MS Paint tileset.

I like it. Colourful!

I like it. Very colorful and the character is very cute! Maybe don't have so much clutter in real maps, though. Looks at bit crazy atm.

Also, I found a errant line you might want to erase (see pic)

Thanks! That cave is still RTP mode so it will be dealt with. The map is clutter because I am trying to test each part of the tileset as I make it, you should see the whole thing, haha.

Also, here is the hero and bbeg of my game. Drawn by me, but colored by my talented waifu.

1.2 download when?

Found some MV skeles, if skeleton game guy is still around.


Robot devil and bender?

Sup, rpgmg. If anyone is having trouble with choosing a story, I found a site with a ton of base rpg plots: www222.pair.com/sjohn/blueroom/plots.htm

Also, post more useful articles?


Scroll down past the fluff posts

The Grand List of Console RPG CLiches: project-apollo.net/text/rpg.html

I'd be careful with TvTropes and its "So You Want To..." articles.
>It's "postmodern" and obsessed with "subverting" or "playing with" cliches, which ultimately turn out to be cliched themselves.
>It's geared more toward fans of the listed works rather than writers, so you'll see a lot of anime and video games and whatnot rather than more meaningful and helpful works.
>They're total candyasses; almost anything spoopy counts as nightmare fuel, the lamest jokes are crowning moments of funny, etc.
>It WILL ruin your life. They even warn you about that.
Use it sparingly, and take its advice with a huge pile of salt.

These are dumb. Also, you know the difference between a trope and a cliche, right?

Faulting a rpg for being a rpg instead of an action game.
I mean, the core mechanic of an rpg is in raising stats to determine outcomes. Killing a God and marrying your waifu is kind of the ultimate end.

A video game RPG doesn't have the limitless potential a tabletop rpg with a GM does, so of course there are boundaries. And these plot devices are used to create gameplay opportunities and story conflict.
We make fun of how convoluted it can get. But it would be really stupid if a simple solution was an option. You can't just hop off the path of a board game and go straight to the end, that's not how it's played.

>Killing a God and marrying your waifu
Well, now I know what the plot to my rpg is!

>posting TVTropes

/rpgmg/'s smile and optimism = gone

I said it's a bad idea to take their advice. I figured somebody would mention it at some point, so I figured I might as well get it out of the way. Oh well.

I like how this list immediately shoots down 3/4s of all rpgs this general is working on.

That could only be the start of a gay sex scene.

I'm sold

Some of them are just bitching about the abstraction of game play mechanics, but the list is definitely worth a read. Tho if there isn't treasure behind the waterfall I am disappointed.

Post cute.

That's a cute Lucina.

I swear, it wasn't intentional.

MV 1.2 has arrived. No pixi4 yet.

They've said time and time again it's planned for 1.3

Dinner here. I did actually manage to recover some stuff from my old game.

Too bad it wasn't anything substantial. Pic related.

google just turns up phones.

Right. Like #75 Law of Numbers.
That's just the rules of the game. Battle turns, dice roles.

And the "Magical Inequality", you're suppose to figure out it's strengths and weaknesses through trial and error and build a strategy accordingly.
But yeah, it would seem pointless if you're using a strategy guide.

>Use Phoenix down on Aries.
It's K.O. not Death. Revive, not Resurrect. Playing with synonyms. Even though resurrecting the dead is a possibility, it wouldn't be by ordinary means. Like how an ordinary 'soft' potion wasn't enough to free Blank form the petrified forest. Or the twins in FFIV.

>Or the twins in FFIV.
Oh how I tried. Fuck that game for opening an item screen when you checked on them.

It looks like the character is standing in green water up to his "hip". May wanna check that out.

Looks good though!

Why is he wearing a viking helmet on his portrait but not wearing it on his sprite?

user, I thought you were happy to work on your game instead of porn!

Nigga that was my old game. Which is now lost in the sands of time. Here's another one. Don't exactly remember where these pictures were supposed to show up but it doesn't matter anymore.

I don't think cliches are bad.

The issue is when there is NOTHING, but cliches.

>old game
Oops my bad, I'm retarded.

Thanks, man!
1st pic is what I used for face generation, I had to edit it a bit to make it fit with the existing face template, pic related.
Second pic is great! The rope also looks good, fits a character I was looking at.
Can you link me where you found it? I want to check if the author has similar assets.

Too bad I hardly did any progress the last couple of days, I wanted to work on the plot with some guy but he's in a "Depressed nihilism" mode and isn't being cooperative.

Was any of the lewd stuff accessible in the last demo you were able to get out?

You're welcome, dude.
>Can you link me where you found it? I want to check if the author has similar assets.
I'm can't remember who made it, but I found it here: forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?/topic/51208-rpgmakerweb-mv-resource-showcase-directory/

Never mind, I found the thread for the second pic, I underestimated Google's reverse search
"Avy's MV Stuff"
He or she has some nice stuff.

I will look around and see if I can find a robe that covers the face image too.

>The rope also looks good

Thanks again, that thread looks pretty good.


I don't remember. Probably not these ones though since it involves a character I haven't introduced yet.


>Swirly pupils
That's my fetish

Aw c'mon it's not that lewd.

Well for me anyway.

1.2 is out. forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?/topic/60704-rpg-maker-mv-120-update/#comment-588363

Crack when?

Dark theme sounds nice and pixi4 isn't far off....
I still can't afford a legit copy though. I'm still stuck on 1.0. Is there a 1.1 download and crack? Would there even be any point of using it over 1.0?

I don't about a crack but I already downloaded 1.1, not sure if I will regret it or not.

>Would there even be any point of using it over 1.0?
There is some resource manager thing, I guess that's nice?

Is there an easy way to change the battler death fade from red to black in VX Ace? I've looked around but things quickly get really complicated, or the resources are for XP.

The color is defined on line 210 in Sprite_Battler

Thank you.

Does any know if someone has made a sideview battler for the MV RTP soldier sprite? Or just a SV battler with a helmet will do.

There is a guy who made some helmet sprites with the battler sprites, I think he had one done for that specific helmet too, if you get it I guess you can just put it on some character you generate on your own.

Pic related.

If that will do, I think I can find the thread.

That's great, thanks! If you can find thread with the exact helm, that would be cool but I can work with this.

What is pixi4?

It's the rendering engine used by RPGMMV, iirc, they used a relatively outdated version of this, but this has changed in 1.1

How about this?


The thread is fairly large and expanding the spoilers lags my Firefox, so be careful, here's the download link if you don't want to bother:


He has a couple of other similar helmets, it's a nice thread overall, I think.

So what will happen when pixi4 comes to MV? What sort of advantages will it bring?

Basically, it's the graphics renderer that MV uses. The current version it uses (pixi2) is a possible cause of memory leak and audio lag problems that some users (including me) are experiencing. Upgrading to pixi4 will hopefully solve theses issues.
I reckon we'll be getting 1.3 some time next month.

Higher performance, more features in terms of shaders etc. There would be no advantage in not using pixi4

That's better. Thanks again!

PixiJS is the renderer that MV runs on. PixiJS version 4 has some important improvements and additions to it that should just make it more useful for programmers and faster overall.

I assume where I add the tilesets (D, E slots) doesn't matter, right?
Is there a way I can fill the tilesets with Xs for pass-ability? Clicking them one by one seems awkward and I feel like I'm not using some shortcut.

No problem, man, don't use that face sprite though, the RTP one looks smoother and better.
Good luck.

What is money in your game called?

If it's Gold, you're a lamer.

Mine is Gold.

Why'd you delete the other post?

Mine is Galt

Man that is the second time my spoiler tags fucked up. I don't know why it's doing that. It's supposed to spoiler out the "a" too.

>I assume where I add the tilesets (D, E slots) doesn't matter, right?
No, unless something changed from Ace to MV.
>Is there a way I can fill the tilesets with Xs for pass-ability? Clicking them one by one seems awkward and I feel like I'm not using some shortcut.
I don't know, but if someone else does, I'd like to know too!

Bonus points if you get the reference.


It literally takes place in the UK so...

U wot m8? England/Wales/Scotland/Orkney/Cornwall/etc, uses £. Unless your game is set in Ireland?


It takes place on europe in a future where the entire world uses one currency.

What do you do if the universe your game is based on has multiple coins? As in, bronze, silver and gold.