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>Xenoblade X All Purpose 'Everything' Google Doc - for H2H, Affinities, Tyrants, Collectopedia, Etc:
>Answers to Commonly Asked Questions:

>Probe Placement Guide For Getting 100K+ Miranium Storage and Credits:
>Steam group for Squad Missions:
>Squad Missions and Secret Missions Guide w/ mats (WIP):
>Tyrant Locations:
>Region Maps w/ all Sightseeing Locations + Location of Collectables
>100% Segment Recon and Interactive Guide
>Damage Formulas, Battle Traits for Ground and Skell Gear, and Appendage Hardness
>Also Ultra Infinite Drop Chart

>Lvl 60 Skell Frame & Super Weapon Materials, Storage/Dupe/Boost Probe Locations
>Crafting recipes (Augments, skell frames, fashion gear)
>Superweapon guide
>Superweapon blueprint locations
>Blood Lobster Locations
>Xenoblade Potential Calculator
>Weapons drops guide (Skell and ground)

Previous thread:

First for Pink Squad.

It's almost that time again.

Anyone got an actual timer on Plume-chan?

>Forgetting the original pink

Didn't it die like two days ago? It'll probably come back later today if so

Even with two of them, she's an elusive one.


Next time those organized faggots need to go easier on her. She barely lasted one day.

How much resistance do Beam Shields add?

i had a go at colouring it

Got a site?


>mfw I'm a mimeosoms


Requesting this with a mimeosome and altered text

>Tfw you play mastermind



Mornings are more dead than Lao's dog.

Don't say that around Lao, he'd burst out crying!

Other things not to say around Lao:
>'Earthlife Colonization Program'
>anything pertaining to Asian culture that might remind him of his Asian child
>anything pertaining to children
>anything about Lin
>any and all forms of small talk, most especially about the weather

I can't stop imagining Lao angry all the time around Boze.
What lines do they have together?

>all these unfunny meme images that keep getting reposted


That's a question with no answer.
Some are good, though, but I'll give you that there's too many tops, gotta shake it up some.

ahhh s-stahp it. It's too cute.


I wanted to bring along Elma with the pink to my pic but at the last moment opted to have her out.


Is Telethia the hardest enemy in the game?
Or is it Pharsis or that Milsaadi in Primordia?

Telethia if you don't have a skell built specifically for anything. 5 armor slot resistance augments against whatever you're fighting makes literally every enemy a joke.

i had the most trouble with that xern out in the waters when i was still playing

Nahum is so hard nobody got her in the bestiary, yet.
On a real fight, I'd say Telethia. She has ailments out the ass, multiple phases, bullshit decoy.

whoops, i completely forgot gradvius. he might technically be the hardest.

Could a non-overdrive ground build work?
I just can't see that happening but I can't believe that the devs planned for Infinite Overdrives to be the culmination of endgame fights. It'd be nice for tackling Yggy on even grounds as In The Forest plays in the background.

I dunno, he's just tanky. With resists alone you can get by without much surprises.

I've killed Gradivus and Narhum on the ground, but I can't even hit Nardacyon with my sword. Got it down about 2/3 but then I died. Still working on my telly skelly though.

Masterworks all, you can't go wrong.

Nobody has beaten Nardacyon or do you mean Nahum doesn't die so it's not possible to get her entry?

Nahum doesn't die so it's not possible to get her entry and even when she does dies, I think because her summoning of Nerdy gets reflected, she still doesn't get added.
Besides, entries get added when seen or interacted with, IIRC, so she should be there anyway, but just isn't.

No achievement for completing the enemy index? What a gyp.

Pretty sure you can kill Nahum before she summons Nardacyon

I never really paid attention. I usually fight zoomed out all the way and miss on the small enemies' animations.

>page 9



>your pinkshirtmimchan when

Alright, gonna go start on the journey to not being shit once more.

Set small goals, don't go all out and get burnt on it.

lookin gud

What you gonna do?

I can't into fashion often, but I lucked out and had some stuff laying around that looked decent together.

Be it a waste or not, I'm gonna go fuck up some Gularth until I get what I need for antispike stuff. I'll feel stupid if I don't finish making the last two augs for my skell.

Pay attention to tasks, too. On #20 there's a Gularth quest, and there are at least two more on other sets but I can't remember, check the pastebing at the OP.


I wish you could've seen more damaged mims or spare parts, limbs, torsos to get a peek at how their metal endoskeleton looks like.


I remember hearing some audios of the avatars complaining having their limbs blown off in that avatar voice compilation videos. Although I don't know if that initiates in the game. I think male joker was like "No not my arm! I need that for stuff."

Maybe for skell combat? Their limbs come off, though I've never had it happen even though I ran Verus for like 150h.

How much of Mira do we see in X?
Are those 5 continents all there is?

Taking a detour to help solve bug people problems.

This is from the artbook.
The Anchor Archipelago, as some call it, looks like it'd take a little under half the surface. With Primordia in the center-righ, Sylvalum/Cauldros on the side, Noctilum on the opposite side and Oblivia possibly past it.

Those alien ruins, the tower that juts from under the surface, that antimatter visible through the cracks. I sure hope there's a X2 that goes into great detail with all that.

Poor kouhai looks to be in danger.

if you have a mid-range Ether Blossom build, you can ground kill Telethia. You can always ground kill Pharsis with reflect/blossom, and you can sorta do it for Nardy, it's just a bit risky (but not terribly hard with gear). Nahum is easy to kill, I usually do it by accident if I overdrive for her/hit a bit too hard.

Gradivius, due to being tanky, probably gives you the most time to fuck up. Leva'El or whatever/Brimstone Rain Volcano boy can both be annoying.

>when Elma-petting gets too far

that bears no resemblance to the world we have in game

The continents do.
The different one would be Noctilium with the lower bit being that little volcano next to it, the Whale cave or Trunk cave, with the Nopon caravan, you know the one.
Primordia is way too small there, though, and it's missing a city.
Obviously those rifts aren't either but that could be a part of X2's plot.
>NotGrahf fucks up Mira's core
>mim's are getting disconnected at random, more as time passes
>GHOST are involved
>continents get teared appart

No it doesn't, why would you lie? Primordia is obviously the one on the left, with Cauldros on the right. No idea why the lifehold core is poking out of the eart or what those plants are. Oblivia is also to west of Primordia when it shouldn't be etc. It's all wrong.

>have to display the 100% survey image so people know I'm not a noob

>haven't completed the Gauntlet yet because I want the best possible F-Arrow to drop
Someday I'll hang that poster.
And maybe someday I'll see a treasure deal for the best possible Spear and win it.

Have any of you collected all the holofigures or got all the achievements?

Didn't want to go full autist but this would explain itself more clearly than I'd be able to.

i want to know this too
oddly enough lao and mia have lines together

I'm missing Nardacyon and Xern from the superbosses. After that I'll go and collect all minor tyrant's I've missed.
No, actually, I gotta repeat Gradivus, too. Three kills at 0% treasure yielded three golds.

would one of you be able to check and see how much it costs to hire my mim?
name's Cross, longsword and assault rifle, bastion warrior, level 60

not sure what affects the hire cost

What's your greeting/nnid? You wouldn't believe the amount of Crosses, you may not even show, though.

shit i did it on my first try
then nardacyon oneshotted us all

that continent on the bottom actually looks more like oblivia weirdly enough

"Fancy meeting here!"
"You need a hand bud?"

currently have Bewitched Glaive: Receding Rust and Ultra Cosmic Assailer equipped

My mom threw away xenoblade because she said it is trash. She also tossed w101&splatoon. She told me if I don't play destiny on ps4 I'd never get laid.

She also said to stay away from /nintyg/ you jap shit robot fuckers

Tell that to /nintyg/ and we fuck dolls not lameass robots.

You know, I'm aware that a lv. 3 Galactic Cataclysm is never going to do optimal damage, I'm bothered by the fact that I only get 5812 or so damage out of it before factoring in Supreme Sword, the presence of an aura or secondary/tertiary cooldowns. I need more potential, I guess. WAAAAAAAY more potential.

Does it only ask people once if they want to join for a mission?
I only get one other person join and no matter how long I wait after that nobody else comes.

You could always use the blade report thing to see if anyone else wants to join up. Hell, I'm not really doing much right now, so if you kick me your nnid I'll hop into your squad and help with stuff.

No it's ok. I wasn't needing help, just seems a shame to solo all of them when other people might need the drops.

Ah, alright then. Still, remember blade reports are good for more than just memes.

I said it before and I'll say it again. Christie is the best and cutest mim of them all!

I love how she's the flagship mim. That dumb default with black hair and twintails never stood a chance.


>Page 10
Let's stop this business, shall we?

You'd like that, uh?

a-ah n-no. I'm not.

aw cute

Can I defeat all tyrants without using Ares 70/90?

Also, how do I optimize my ground gear so I can complete the time attacks faster?

It's actually harder to kill everything on the Ares90 than on a Custom60.
Ares70 is shit, don't even look at it.

Yes you can defeat everything on ground if you can reach it. 60 skells are actually easier, and have all the one-shot builds.
Snipers are the kings of time attacks, that's where all those

>how do I optimize
You can stack potential and use TP moves to hit hard paired with Snipers for long range devastation.
Else memewalking them if pretty fast already. Under 20s for most.

Christie angrily blushing when?

so like, i know i'm a dirty terrible pard for just looking it up, but how the fuck was i actually supposed to know where to find yelv's partner's limbs? or even to go look for them instead of waiting for another affinity mission?

>I'll give you 10 seconds to exit your skell...

They're in Oblivia. One's by the lake, and the other is in the ravine near where the Sphinx lives.

yeah like i said, i just looked it up. what i'm saying is... how was i supposed to even know to do this?

You would eventually find them just by running around doing other stuff.

It wouldn't be so bad where they there from the start. I passed through there a bajillion times before completing the first AM.
By time I was ready for the second I no longer travelled across the country.

no shame in looking it up, the game is designed to be discussed and shared by people.

okay i just wanted to make sure i hadnt missed something plot-important.. or like maybe there were yellow smileys or something
yeah this is a good point. hell i hated that ravine, i had to Elma my way to an important collectible earlier, and i never went back again.