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A Western adaptation of Monster Hunter X has been announced for release this summer.

>I have a question!
Includes links to the FAQ, weapon guides, charm info, and more.
Database with weapon trees, item locations, drop rates, etc.
Same thing, in application form.

>Where does Veeky Forums play?
Create or find a Gathering Hall
Passcode: 7243 / Search
In 4U, Target: Fishing (it's 4 to the left)
In X, ターグット: Gathering フィールド採集 (page 1, middle right)

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Bushido DBs and Bushido LS are really that good? I knew they were good but they're actually top-tier?

Also isn't Aerial Swaxe now completely ridiculous?

Aerial Switchaxe is much weaker than Striker/Guild (Not having the "lol Power Phial does 1.4x damage" art hurts), but it's nowhere near useless, my kill times with it are just fine and it's damn good at mounting. It has special distinction of being the only Aerial style weapon that does damage when you jump off a monster.

How is GS and SnS in MHX?

Been playing 4u for the past couple hours and they've pretty much just been having me do fetch quests and kill relatively small monsters so far. I just finished the first urgent quest, how long until I can fight something big?

Also if the monster is knocked over do I get more dps from charging my greatsword or just spamming attacks on it?

Huh, I was under the impression that Aerial was the way to go from what I saw. I guess losing that one art really does hurt.

Isn't Striker hurt by the loss of the double-hit? That was Swaxe's strongest move.

Greatsword charge does more damage.

Great Jaggi soon

The highest DPS on GS is to do Level3 (don't overcharge) slap, idle Level3, repeat.
However as most trips are pretty short you should use Level3/Rollslap into Strong Level3(X+Direction) into either strong level 3 if you started with idle or 3rd slash if you started with a slap.


Idle -> Slap(x) -> Idle

Idle -> Slap -> Strong -> Wide
Roll/Kick -> Slap -> Strong -> Wide

Note, you can use A instead of slaps but it's a little bit slower and hits wide, to go into strong slash from A just press A again, like pressing X from a slap.

The fact that it's about CHANCES makes no difference because it's fucking dual blades not dual greatswords that hit once every three seconds in alternating patterns. Both daggers will hit the monster hundreds of times before it dies. Though even in the former example it would only matter because of status decay actually being a concern that would differentiate both blades having half as much compared to one having twice at that point.

>is less than 2x33%
Which isn't even a factor here? Where are you getting that number? Again, sorry you don't understand basic arithmetic, cus that's some 2+2=22 shit.

Let me spell the situation out for you. Most monsters' status decay rate is both pretty low and ticks down every ten seconds. Taking rathian as an example, it ticks down 5 points every ten seconds for sleep. DB can hit around 30 times in 10 seconds assuming a constant onslaught (it should usually be less). Status procs one-third of the time, on average. Assuming average RNG (which becomes more likely the more times you hit in the target time, though RNG can also go either way), a 150-sleep db that has sleep on both blades will do about 150 sleep buildup in 10 seconds, which will decay to 145 (but rather quickly proc rathian's first sleep at 180 a few seconds later).

With a db where one blade has 300 sleep and the other has something else (like, say, water), the one sleep blade is hitting around 15 times every ten seconds (as each blade is used equally in the fastest and most damaging DB combos/attacks). Five of those times, on average, sleep should proc, for 30 sleep buildup each time. That's 150 sleep in 10 seconds, which will decay to 145 but yadda yadda it's ifuckingdentical to last time.

You can use Striker or Guild, both let you have the OP hunting art combo. I prefer Striker because I like Retalative Evasion (free super evade that sharpens your weapon, really useful for the ember dino weapon with low sharpness.)

Idle is charged attack?


g rank is a mistake

From what I've heard, GS is still good but no longer OP, more toward the middle, and SnS and Bow are what IG and GS used to be tier-wise.

It does, especially since it hits even faster, you're raking up the chances, I'll say it once again since you're having a hard time understanding this simple fact.
You'll even beat the single percentage if the number that comes out of it isn't too big, the same calc has been done over and over for monster part farming. This isn't about theory, of course using theory average you might get the "same" results.

Also, I like how you evaded the 200x2 > 300x1.
Ah well, at least there's no need to bother with you since you admitted not knowing shit about anything, you even put the status decay into play.
WITH DUAL BLADES; THE weapon that sticks on the monster and hits non-stop. THE weapon that benefits status the most thanks to the 2x33%. Yet you fail to understand that only using one blade is weakening it more than drastically.

Protip : Having math in your post doesn't make you look smart, you just look even dumber when proved wrong.

Just fought Ivory Lagiacrus in 3U with longsword.

I'm confused, I have Evade+2, should I be able to iframe through its electric blasts? Does dodging through an attack disable being hit by that attack? There's no way the iframes are long enough to completely avoid the lightning.

>you're raking up the chances
You don't understand how probability works. That's okay, a lot of people have trouble with it for some reason, same with things like fractions.

Thing is, if it has TWICE the chance of hitting for HALF as much it will hit for THE SAME AMOUNT OVERALL on average.

>Also, I like how you evaded the 200x2 > 300x1.
I didn't? As I've said like three times now, 200x2 is almost exactly 1/3 (33%) more than 300x1. The reason I gave yesterday for emerald conga DB being inferior is the necessity for an intensive skill (awakening) that costs many gem slots, is hard to find a good talisman for and has few good armour sets- With the other options you can invest in boosting your attack or even your status instead.

You went on to claim that not only was that somehow not true but that 150x2 was more than 300x1, which is what I'm telling you is absolutely wrong.

>4U Gobul X description
>good for making quick escapes in a tight spot
>check skills
>eating, fencing, expert

Why is this allowed?

You still don't get it do you?
twice the CHANCES.
It's about getting fucked by RNG or not.
It's exactly because this isn't about theory that it's so much better, sure you flaunt your theory "2+2=4 lol u dumb" but what's most likely going to happen is the 150x2 weapon being better.
You can't be that dumb.


Dude. Last time I'm going to say it. It's twice the CHANCES of it proccing for HALF AS MUCH. I explained it here
It procs half as much with plesioth DB, being on only one blade, but with our hypothetical pure 150 sleep DB, it only procs for half as much. 5 procs of 30 is the same amount as 10 procs of 15.

To quote you
>Protip : Having math in your post doesn't make you look smart, you just look even dumber when proved wrong.
The irony is fucking palpable. You are clearly and objectively wrong about something that anyone with a primary school education should be able to figure out.

You need between 5 and 15 hits with only ONE chance every hit while the other needs 10 - 20 with TWO chances, so 5-10.
OF COURSE it's only marginally better but this whole thing was about a 200 weapon, not a 150.
With you sole argument being >awaken is hard to get
Completely disregarding Arcana, the obviously better weapon stats and the three slots.


>You need between 5 and 15 hits with only ONE chance every hit while the other needs 10 - 20 with TWO chances, so 5-10
What are you talking about? The number of hits it takes to actually put a monster to sleep? Let's go back to rathian. Its threshold initially is 180. To hit this a 150 pure db would have to proc sleep 12 times, discounting decay. That's about 36 hits with either blade- Each blade gets the 33% and they alternate when attacking. A 300 split db would have to proc sleep only 6 times, again discounting decay. On average that's 18 hits with the blade that has sleep on it (with DB if it's split each blade gets a different attribute), which hits every other time. Twice 18 is 36 hits with either blade before rathian goes to sleep. They're the same.

>OF COURSE it's only marginally better
It's not even marginally better, it's identical.

>this whole thing was about a 200 weapon, not a 150
That is true, until you came along saying a 300 sleep split DB was worth less than a 150 sleep pure DB would be.

>With you sole argument being >awaken is hard to get
>Completely disregarding Arcana
Arcana, which is even harder to get without sacrificing other skills? I mean, it doesn't sacrifice status boosting for awakening, so there's that at least, but you're still going to be sacrificing desirable skills to get it.

>the obviously better weapon stats and the three slots
Three slots that do not compensate for requiring a skill that is on-par with something like sharpness+1 or loading to get (except that comes with generally worse skills on armour sets) and slightly higher raw and slightly longer purple+white sharpness, neither of which matters for pure status application.

Won't agree with Bushido LS but I can agree with Bushido DB.
It is the only Bushido styled weapon that makes you near 100% invincible, you have like 40 frames to evade in a game that runs at 30 fps and you aren't locked into a long, cumbersome animation but instead get 5 seconds of I-frames.

The weapons are actually really balanced in X, it is more so how easy they are to use. Bushido DB is incredibly easy

It's the same assuming perfect averages, but since they never are the dual 150 is marginally better.
One is 5-15 the other is 5-20.

>Hard to get
All you need for awaken is a 3 slot talisman, the three slots on the weapon, a +2 helm and two slots anywhere else.

Arcana isn't "hard to get" it's actually the preferred awaken skill thanks to Relic gear and charms.

>It's the same assuming perfect averages, but since they never
Do you even understand what % mean?

Every time you hit a roll occurs.

>which hits every other time
Oh man this is actually really rich, you're gonna love this. I just went to double check since when I use DB I mostly use the spin and daemon dance, where the two blades hit alternately, but thought I remembered some moves where only one blade hit.

Every attack hits with at least the right blade but there are a few attacks that attack ONLY with the right blade, making it possible outside of daemon mode (and even in archdaemon) to attack solely or almost solely with the righthand blade. Furthermore, where attacks alternate in an odd number, the righthand blade attacks first and last.

The righthand blade is the one with the bottom attribute, in this case sleep. The Plesioth DB are actually worth marginally more than a 150 sleep pure DB when used normally and while the hitrate is lower so I'm not sure whether it's actually a faster proc or not can be used as a pure sleep weapon by only tapping x, waiting a few frames, then tapping x again.

>assuming perfect averages, but since they never are
Deviations from the average innately go in favour of one result exactly proportional to how often/much they go in favour of the other, which is why the average is average.

But then you really hit like a sleeping grandma.

Sounds like a huge hassle.
You're prebably better off with the spin2win.

Yeah, just an interesting note that if anything sleep is favoured. I'm not about to start using non-relic DBs for sleep or getting really weird with my split-attribute tactics.

>yfw MH5 is a worldwide NX launch title and it doesn't have G-Rank

Anything in 裸姫穂乃火2 見世物種付猿交尾

>NX title
Don't you ever say something that horrible again.

What's wrong with the NX?

You are adorable.

>mfw they haven't learned anything from the WiiU and region locked the NX forcing me to buy 2 of their garbage MH machine or wait for piracy if I want to play the latest game

Is this guy adorable as well?

Seeing the job they do on localization I'm probably going to completely drop buying WEST consoles.
If I buy a NX at.

Either you think MH5 isn't going to be on the next Nintendo platform, or you're whining about console war shit. Either way, it's adorable.

I'm thinking of console war. That guy started it and I feel obliged to fight my share of the war. After all, MH is always about console wars.

>just tried E+3 for the first time
>stress level of GQs drops tremendously

Am I cheating? It feels like I'll slowly become a shitter if I stay on this path but on the other hand, 140 GQs are a lot less stressful.

>Not using Element on Kushala
>Using Status+2 on poison
>Not using Status+1 and Felyne Specialist for Status
>Thinking Element is irrelevant on anything
>Thinking SnS is a pure element weapon

Did you drop any attack up skills to get it?

What weapon types are worth having one of each element in 4u?

I dropped C+2 to turn E+1 to +3, but my current set still has Honed Blade:


All of them if relics.
If not, same except hammer (Iregard and a few specialized element hammers like Dahren for Eldaora ONLY and the high raw dragon hammer for Teostra/Daora) and Greatsword (Most element weaknesses are covered by Black Fatalis Blade, use White for Gog; the rest is too weak or the monsters aren't weak to element enough)

If you're not using Switch Axe you're doing something VERY wrong.

Only use Switch Axe.

Note : just because some weapon type works really good with element doesn't mean you should use element on everything, using a pure raw weapon is often better because of the generally higher raw weakspots.
That's why the Grissword is the best SnS.

Only ones not worth it are HBG and GS

I have been there.

So you will get no harsh words from me.

Just turn it off outside of those and make sure not to get spoiled, okay?

SnS, Insect Baguette, DB, and LBG, I suppose, all of those have good elemental damage. I also have lances for all the elements, they seem really worth it to me but I'm not that sure.

You're gonna make it, one day.

I did made it! I think I didn't make any strange typos on that one.

If there are, screw it.

It can make you complacent. It legitimately lets you dodge things you just can't otherwise, and I mean, it's a co-op game. If you're always going to be using e+3 I wouldn't worry about it, the sort of people that would kick you for that either aren't worth playing with or are playing some sort of gimmick room like hame that you shouldn't be in with e+ at all.

Daily reminder that MHXR has launched in English in Canada. This should've been in the OP.



what starts with a and ends with m?

>I also have lances for all the elements, they seem really worth it to me but I'm not that sure.
Lances tend to have higher than normal elemental and lower than normal raw in general, I haven't done tests but I think they're one of the few weapons where you're better off using the appropriate element than the best raw. What's more, they have some gimmicks on their charge that make attributes even cooler.

While the charge thrust is a powerful raw attack, the attacks before that (the constant damage you do while charging with lance) does 50% elemental, which given lance's high element to begin with and the extremely high hitrate of that is still a fucking lot. In fact against mostly stationary enemies like Dalamadur, using the element they're weak to this way is simply your best option for dealing damage, and you'll see this in lance TAs of those monsters.

It's even better for status, provided you know what you're doing. See, when you charge with a lance, every single attack of the charge goes off one roll for things like status and crits. You may have to restart your charge a few times, but this means you can charge continuously into a monster with status crit building up blast, para or sleep insanely quickly if you roll a crit and status on the same charge. And unlike other high-commitment high-status weapons like GS, you can just restart your charge almost instantly if you see it isn't doing status/isn't critting. The crit also applies to elemental lances- I again haven't done testing myself or worked out the maths and don't remember how many if any TAers use this but for instance the Shagaru lance has really high dragon and a shitload of affinity, so elemental crit on that would be pretty easy to use and boost its dragon by a lot.

Status/elemental lance is a ton of fun and pretty good, in other words.

They use Shagaru because it has the best sharpness actually.

>in Canada

It will actually be newsworthy if and when it makes it to more regions.

>playing games on your phone

It's the sharpness and the element combined that make it a top choice, the affinity is what I'm not sure about. It's fucking huge regardless though, it crits about half the time.

I will tell you what doesn't have two spaces, the letters "re" and a period in between. The world "spoiled".

I will also tell you what does not make any sense. The phrase "all of those have good fantastic damage".

Spare me your sass, user.

Sounds about right, I assumed Lance would be good for those since it hits pretty often and fast but I wasn't so sure about it. So yeah, that's really neat, I knew my love for the Garuga Incessance was not misplaced.

>That's why the Grissword is the best SnS.
I love that sword, but is it THAT good? I'd say Lunatic Rose and even Teostra's Emblem give it a run for its money.

No way, they're only better in specific scenarii (Poison weak monsters, or monsters that move around a lot for Lunatic Rose and G1-2 and lower multimons for Teostra)

Gog's SnS best SnS. Because it looks rad as hell

Is there even a gog weapon that DOESN'T look rad as hell?

Hammer, GL, HBG and SA.

Is that right?

If so, the best SnS is clearly Rajang's.

Oh well. Still, I'm always switching between SnS so it's not like that makes the other ones useless, does it? SnS is no hammer or GS; it's definitely one of those weapons in which having alternatives definitely pays.

It pays even for Hammer and GS, it's just that the crafted element weapons they have are terrible (Look at these fucking water GS)


So I want to play MHP3rd on the PPSSPP emulator with an english patch, but I can only find patches for the HD version, which runs poorly on my PC, does anyone have a link to the PSP version?

Isn't that the point? If they had decent raw, sharpness and huge element, of course they'd make a bigger difference, but there's few outside of shit like Fatalis and Teostra.

Heck, the only hammer I alternate is the Teddy bear, which I use when the monster's head is a bitch to hit (Rajang). It's surprisingly effective, I usually get 2-3 sleeps a hunt, and it's got decent enough raw and sharpness for a support weapon. I never alternate GS tho; I only ever use the Black Fatalis'.

Ripping monster tails off with a club looks/feels so brutal and amazing, user. You should try it.

That's my point, if the element alternatives had the same raw you could alternate but right now you can't because you lose too much raw damage.

I love Gog's weapons, not the best but still good enough to be used, look cool as fuck, killing Gog for mats is always a pleasure
Do they return in X?

Teo's is better for monsters with high armour and low blast tolerance like Kirin and for multi-monster quests where monsters have lower health all around, lunatic rose is better as the other user said for things that are very poison-weak and in particular for kush, and in some very specific cases certain snses will be better for certain monsters by a miniscule, even negligible, amount (like eldaora's sturm against rajang, which does like 1 more damage per hit than grissword). In general though grissword is either the strongest or only very slightly outclassed circumstantially. It's also fucking ugly and anyone that even considers using it outside of TAs should hang themselves.

>Not using Element on Kush

Shit taste.

Almost all of them.

Charge blade looks nice as fuck sheathed

I did it, /mhg/. I got that feather.

The Jho, Tiggy and Narga hunt for it was fun too. Pretty much the only thing when it comes to hunting that X does right is the marathon hunts.

Now what do I do? All I've got left is a couple gathering shit quests in the Plaza and grinding out Blazing Rath for the armor. I don't think I'll ever want to do that though. What I've got now works just fine and playing online is a mess on the screen. I can't see shit half the time.

Am I done with X? What have I missed?

Not until you get the Swan Feather. It's from completing all village quests, final one is all flagships in a marathon hunt that come in doubles

Dual Blades also attack on the way up while in arch/demon mode.

Shiiiiiiiieeeeet is that after the double metal Raths? I didn't even see it. And I've got a 7 star Teo in the Plaza still to do that I swear wasn't there before.

I'm getting to old and blind to be playing on shitty little handhelds ;_;


How's this for a Dancing Grisdrum set?

Attack up L
Evasion +2
Horn maestro
Bio researcher (8 points and 1 spare slot, so why not)

This actually looks really good. Mind posting the set and charm?

>no Frontier or Online shitposting
>thread goes to shit with X posting
Good fucking god how do we get rid of this cancer?

Thanks, it's my first HH clownsuit so I was unsure.

>Excello Coil Z
>Not even AUXL
Get rid of that shit



MHX HR unlocked turns
pw rage