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Demon boyfriend is go

Good point.

I wonder what life is like when you're so insecure you have to fight other idea posts in a general thread for attention the way you do, like it somehow validates your existence.

I don't know any of the demon lore, would a demon who's affectionate be considered odd or is it too varied to tell?

The latter IIRC

damn, I was hoping for some
>what is he doing? why is he hugging that human? what a weirdo
kind of content. I guess if he does it often enough or if hes super clingy we could kind of have it?

Maybe he's one of those guys that tries to keep hugging while you walk no matter how awkward it is?

I just realized it's gonna be weird getting hugged by 3 or 5 arms. The extra one should hold your hand or something.

5 arms=
>2 hugging
>2 holding your hands
>1 patting your head
problem solved

And a tail hug

Implying innocence.

Oh, I loved that.

>Prince is dead


Sorry, was getting lunch. I think 5 arms is perfect because 3 is weird but it's not weird enough if that makes sense. But 5 is a properly weird number of arms without being unwieldy like 7 would be.

I wish it were true because that'd imply someone was writing it. That said, character discussions are alwas a good thing IMO.

that makes sense

Tail grab. Tailjob. Tail tease. biting/nibbling on it to get her off unexpectedly making her fuck her own tail or fuck you if that's what you're into or if PC is a girl.

All up to the imagination!

That's what I mean by intimate. Love can still have lewdity.

All but the last one for me.

Make sure to pay attention to not everyone's into that.

Plot twist, what if Menhit was the affectionate demon boyfriend?

Wait, can't be. The boyfriend's supposed to be sealed for thousands of years. Don't mind me.

Course it's optional.
If I'd make something, I'd at least give a vanilla option.

I still want that idea where you fuck a milf in front of a mirror so she has to watch your dick going in and out of her

Hard to go wrong with milfs

Is Demon always lewd by world rules or can there be non-lewd demons?

Is demon and human love taboo?

Every time they come up people keep saying they're normal, whatever that means.

I can't even fathom why you'd think that, considering one of the very first things you do is beat up a non-lewd demon.

I don't think it's completely taboo in all areas, but I imagine it's looked down upon, generally.

It has been a while.

Gonna make him an affectionate demon boyfriend, even if he's not THIS affectionate demon boyfriend.

what is the plan for the elves this far?
Do they have disdain for anything not elf?
Are their women sloots and males trap-like?

Depends on the season. In short: Summer elves are the archetypical dickish "better than you" elf, Spring elves are nymphomaniacs, Winter elves are psychopathic hunters and Autumn elves are happy merchants.

Milfs are bretty gud

Isn't that only in the one area and not all elves?

If they leave the area, yes. But generally that's what you can expect of elves.

I doubt elves would only live in that one area, same as I doubt harpies only live on the mountain.

Well, in the harpies case they're the only harpies in those mountains.

Holding hands with tsundere Menhit as he refuses to look at you when?

They're normal in the sense that they're not super-natural. They're mortal beings.

I just want Menhit to pop back up. See how they've coped with being turned into a chick.

I like this concept. I like it a lot.

Deredere Menhit superior. If I'm hugging him he better damn well enjoy it.

Beware the power of Gap Moe

What power is that?

The power for something that isn't cute at first glance to be surprisingly and almost deadly cute when you least expect it. Usually in the complete opposite of how you would figure them to be.

And how and where does this power manifest?

Imagine a big tough orc girl.
She's big and tough and looks like she'd bend you into a pretzel.

You give her something she really likes.

Her tough orc girl appearance gives way to an adorable young lady that loves what you just gave her. She hugs you and nuzzles at you like she's a little girl.

That is gap moe.

That is indeed powerfully adorable.

>Gap Moe
Gonna need a health hazard warning at launch.

Doing another horror stream:

Doomhole, at Cytube

me on the pic

You're a yan?

1-6 beep boop glup glup
7-9 I don't wanna read
0 Get wicked high

Getting a magical picture of your usually super tough-looking husbando looking cute when he's asleep and blackmailing him with it.

Same. I want my "Menhit feeling awkward but flattered when you stumble across him in his ungoopy adult form and flirt with him" content.

Sword god

Dude come on dude. Swords were always the side weapon man. No ever in the history of anything ever used swords as the primary weapon. Only uncivilized barbarians would do that.

Swords spelled backwards is shit.

Becoming the

bar bar bar

Waking up to your demon boyfriend giving you light kisses on your cheeks and forehead.

What do you like then, user?

Probably a cowardly archer afraid to get in close.

Getting dicked by a bunch of spring Elves

Swordswoman who sees herself as nothing but a tool to serve you, her master.

Getting fucked by an entire hunting party until they're drained dry and impressed by your dick-taking skills

I can get behind this.

Saber is not a good example, she put her ideals above everything else.

Being crowned honorary elf slut King/Queen

Not the one I was thinking of. But an okay choice, I suppose.
Yeah, the one I was thinking of put her master above all else.

Pic related fits better, she's not technically a swordswoman though.

That's fine.

It was the fact she kept insisting she was just a tool to be used the entire time that made me remember her.

The fact I like her design doesn't hurt either.

What are Slut Queen duties? Penis inspections? Taking the virginities of freshly adult elf boys?

All of the above

>Swordswoman who sees herself as nothing but a tool to serve you, her master.
To what extent are we talking here? And what sort of paths would there be?

Female knight that refuses to acknowledge she's a girl and gets upset when you point it out somehow. Convincing her to accept it & your dick. I admit I really like the hair.

>refuses to acknowledge she's a girl and gets upset when you point it out somehow
Somehow left out the "even though her clothes make it obvious she is one" bit.

Must be lack of sleep.

Dolphin boy holding you down and fucking you until your eyes roll back into your head

Pure and devout Crusader route when?

saving yourself for slab Jesus when?

How big is Slab Jesus's dick? Is it even worth the wait?

And they're prehensile so they can slam against your G-spot/prostate every single time.

Mind controlling a girl that wants to kill you and banging her

>slab Jesus
I kept asking about him and everybody shot me down. I was going to have him waving around a big cross and everything. RIP

What's the best look for a yandere boy? I'm into pale skin and dark hair myself but I know a lot of people like yanderes who don't look like yanderes where the dude looks super sweet and childish and then shows his true self alone with the MC.

Why is my saved game for CoC now not able to load with the latest update?

Adults/Middle-aged men so it actually makes sense that they can afford stuff like surveillance cameras or building bedroom basements.
I mean I guess you can get past that with rich brats, but then it's a little too wish-fulfillment to me.
Plus I like older men in general.

We don't talk about that game here.

>Plus I like older men in general.

good taste user


Childhood friends who turn out to be yanderes are also popular. I mean, think about Toma from Amnesia.

The hell?

Beware the two-toned bear

Telling people jokes so bad that they kill themselves to escape it when.

Oh, that.

Immediately thought of this.

My husbandos are in that game.

Ultimate Bromance
Separated too soon

Playing the sequel atm

I played a cute little dating game based off that one, but I haven't played the actual source game.

Can not lie.

YOu will.