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A thread for all simulation games: racing sims, flight sims, train sims, submarine sims, tank sims, anything else sims which do not have enough traffic to sustain their own independent generals.

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/fsg/ /dcsg/ /fsxg/ /bmsg/ /shg/ /rofg/ /etsg/ /il2g/ /lfsg/ /tsg/

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>Example of welcome sims:
DCS World
Falcon BMS
Rise of Flight
Combat Helo
Microsoft Flight Simulator
Euro truck sim
Assetto Corsa
rFactor 2
Live for Speed
SAM Simulator
Steel Beasts Pro
Steel Armor: Blaze of War
Enemy Engaged: Comanche vs Hokum
Silent Hunter
Train Simulator
Farming Simulator 2015

>Example of non-welcome games:
Arma 3
Ace Combat
War Thunder
World of ____

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1st for God's PLane

>BMS ops WHY

I kek every time

>in DCS
Pick 2

wew replied to wrong post

But multiple people personally observed all three.

>slav tears
>gawds plain
>butt hurt Bois sqwad xdd


Lmfao is every other post from craig? Jesus.

im not craig.

the main reason i dont wanna play red is that while they have better armament in blue flag, the better sa given by the better radar and rwr of the f15 swings the balance in favour of gods plane for me. besides i get to play with """celebrities"""

Nigger please. You have CGI.

Are you fucking serious?

>i get to play with """celebrities"""
If you think of that as a positive you should consider suicide.

You don't get in game AWACS, but with GCI in team speak your SA is two fold, on top of seeing your wingman on the HDD

they can be busy doing more important stuff/radars killed/not present

>are you fucking serious?
yes. TWS is powerful, and the F15s radar doesnt switch back to RWS when a jammer is on the screen

>If you think of that as a positive you should consider suicide.

>Balance of favour

Still lost the war))))

It's pretty pathetic the lenghts you guys are going to cause drama over some banter. You call me a child yet constantly name-drop and shitpost. The embarressing part is that a majority of the time it's not even me. Apart from the story fag posts and a few gods plane post (not all of them) here and there that's all I really post. Maybe you could take some of your own advise that you so generously give me and stop shitting up the thread.

its because i stopped playing for the last 3 days )))))

You sound pretty triggered 2bh familam :^)

Reminds me of slavboo tears

That's when it was the most fun

>tfw Blue was fighting for the lives out of Tbilisi while Red was attacking from all sides

Man that shit was great.



Merging with F-15s and giving them the R-73 treatment is too much fucking fun.

Specailly when you're flying a MiG-29A

Since /sing mentioned about F-35s, I studied it a little and realized that the F-35s don't have any splitter plate present.
How does the F-35s get away with not having boundary air control devices?

Bought BoS off G2A lads.


Black lockheed martin magic

Tbh as an engineer I am pretty interested in how that thing works aerodynamically if it really does perform as some pilots claim it performs

>PFM Fucking. Never.

>search for sims in catalog
>this is what I find

Why are all my generals dying.
This and /eagg/.
Why is this happening to me? ;_;

What do you mean, friend?

We've been alive for awhile. This fact in itself is a goddamn miracle considering how slow shit works in the simulation games realm.

Actually I've thought about it now, and maybe, just maybe, having the leading edge of the air intake be the outer edge, that one functions as a splitter plate

Same goes for the X-32, which doesn't have one either

>perform as some pilots claim it performs
What are the pilots claiming?
I know some press are saying how it's bad, worse than F-16 w/tanks and such.

A Norwegian AF pilot has made quite a long post describing the differences between his F-16 and the F-35A and what he can do in the F-35 that he cannot in the F-16 etc


It doesn't get rid of the boundary air coming from the nose thou

I mean I was searching for the sims general.
You know, the actual series, not sim games.
It's dead. ;_;

Maybe you can technically talk about it here but I am just a lurker.

What happenend to the guy who was posting stories? I liked reading those.

I see what you mean, the lead edge of F-35's intakes are in the outside not the usual inside. But wouldn't there still be affected air from the nose?

Dunno, I certainly enjoyed the stories though

Correct - there is probably some wizardry going on in the intake geometry (the bulge and such) that we cannot immediately spot

I think this might be it.
"Diverterless supersonic inlet" time to read some articles on it

Google diverterless intake. The bump along the inside of the fuselage does magic aerodynamic stuff. The Chinese are also putting it on all their new planes as well as updated J-10s. They were initially tested on F-16s.

it's not just you user, some anons were also here earlier because city sims died and now even /wgg/ has died. Truly these are the end times

Story's tonight.
Stay tuned.
Any topics to suggest?

The wiki article on it was kinda empty and the image quality was bad.
Here's a link

Sad A-6s

hmm, any tales from Gulf war or war on terror era?

Tell me more tales of based Mig-25 pilots dodging incredible amounts of missiles

Gulf war Mig-25 it is.
Hopefully I can find a website that has a good story that isn't in Arabic.

>just found a story of a MiG-25 being riddled with bullets by an Iranian f-5
Wew lad. I'll post it when I get home.

>letting an F-5 get within guns range of your Mach 3 meme machine


I won't spoil the story but there was a valid reason.


I think we can all agree gook planes belong to one place and one place only:

The bottom of the ocean

If anyone wants to BMS join TS

BMS Why?

BMS ops HOW???





Weak meme famzilla

>stalking prey in the mountains with glorious EOS designed in motherland
>10 minutes without seeing a contact go by
>suddenly get a target passing from 1 to 3 o'clock
>its a bandit
>go time
>full after burner, get within launch range
>suddenly, target explodes, friendly gets the kill

>it's not the flashing one
Nice try.

Anyone have good webms to share?

Trying to build up my webm folder.

Wow it's almost as if that plane is godlike.......

>leave during BMS ops mission because my trim got blown the fuck out
>I am now in low earth orbit



>September 1983
The Iraqi air force received 12 Mig-25P from the Soviet Union in 1980. In 1983 all 12 were modified to Mig-25 PDS. They were flying under the 96 squadron located at Tammuz AB (better known as Taqaddum). Later on 10 Mig-25 PD were added so the total was 22 aircrafts.

The Iranian fighters were no match for the Mig-25PD/PDS which prevailed in every clash with Iranian F-4Es and F-5Es, as well knocking down the Iranian ELINT aircraft C-130 (The Iranians called it the Khofash-bat in both Arabic and Farsi) killing all its valuable and indispensable crew and depriving the Iranians of an important intelligence asset. Iraqi Mig-25s roamed the length and breadth of Iran unchallenged. R-40R, R-40RD and R-40TD missiles were used in these air to air battles.

Only one Mig-25PD was hit by an Iranian F-5 during a patrol over the Iranian City of Tabriz; the incident occurred in September 1986. The Iranian pilot managed to sneak to about 2000 meters from the Iraqi Mig-25 undetected due to the fact that his radar was not working; there was no warning for the Iraqi pilot. Due to lack of aerial profieciency; the Iranian pilot decided to open fire from his gun prematurely; out of range. The majority of his bullets missed their target and fell short. Only about 25 bullets managed to hit the fuselage and both wings. The Iraqi pilot 1st Lieutenant Mohammad Salem managed to bring the aircraft back to its temporary base at Saddam AB (better known in the west as Qayarrah West). However the landing of the aircraft was too heavy and it was declared an R/O later.

Crazy Ivan is always watching.

What other WW2 plane sims are out there besides the IL-2 series and the DCS WW2 module (soon™)? Are there no other alternatives?


always funny reading about the Iran-Iraq war considering just how inept both militaries were


SB in WarThunder by no means a sim, but it's kinda like a sim

- no clickable cockpit
- plane/exp grinding

helllo is naval action welcome here

Although we found what it is, still don't know how it works.
Could an user well versed in physics or fluid dynamics explain?

I don't see why it wouldn't be, go right ahead.

Thats where I started (RB), eventually tried SB but I had to wait like 20 minutes for a single match. Has it gotten better? What about the DMs? I remember some planes became really unstable if a single 7,7mm grazed the wing.

SB is strictly EC only now. You need to wait like 30min b4 u can play your high BR planes :(
And about DM, I don't know how it was but I could take some hits and keep flying relatively easily.
Haven't tried WT after getting my head tracking, b4 I simply couldn't see my enemies after we start to turn fight.

I wish RB had no enemy markers, like GForces.


>simulation of a vehicle, its systems, and proper procedures for operating it

I would say it fits. Post away.

Why does my page still say p10?

>I wish RB had no enemy markers
Same, it would be a nice training for SB too. Well, I guess I could try it again and see what happens.

the check is once per 1 or 2 minutes

/дa вoйз/

This isn't really my type of fluid dynamics. I could tell you all about liquids flowing at low speeds but when you get to gases at supersonic speeds things get pretty wild. I can still talk out my ass, though.

You want the intake to allow just enough air into the engine, not too much or too little or else performance will be bad and you will cause a flameout. Obviously the speed at which the plane is traveling and the angle of attack and the maneuvering will greatly change the speed at which air is approaching the intake, so it has to be able to work across a very wide range of conditions. You also want the air to enter the engine smoothly and at a subsonic speed because supersonic air hitting the fan blades cause shockwaves that disrupt the airflow through the engine.

Also, all around the skin of the plane is a layer of air called the boundary layer. This is a layer where the friction between the air and the plane disrupts the airflow and causes it to slow down and become turbulent instead of being a smooth even flow. If this boundary layer was allowed to sit on the fuselage right in front of the intake, then it would disrupt the incoming air and push it away from the intake instead of allowing it to enter.

The complicated solution is having a series of moving gates and ducts like the F-15. They include a diverter plate which allows the boundary layer to keep travelling past the intake instead of building up right in front of it. They also change shape in order to force the incoming air to slow down to subsonic speeds as it enters the engine, and ducts inside the intake open and close to bleed off excess air if the incoming flow is too much.

This new intake is supposed to accomplish all of these things without any moving parts. Apparently that bulge also helps with stealth too because it eliminates the gap between the diverter plate and fuselage which is a source of radar reflections, and it partly hides the fan blades from view.

If you are planning on flying Blue Flag with /simg/, please jump into the team speak real quick and drop your name.

Anyone have any tips for landing in the F-15c?

I pretty much every everything down, but I'm a little inconsistent, sometimes I get good landings, sometimes I nearly blow up trying to land.

When is the next blue flag starting?

Go much slower than you think you need to. Like, practically stalling speed slow, and give yourself time to slow down because the F-15 doesn't slow down quickly, even with the airbrake up.

It's been a while since I fly the F-15, but landing speeds are probably around 160 knots or something.

Furry planes WHEN

Yeah I see that. I think my biggest problem is judging how much power I need when I'm say X distance away from the runaway, sometimes I'll come in with either too much power because I overcompensated on the throttle, or too little but I underestimated how far I was and had the throttle too far down.

I think it's better to engage air brakes/flaps right as you're about to touchdown, or very close?


If dcs had custom skins that everyone could see mine would be a all furshit

Put flaps down on approach and then leave them down. Airbrake use as needed. As for the throttle, use the throttle to raise or lower your flight path marker as well as maintain a good landing speed.

NATO jets let you eyeball landing super easy because the FPM tells you exactly where the plane is going. Stick the FPM on the end of the runway and just try and maintain a landing speed. That's really it. That's really all there is to landing. The only other thing I can think of is pull up a bit just before you hit the runway so you don't smack into it so hard.

Is this still going on? Because I will be on my computer in a sec

Thanks for the explanatio, user. Although I was more curious about how the diverterless intake work, however a clarification of boundary layer and intake was very help and information too.


Ivan and his friends should honestly consider putting a noose around their necks

Fur Fags? In my simulator? More likely than you think!

plz no

there is literally nothing wrong with being a furry

B = v moron

It is a divertless supersonic inlet. The bump in front of the intake + the shape of the intake eliminates the need for a splitter plate.

So in DCS you can't move if you're stuck in the grass somewhere?

My plane was damaged after a mission, landing was all kinds of fucked up and I overshot the runway, landed literally feet away from it in some grass, but I can't even move out of it, full afterburners and plen won't even budge.

We eventually figured that out, but nobody knows how it works.
at least, the ones that know ain't talking

Hmm, not sure. I taxied A-10a into the grass and got stuck, but Su-25 doesn't get stuck. Dunno if it applies to all other NATO/Russian plens