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>Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIII pre-order bonuses announced, warfare types detailed

>Media Create Sales: 4/11/16 – 4/17/16

>Japanese PS4 “Don! Don! Don’t Stop Lineup!” promo

>Phantasy Star Online 2 for PS4 now available in Japan

>Fairy Fencer F: Advent Dark Force launches July 26 in North America, July 29 in Europe

>The Last Blade 2 for PS4, PS Vita launches May 24

>Street Fighter V ‘Guile’ trailer

>Toukiden 2 adds new Oni Onuhouko, new characters

>Mafia III launches October 7, story trailer



>PS+ Current Offerings

>PS Store Updates

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5 squids on Nier 2 being a bad game

Platinum is a meme developer

Why isn't Star Ocean in the op nigger


why aren't you guys merged with Vitagen yet

Join us, we welcome you with open arms and plenty of 2d cuties

>tfw everyone ignores your truthful bait

What bait?

How many Janitor applications did you complete friends?



Is this good? I was interested in it before release but then just never bought it.

The gameplay is fucking shit, I hate it

>Been NEET for a while now
>Got tired of it
>About 6-8 months ago try really hard to get a job
>Nothing for a long while
>Get a call today
>Wanna offer me a position
>Start in 2 weeks
What are some games I should play in my last 2 weeks of freedom before becoming a wage slave?


Digital or physical?

>caring more about the fact it's Platinum than the fact it's a Taro game
That's not how this works. And I say that as someone who loves Platinum.

40 rescuing ps4g again

I honestly wish Forty would just die in a car wreck or some shit


What's your favourite type of mom?

You guys are messed up

One Yakuza mother please. With a smile to go.


I thought the 9 was on the son for a bit there.

and the fish logo represents her stinky pussy, incredible detail ND


You could very easily spin that picture into a "look at the PS4 denying advanced hardware hurr durr".
Replace the hdd and grafix cards with shit like game crashes, and some garbage pc exclusives and you're good.

Or maybe stop making retarded platform war images.

Post your opinion on the existence of upgraded consoles

Post a panda you recommend

Its the worst thing Sony could have thought about doing. I know there is a very loud very small minority that thinks its the greatest thing ever, but Sony is about to lose a lot of trust from this move.

Indifferent. I'm just happy that I'm back home at playstation nation.

Good afternoon, guys!

How is everybody doing? Hope you're having a great day!

I hate it, but I buy them anyway.

Any panda that's big and fluffy.

New hitman mission, looks stunning, why in the shit this wasn't a full game? this and the paris mission are so fucking cool it could have been the GOAT hitman game, instead we get this cut up bullshit

>Gundam Breaker 3 in 7 days

>added 50 yurodollars on my account
>will get Life is strange complete season for 9 euros
>mad max for 17 euros

anything else worth getting so I can hit that 0 yet again on my wallet?


Finished SO5 last night, fairly disappointing. I probably should have expected that after 3 and 4, but oh well.

So what is the next JRPG to look forward to? I've got Berseria pre-ordered but that isn't out until August.


is life is strange even available in retail? any way I just bought ratchet and DaS 3 both physical so I don't really care, especially if I can get a game I'll play once for dirt cheap

Is Alien Isolation any good? It has positive reviews but I'm a bit worried that it dropped in price so quickly.

> Pre-ordered it off of months ago
> They keep pushing the release date back
> Now not set to ship it out till May 10
> Cancel order
Anyone got any recommendations or am I going to be forced to order it off of Play-Asia?
All the other sites I go to only seem to ship JP versions

Yea, some of them are just a case with a retail code though.

Delayed to 3rd May

Isolation is pretty good, but it didn't sell because Colonial Marines destroyed any cred a Alien game could have, also it's only singleplayer so kids don't care about it

Well that sucks, yesasia is the only other one with a changed date too. Bummer.

I knew it probably didn't sell well, I just didn't want it to be one of those "You get to the end of the game and they could only afford 1 guy for QA so you glitch through the world constantly" games.

Ewww pubes

pubes are lewd user, hairy ass is eww territory though

I demand the following changes

- the division of /a/ into separate anime and manga boards
- a guarantee from the ps4g executive office that we will never merge with vitagen
- operation of ps4g as if anime was real effective immediately
- no more blood for oil

Wake up.

wow lass

Just got a PS4. I only have money for the PS+ suscription and 3 games.

I've been thinking of:

Dark Souls 3
Disgaeia 5
The Witcher 3

Am I doing good? Maybe changing Disgaeia for Bloodborne.

Thats fine

Thanks user. Have a nice day.

I'd like a Space Pirate mom for the purpose of plundering space booty... in space.

Also, you chaps care to recommend anything from your personal libraries to a fella considering grabbing a Quad within the next few months? I don't need any list of all the games or anything, I just need personsl recommendations for now.

wait for witcher goty edition

wait for ds3 goty edition unless you buy the season pass

Do they have an ETA?

probably a year or so for dark souls 3

a couple months for witcher

Fuck it, I won't hold that long. I bought the console to actually use it. Thanks for the advice, though.

stop bullshitting him faggot, there's a couple of months for the second DLC of witcher and there could be more DLC after that, if there is a actual goty edition of witcher I doubt we'll see it in 2016

well if you buy the witcher you should know that there is 1 dlc pack out now and there will be another one soon

i said a year, as in 12 months

apparently its bullshit to warn him about the extra dlc costs he might be forgetting about, alright, my bad

wait, my bad, i you were talking about witcher

nonetheless he should get the idea of what i mean, just be sure to know these games have dlc thats not exactly cheap

Don't split threads, there's already a general for PS4's game.

I want Bloodborne but I can't justify buying a PS4 for only that game. I also have a gaming computer.

What (if any) are the other good PS4 exclusives?

yeah your right about the DaS 3 BULLSHIT season pass, I'd suggest he waited for that GOTY edition since it's gonna come out relatively soon if the BloodBorne GOTY edition is something to go by on that, witcher on the other hand I'd suggest he gets now since it's 30 bucks for the game and the DLC will go on sale soon for like 9 bucks a pop so he can pick and choose what to get instead of waiting 12 months to pay 59.99 for a 2 year old game

dank meme my friend, got any more ORIGINAL posts like that

Why is the das 3 season pass bullshit?

Im going to assume we either get 3 dlc packs of 10 each or 2 dlc packs of 15 each, ine each case you save 5 by buying the season pass

what the really annoying stuff is the thought of a new upgraded ds3 goty edition for the ps4k with even extra stuff

cut content, that's why it's bullshit, season pass announced before the game is out

nah, you can't have different games for old and new ps4, it's gonna be the same disc, also there can't be more in-game content for ps4k, there can be better resolution and fps

Thanks anons, no need to be rude to each other.

If the DLCs are worth it, I may wait a bit more and spend my time playing other games that a friend of mine is lending me.

Witcher is $50 right now, and $75 with Expansion Pass.

I got witcher 3 for 35 like three months ago

Lucky you. From the US store? I may wait for it to go sale then.

>cut content, that's why it's bullshit, season pass announced before the game is out
Is that not like, the norm by now?

>nah, you can't have different games for old and new ps4, it's gonna be the same disc
The goty edition gets a new disc, so i can see them making the goty edition for the ps4k edition, or they will just jew it up and make a goty edition for the normal ps4, and later bring out a goty goty ps4k edition with new stuff.

The possibilities to jew are endless m8

Im personally that guy who waits on goty edition. Didnt touch the witcher, didnt touch fallout 4..

That said its not like you have too much choice on the ps4. Are you going to buy disgaea 5 full price? Because the game is on sale on the EU store for half its price now, so maybe you can wait untill it gets cheaper.

I assume you will lend bloodborne from your friend or something? Get that game. The goty edition. Metal gear solid 5 is also a good bet, the game wont get any big dlc, iirc.

How does sharing your psn work?

So basically 1 other guy i can share with right?

So he basically just needs to login to my account, download the stuff and logout right?

I wish i had a good friend who i could do this with, stuff would be cheaper ;_;

I remember back in the days, on the ps3, there was a forum i was on, there was a thread for this kind of stuff, ea you wanted to buy a game, you ask on the thread if someone wants to share with you, one paypals some money to you, make a new psn account and buy the stuff you want.

Do people still do this?

fuck off Ukraine, no one wants to share their games with you, get a job you broke cunt

Alienation intro

Kek yeah, i actually go the idea to ask this because of that guy, but im not that guy. Genuinely asking. I still have a ps3 email account with the ratchet and clank collection i share with some random guy on the internet from 5 years ago.

Sony set a precedent, there can't be a difference between games EXCEPT the FPS and resolution, so there can't be any content difference between different version of the same game on ps4 and ps4k, only in the way it runs

he's in the USA, so there's no BloodBorne GOTY for him, he can only get the regular version, BB GOTY was EU only

>That said its not like you have too much choice on the ps4. Are you going to buy disgaea 5 full price? Because the game is on sale on the EU store for half its price now, so maybe you can wait untill it gets cheaper.

Thanks, I only have a US store user ,so no half price for me.

user, I'm about to try that this afternoon with a friend. If you want to, leave your email on the email field and I will write to you tomorrow with the results.

So they just simply make a new disc version with a small difference and give it a new extra title. I dont expect this to become the norm, i just expect the japanese kikes to do it.

mate just write it here, i will pick it up

>mate just write it here, i will pick it up

OK, it's guidohierbo at gmail dot com

they literally can't since sony won't allow it, starting in October all discs must ship with 2 versions of the game, OLDps4 and NEOps4, that's how it will be from now on, they can't just ship a NEOps4 disc only, even if they wanted to

GOTY version of DaS 3 will come out, but the content will be the same on both OLD and NEO ps4, only the resolution and framerate will be different

no im not asking your email, im just saying write in this thread here how it goes, i will read trough it probably anyway

OK, I'll do it sometime tomorrow afternoon EST, probably.

So neops4 will get no exclusives?

yeah, that's what the papers giantbomb leaked say at least, you can be certain that will be the case, for the first year or two at least, later who knows

Thats pretty cool actually, still dont trust the whole thing yet. I probably should have researched it more, but too many people are saying too many different stuff that i dont bother. Im just going to expect the worst so i dont get dissapointed too much.


>hey sony guy, how is ps5 development doing?

confirms ps5

confirms ps5

>theres no ps5
confirms no ps5

>ps5 existence is an if (he doens't wanna spill the beans)

Will PS VR come with one of these or will Sony make me buy that too?

They'll pull a Windows and skip 5-8 and just call it PS9.

In case there are any non-momposters left in here:
Anyone interested in playing Alienation?

I think I would get it if I had a group of nice people who play semi regulary at Europe evening and Murrica noon time.

>Stop using numbers.
>Start naming them after Matrix ships
>PlayStation Nebuchadnezzar

I'm gonna unhook my PS4 now

Bluepoint broke this game in so many fuckin levels. I'm about to hack this piece of shit just for the trophy.
Fuck Colossi 3 and 15 HTA, fuck this game.

the PS3 plays mkv on media player ? I know the ps4 does

No it can't

Only PS4 can play mkv files

I might be retarded but where do I check the satisfaction rating or whatever of the girls in DOAX3? Just got the game thanks to customs fucking up.

Something about moms wearing cute young girl clothes that are too small really gets me.

You've been getting on my nerves recently forty

Platinum a shit

My point was that it's a Taro game before it's a Platinum game though.

So the NEO is just Sony Corporate trying to make PlayStation peddle 4k blurays right?

If you want to ignore Platinum's recent output go ahead, I won't even look at the game unless it gets a higher metacritic score than Bloodborne.