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Gold box? It's probably 30 tickets
Update has dropped, with B7R Hard, Paris, permanent x6 supplied on weekends, no new planes
Ace Combat 7 has been confirmed to return to Strangereal. VR equipment will not be required to play the game.
New co-op tourney up, nothing notable to fight for
An user is making an AC inspired PC game:
Rumors of a PS4.5 coming Fall of this year to go along with PS VR's release
VGL6 soon

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>dat theme

>I forgot to remove the [embed]s
That's a mild fuck up, I guess. I was going to put Elemental Particle, but hey, someone did end up posting a theme in the end.

Second for valkyrie sama


>copping my image
>fucked embeds
solid 7/10

>6 engines
>Turbojets no less
I was going to say it got cancelled because it was a fuel guzzler, but then again, the B-52 has 8 and it's still flying. I wonder what got it cancelled.
>Dat variable wingtip doe

It was strategically obsolete.

How so ? Was flying intercontinetal high speed missions into the USSR not a thing by then ? I thought that future projects like the B2 were meant for that same purpose, but who knows.


Why bother having a bomber fly into the USSR when you hvae ICBM's and MIRV's?
LeMay wasn't around in SAC anymore so he couldn't push for more bombers too. The B2 was developed as a low altitude stealth bomber.


No, it wasn't a thing by then because SAMs were able to threaten the XB-70, and it was no longer able to exploit the blip/scan ratio of soviet radars.

You will note, rather tellingly, the B2 is subsonic and stealthy, and flies low level penetrations.


Makes sense. I don't know why bother having the B-52 around if that's the case, though, not only is it huge, it's also slow as fuck. I guess that since they already had it, why bother retiring it. In the end, it did turn out to be useful as a bombtruck anyways.


The B-52 is a bomb truck, and can use air launched cruise missiles to stay outside of SAM range, and still pound targets. It's quite efficient in that regard.




blaze x archer otp desu
>you will never fuck Grimn in the ass while he eats out Nagase

doesn't nagase have a dick though?

Not like it matters, boy butts are better.


is that actually canon or just speculation? Regardless doubleteaming Grimm with Nagase would be pretty hot


>he doesn't like the benis


Music time buddies
You know where we are

Yeah, I know, you're at (USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST), right ?

>Ace Combat 7's literally the only upcoming game I give a shit about
It better not be garbage...

same desu

What if it has the best gameplay ever, but is worse than AC6 plotwise ?

So Infinity?

Ace Combat games never had that interesting of a story anyway.

I'll still buy it and play it but I'm gonna complain about it probably

I always found the worldbuilding to be pretty good in ace combat, just the stories often mediocre.

But ACI's plot wasn't even that silly, it was just standard. Terrorists do shit, big corporations involved and UN is the good guys, not PEACEPEACEPEACE.
It still plays a big role, though. I couldn't stand 6 because of it.

The world's interesting yeah.

But it was the basic plot to nearly every Ace Combat though.

That's because they needed the plot to be simple. It's a F2P online game, it would be hard to add missions into it if it had a rigid story.

Speaking of rigid, how about that Nagase?

Talking about 6.

Oh. Yeah, I really didn't like it because it was "X country invades Y, Y retakes its land", which in of itself ins't that bad, but the problem about 6 is that there were no twists. Just a CHANDELIER OUT OF NOWHERE on the penultimate mission, which was kind of poorly done.
Also, just like we discussed in the last thread, the plot of that game is all over the place and doesn't focus nearly as much as it should on Talisman and the actual military.

Didn't really bug me that much. I had my insane Idol A-10 so I was happy.

Reminder, you're never getting an idol Shithog ever again :^)

>There's always the RPG :^)


>Implying Thunder will allow you to fly an Idolplane over Belka :^)
He'd complain about degeneracy first, even if he allowed you to.

Speaking of upcoming AC7, what if they add the plot-twist they've never used in the series,in which the player character dies at the end of the story ?

I'd be perfectly fine with that.

Yeah that'd be an alright twist desu. Like the player sacrificing themselves to take down whatever superweapon they add.

What is AC3 for 30 tickets, user.

AC3's twist is closer to 'AND IT WAS ALL A DREAM XD' than the player character dying or sacrificing themselves imo

That'd actually be pretty sweet, but how would they present it in a subtle way ? I mean, maybe a shot of a random street with a newspaper talking about the player's death would be nice, specially if the article was made by Genette.

You go in for a tunnel run at the very end of the game.

There's no exit.

Just a dream, put to sleep, etc. All the same in the end. Nemo has a soul too mang. ;_;

>tfw you fight his predecessor in AC7

Those 2 news lines, plus the removal of the scene where you fly out of Megalith, could've made AC4 much more tragic than it originally was, and I'm not sure if I'd like that.
I want them to hide an Ace in the Assault Records called "nmo_PROTOTYPE" or something like that, who flies a Super Flanker or Super Raptor. Maybe even put in details like the flight recorder ejecting a-la AI pod when you shoot it down.

Because BUFF is OLEV

>Ywn fly a Stratofortress in ACI
>Ywn fly a Superfrotress in ACI
I want a B-17 in the game, but it'd turn into War-Ace Thunder : Infinity pretty quickly.

If the ran Infinity like War Thunder it would be worth playing.

Instead, the opposite happends, Bamco buys Infinity and now you have to pay for fuel and bullets.

Do AIs have souls?

Fuck, I meant Bamco buys Warthunder. Also I added a third spoiler on that and bullet, but I guess you can't stack 3 spoilers. A bummer.

Of course, you can't waifu things with no souls, and pic related was waifu'd by plenty.
Also, what if instead of a Ace of Aces or Gauntlet style mission, we get an Emergency Sortie with Simon Cohen himself telling you to shoot down an AI that went haywire and turned out to be Nemo ? That'd be pretty sweet.

could be an improvement desu, Gaijin is pretty incompetent
but then so is bamco

When does an AI gain a soul? If I write a program that learns, does it have a soul?

Least I can play Gaijin's game as long as I want.

yeah, but what's the point of that if it's not a game worth playing half the time?

At least I can play it whenever I want.
plus it's stupid fun with friends and honestly besides the grind it's not as bad as people slam it for.

An AI gains a "soul" when it can feel and emulate human emotions, and learn for itself. After all, the brain is nothing but a very complicated computer that can rewire itself. Once we manage to do the same with, I don't know, metamaterials or even regular transistors, we'll be on the way to making sentient AI.
Nemo, however, doesn't have a soul per se. It's nothing but an very advanced combat system that gets to vote on its own actions, and eventually became so reliable they decided to let it fly without an operator, kinda like ZOE. ZOE + Nemo mission in AC7, do it Bamco.

the grind is bearable, especially with premium. My issue is more with just the tank maps being the size of a postage stamp and the air forces meta making a whole bunch of planes useless. I imagine if you play just arcade it's probably fine though

What does it mean to have feelings? I'm just not quite convinced we'll ever be able to write something like that ourselves. Maybe a mind uploading system sure but I don't know otherwise.

Yeah I only really ran Arcade since Realistic was really boring when I tried it. It was fun.

Realistic is fun because there's a lot more tactics involved in outmaneuvering your enemies. But it is definitely slower. Sim is slower still but fixes a lot of problems with the RB meta.

I really do just want Ace Combat Infinity but without the fuel restriction and a more reasonable grind. Maybe we'll get that with 7.

>mind uploading system
Dision plz go.
Anyhow, the thing is, people will always feel unsafe and distrustful of a machine that thinks, and they'll dismiss it as "it's just a computer anyways". But if you take it that the brain is but an information processing device that does a pretty good job at what it's supposed to, I'm pretty sure making a computer that can do the same is possible. It'd be a fine mix of advanced software and hardware, since only one of those can't do the job itself, but I'm sure it's possible.
The only chance to convince all that a computer can feel would be to release a very convincing android into human society, have it interact with people and learn from it. Remember, babies aren't born with minds of adults, the first step would be to make an AI that can learn and is essentially a todler, and have it adjust to human society with time.
Tl;dr I'm saying we can't build sentient AIs, we have to raise them.

Did Ace Combat ever have a balanced online mode? I never looked into AH online and I hear 6 was a mess.

I actually took a class on this exact topic this past semester so a lot of what you're bringing up is stuff we discussed. Really though, the learning AI stuff is all very good, but even getting to the point of a baby doesn't look easily doable. I really feel like mind uploading could be done within our lifetimes though, and human minds being able to run at a (hopefully) faster pace than normal would certainly speed us on our way to building AI 'from scratch'.

I honestly don't know.

I can barely imagine how weird but fun that would be. Iff we all uploaded our minds into the Electrosphere a computer, and we were interconected by a sequel to the internet, and we one day mastered making AI, how would we ever distinguish a person who was uploaded 20 years ago, and a "50 year old man" who was born yesterday ?
I think we should stick to trying to make human-like robots first, and trying to find biological longevity instead of mind-uploading.

IMO the only functional difference would be your experiences. If you somehow were 'ran' at 50x regular speed and in 1 year had the life experience of a 50 year old, you might as well be considered the same as a 50 year old.


No, it's not that. I know that with our minds uploaded to computers, we could use superior clock speeds to live faster or slower than others. What I mean is, how will we be able to figured which person is a genuine human who got uploaded into the system, and who was created inside the system.
I never liked the idea much, and I don't actually trust it. How do we know if by uploading, we're not just killing ourselves and recreating the mind somewhere else ? If you asked the digital you if he is the original you, he'd say yes, but can we trust the true you isn't dead ?
It's hard to put it into words, because a 100% accurate version of me inside a computer would, in the end, be me, but that's only for other people. I have a feeling that if I can be alive while the digital me is alive, we're two independent systems, meaning I can't be "transferred" over to the machine.

Oh so you mean eventually when we figure out how to create people. Well that's easy, you'd just consider the point of their creation their 'birth' and accelerate time since based on the ratio between the speed of their compute unit's execution and a traditional brain's execution.

Also yes the bit about mind uploading is very valid. Something along the lines of saving people's minds for when they die so we can query people who have long since passed is a neat idea though.

Why do I find it so funny, such a serene, peaceful song is all about killing the enemy.

Well, yeah, I myself would trust that an uploaded person thinks just like the original, and I would treat it as I would treat the original person, but I'd never chose it as an alternative to life, unless we find a way to hook the brain into a machine. We don't know where conciousness is "stored", if it is a thing to begin with, and as far as I'm concerned, that's an specific region of the brain we don't know, or the whole brain.
It would be pretty cool though, if people one day could make their digital selves, and have it remain dormant until they die. For anyone who isn't that person, it'd be like he or she never died.

>playing warthunder instead of modding the fuck out of 1946

kids these days

RIP Basilisk.

Come to think of it there's actually a pretty neat video we watched in class about this exact problem. It actually concerns itself with a few different problems but the tail end of the video is about this problem exactly:

the two aren't really comparable. '46 is much more of an actual sim than WT is at all.

Basilisk flies alone, in the grave.

Now that's pretty creepy, and pretty funny too. Some 10 minutes ago, I went to kitchen to grab a glass of water while thinking up of my next comment, and I asked the exact same question, word by word. "Where am I ?"
And now here you are, giving me a video about it. Now that will be an interesting watch.

I don't want to grind 100 years to get a Me-262 just to get blown away by a russian wooden plane of balance)))))

/aceg/ - Philoso/Metaphysical exisistentialist discussions general

It's just shit maym

As someone with over 1000 hours in WT, jets are shit. The real fun in WT is to be had between tier 2-4, IMO.

Also, the war thunder general is like aggressively shit. It's on the same level as /kspg/.

I never got what made /kspg/ shit. I went there once, only once, and all the people were calling it shit. In /pg/, /mgg/, /simg/ and here, I've seen people call it shit. And KSP in of itself isn't that shit, what's so shit about the general ?

There are literally 4 zoophiles, and a schizophrenic that whines nonstop about squad and tax evasion and shit.

People complain about snek (and now the yuri and iowa spammers) but they're fucking dumb. When MAN (the schizo) and the cat/dogfuckers shut the fuck up, /kspg/ is pretty comfy. Maybe not super on topic, but comfy.

More comfy than us?

So they have a name/tripfag problem ? Man, it makes me shiver to think what would be of /aceg/ if our namefags were shitty people.

Only the schizo trips, and he doesn't do it often. /kspg/ used to be amazing too. Very on topic and 2 or 3 devs used to come by. Sad to see it fall so far.

Nah, I'd say about the same, maybe a bit less. This general is actually insanely on topic which blows my mind - it's probably because it's a ded game.

Things is, there is plenty to discuss aboutt he Holy Trinity, and even if we ran out of topics, we can re-discuss the same topics over and over again. I don't know about other people, but I never get tired of it.
And when we're off topic, we're usually not talking about degenerate porn and that kind of crap. Usually.

>This general is actually insanely on topic
Nah, you just catch the threads on a good day.

No, I've seen this place when it's shitposty. It's still more on topic than /wtg/ or /kspg/.

Yeah, there's a lot to talk about. I actually still haven't gotten to play Ace Combat 3. I hope Project Nemo finishes up disk 2 so I can give that a go.

On the topic of project Nemo, which I know nothing of, is the patch for the computer ? Because if that's the case, I'm never playing AC3. At least not on this shitty DELL that is.

I think there's a patch file that you use on a disk ISO. You could probably play that on a real PS1, i guess, but even a somewhat modern smartphone can emulate the PS1 at full speed.

>Man, it makes me shiver to think what would be of /aceg/ if our namefags were shitty people.

Awww, stop.

You'll make me blush.