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Someone made a cross stitch of Quick Man's losing sprite from Battle and Chase.



Quickman is a drama queen

shit boy his arm be thicc

He kinda of is in the archie comics too huh? He was a lot more stoic in Ariga's manga though.

fisting is 300 bucks.

We are blessed by Lion Creatures forevermore.

Okay, this is just mean spirited.

Who is cutest robot?

After all, he is based on Elec Man.
Maybe Wily adapted his personality programming as well as the speed.


Wow you guys suck at keeping threads alive
I mean really where's the fucking robot vagina

I recycled them all in order to build Double.

is this thread really going to die at 17 replies

Just not a good night I guess lmao

sandwich me.

Do you even know how to quote


This is normal. Start a conversation if you think we're going to die.


Truth be told his sounded kind of cute.




op img is hot not gonna lie


Servbots are cute.
Data is cute.

We should combine them.



but that wasn't even him on the second post.

This is really well done honestly.


Please stop scamming while I'm singing

Finally finished my contest entry enough to post him to the booru. I would've liked to do more, but with the contest ending so soon and my lack of time due to finals coming up there's not much more I can do for now.

I did want to submit more bots too, and I have about three more hand drawn concepts right now but they'll probably have to wait too.

He looks cool! He has a strong Indiana Jones feel to him. The Cut Man style ears are a little strange though.
The concept seems very familiar. Is this a revamped Treasure Woman after GWA ruined the original with megaboobs?

I'd love to see them when you do get around to finishing them. You put a lot of work into Gun Man.

I was trying to do something different with the ears since I usually go with the typical Mega Man styled ones.
Honestly at this point I don't recall what GWA's Treasure Woman looked like but I know I wan't really basing this off of anything in particular, and Treasure, along with a bunch of others, was my concept after an user was looking for help with some RM ideas based around vague themes.
I think SWA came up with a ghost themed RM around then too.

I'm actually not Gun Man user, but I agree I'd like to see more from him. One of the things he did that I wanted to do if I had more time was animate.
And as for the other ones I'll probably get around to them eventually, but I also have Sloth Man on the booru. though he may need some retooling since he looks more like a reploid/maverick than a RM

it's plenty detailed, don't worry about it.

I guess the copied power could stand to do more?

I know you weren't basing it off GWA's design, I just remembered him using that concept to design a robot.
And I used one of your concept names for Satellite Woman.
SWA was working on a Dullahan Woman but she said that she didn't have a way to post it online.

I've been trying to design another robot myself, but it hasn't been working out.

I'm actually still trying to get spritework of it but I can't get the horse to look right.

O rly?

....okay, did I misunderstand?

Who knows?
Let's move on. That incident was unnecessarily messy and there's no point in continuing it.


No, we should continue talking about it because he is a loser

It's kind of immature.

That was a joke but really, where do you think we are

While Gold Woman has some big tits, Treasure Man has a big sack.

On a more serious note, I really like the design.

We're the tumblr shipperfag general, according to some people.

Well maybe if SOME people started posting more porn, the tumblrfags would leave


That's true. This thread's culture however, seems vastly different from the rest of this site.

Are you serious? you do realize how prevalent porn is on tumblr, don't you?

>More porn
>tumblrfags will leave



>liking porn of underage characters
If you don't post "ALL CHARACTERS ARE 18+/AGED UP" at the top of your blog you'll get at least 10 messages from triggered crybabies calling you a shitlord

Post more Inafking.

Not only that, but this is a blue board, so it's not like you can outwardly post anything too explicit.

There are people who bitch about characters being "aged up" and say "it's still pedophilia"


Linking to imgur is a thing and is not discouraged by any rule

I think the instances of that happening are blown out of proportion. I see artists draw porn of characters under 18 all the time without getting backlash.

Unless you're talking from experience here...


True. The booru was also made for the posting of such images too. You can post it, you just can't post the image itself into the thread.

More. Lewds are accepted too.


One of the most prevalent artists that do that whose dick /v/ sucks constantly is Akairiot
He made up an eighteen year old Inkling and pretended Callie and Marie were eighteen too just to draw lewd pictures that weren't even porn



72nd for five cancelled games

Nigga it's not cancelled if it didn't even get off the drawing board

Emergency injection of headcanon!

>Starting from the creation of Repliforce, humans began pursuing methods that would let them catch up to reploids, at least in intelligence.
>Dirt was dug on Gate in order to drag him off the stage and replace him with another.
>Rather than a reploid scientist, a human scientist now takes the stage for reploid technology: Ciel's ancestor.
>Not quite a child, but certainly young for the career, Ciel's ancestor surprised all at what humans are capable of.
>Humanity jumped at the opportunity to regain pride as a race and supported genetic experiments and eugenics.

>As this happened, there was another genius reploid scientist.
>Young, but slightly disfigured and of a creepy countenance, he was paired with Ciel's ancestor if only for their similar talents and ages.
>Together, they worked on the next generation of reploids, ones who could transform using DNA souls to suit whatever task is at hand.
>The prototype was flawed in certain ways, more child than adult in mind, but able enough at demonstrating revolutionary technology.
>Only, circumstances led to the death of one scientist, bringing the other to seal away the prototype.
>Better designs would be made, and with a new partner, it would be easier to start fresh and free from sad memories or old mistakes.

This is why more porn should be posted

From the looks of it, it seems like a rejected pitch from a third party company.

I liked that other user's greentext more. sorry.

which one?

Yeah, that's what I was saying
It's a pitch that never got off the ground
Apparently Capcom told them to pitch it but that doesn't change the fact that there was no semblance of the game ever being made

megaman is bestman

Whose bestman? Who is getting married?

Dr Light

He's reaaaaally slow at this dating thing.

I didn't know that Dr.Light and Dr.Wily were finally tying the knot.

Silly user, that's not who Dr. Light is marrying. It's FUTURE ALTERNATE GENDERBENT UNIVERSE XANDER !


dear god no

Dear God yes.
I want to see the lady

I think it's the one where Dr.Weil made Axl all by himself when he was little because he wanted a onii-chan and lived through several generations of Ciels.

>Madame X


If she doesn't have at least a whip, I would be utterly disappointed


>Implying that wasn't just him telling himself to kill himself the entire time.

so is Red Ash cancelled?

It'll be cancelled quietly like kaio was.

Gun Man user here. I have about 3 hours to finish his arena and redo his bio before I go to a place with no Internet.
I hope I can finish Gun Man before the contest ends.
God help me.



[spoilerProbably, but I wasn't even sure what to do about the copied power. It was kind of a last minute addition[/spoiler]
Oh hey, yeah I really liked Satellite Woman. That was a name I wasn't going to use, and your design was much different to my description and now I'm working on Rocket Man. Same with Dullahan Woman, who's name I couldn't remember.
Can't wait to see it!

Probably won't get it done for awhile. It's hard to do because the sprite is taking pieces from centaur man and Nitro Man to do it, and the horse's head looks really stupid but not sure how to fix it yet.

I want to use Nitro Man's leg for the pose of her being on the horse.