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>Important News
「!」Star Fox Zero and Guard are out!
「!」Natsume is bringing the first 3DS Kunio Kun game to the west: nintendoeverything.com/natsume-localizing-river-city-tokyo-rumble-on-3ds/
「!」Atlus localizing TMS#FE: nintendoeverything.com/nintendo-comments-on-tokyo-mirage-sessions-fes-western-version-atlus-is-localizing/
「!」Fed Force news: nintendoeverything.com/metroid-prime-federation-force-delayed-launches-aug-19-na-sept-2-eu/
「!」Corpse Party 3DS releasing this Summer: gematsu.com/2016/04/corpse-party-pc-launches-april-25-3ds-version-coming-north-america-summer
「!」Lost Reavers beta now out on the eShop.
「!」SMT IV: Final releasing in the west as SMT IV: Apocalypse: gematsu.com/2016/04/shin-megami-tensei-iv-apocalypse-coming-americas-summer
「!」My Nintendo and Miitomo have launched! Register today for S I C K customer loyalty bonuses: my.nintendo.com/
「!」Marin announced for Hyrule Warriors: siliconera.com/2016/03/28/marin-announced-upcoming-hyrule-warriors-dlc/

>Upcoming Releases (I'll update them I swear)
3DS - pastebin.com/PRi8uhnZ
Wii U - pastebin.com/gKEshyzJ

>New 3DS XL vs 3DS XL Comparison

>amiibo Compatibility Chart

>Discord chat

Disclaimer: Ignore every post by babt, you know "xbx is shit, 3ds is for babies, w101 is mobile shit, jap shit, nx will be VR" and things alike.

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Good save OP, I was gonna copypasta the previous thread with a new picture.

No problem man, you could be a cool kid and update the pastebins I don't wanna update, add the dates of the games in the news and Picross e7.

>Not the Lust Penis edition.

You fucked up op

congratulations fo not dying!

Rosa's final smash is terrible.

Pls help

Question: What the fuck is Discord?

mamma mia those release dates are old as mamma fuck here is some updated ones


>Mighty No. 9 (NA Q2 2016)
>Almost may and didn't even get a final release date.

Some chat app.

Mamma thanks, when are you coming back to making the OPs I have too many responsibilities right now

IRC for retards basically

I could have done it now but you mamma made the thread so fast you cucked me from doing it

Are you the same guy that said we should do an IRC instead of Discord because it "filters people out"

No. I don't have a problem with discord but that's pretty much what it is

Which pokemon mystery dungeon game should I get?

Super Mystery Dungeon looks fun I guess.

Super Mystery Dungeon is the best one in years from what I understand.

I'm too lazy to beat it though cause the game gave me fucking Chikorita, and I'm not a reset-bitch.

What pastebins/etc?

Shiren The Wanderer 5+

Guess I'll get that one thanks

But I already have that preordered

is bravely second EU censored at all?

Yes. Same shit as the US version. You'll have to play the moon game if you want it unchanged.

>just started stella glow
>lisette's mom is prime breeding material
>she will probably become irrelevant in an hour
Fug. I wish more games had cakes for main characters instead of teenagers all the time

Star Fox Zero is now available on the eShop for Gor and that one other user to play.

My copy should be here tomorrow.

preordered a phisical copy and im picking it up mañana. not worried

Isn't it basically "shaming" to have a section in the OP dedicated to tagging all the forced Nintendo generals that "failed"?

okay so OP pic related i have some files that are like the comic book that was that shit... buuuttt i cant open them because they are like some comic book format or some shit. so if someone could upload a zip with the images or something that would be great

heres the first. tell me if interest.

no because they are welcome to talk in here

what is this supposed to be

Yokai Watch lol

What's the best grip for the small n3ds, and are there any telescoping styluses that fit into this thing?

you guys think ninty employees ever look here?

>ninty employees go to /nintyg/
>see star fox babt shitposting
>take his shitposting as constructive criticism for the game
>turn star fox zero into trash

is there still a mk8 general or is it ded

pray they don't go in /v/

I'm still hanging on to my original 3DS, but after the release of Super Metroid on the eShop for the New 3DS I'm really tempted to take the plunge for one. I want one eventually, but there just hasn't really been any exclusive N3DS stuff that I've cared about enough to buy another handheld. Super Metroid though is one of my favorite games of all time and I only have it on my SNES so having it on a handheld system would be really, really cool.

In my opinion, though, the normal 3DS size is perfect and the N3DS XL seems too big. Is there any hope of Nintendo releasing the standard size N3DS in the US (other than the Animal Crossing exclusive) or should I just suck it up and get an XL?

They'll probably come out with another one in like 4 months, but you can just buy the animal crossing one (should still be $170 from jet.com with a promo code) and sell the shit that comes with it for like $30 on ebay

Alternatively you can import a japanese one ($150 shipped directly from amazon.co.jp) and hack it to change the region. And you should be hacking it anyway, if only so you can use the higher clock speed for better framerates on games like pokemon

this is it.

its gon die tonite

The 3d on the n3ds fucking sucks. I'm getting double images even if I hold it perfectly still, no matter what angle I hold it at

At least with the o3ds the 3d worked if you didn't move

oh so its nes remix, got it

>Contrary to what people believe it's not simply a cheap rom dump, and it's not like we don't treat Windwaker/Twilight Princess HD as "major" releases for our consoles anyway, so I never really understood the double standard.
I don't though. I always considered WW HD and TP HD to be irrelevant

langrisser is out in e-shop for 3ds.
I like fe series. This looks similar, but i'm not sure whether it's good.
Graphics is... underwhelming.but i can deal with it if story and tactics are outstanding.

Any opinions?

no that's me! hi!

Blue Rescue Team, Explorers of Sky and Super.
I suggest to play RT and Sky in release order and to play Super either before or after these two

>oh so its nes remix, got it

I wouldn't say that exactly, it has a FEATURE similar to NES Remix (in Rare Replay it's called "Snapshots") but the actual full games are there too, where as NES Remix just sells you challenges gutted from full games.

I've heard the game is really bad.

I'm waiting for it to upload on 3DSiso but it looks like nobody wants to buy it lol

What does /nintyg/ like better? Being sad or being bored?

So the NX will very likely have Eyetracking/AR. Especially since the big hint in the Starfox anime it's clear, that the patents found a few months ago are very very likely to be NX related, also:

>temperature, scent, ...

so it will very likely also the first 4D console/system ever!

Just had my NNID banned and my Wii U locked.
The only thing it could be is playing Starfox a day early (EU).

You've been warned.

reposted in hbg :-)

I remember being really nervous about something similar when I got Smash 3DS a day early.

What does the 3D Voice option do in Starfox? Will it come from the TV if I switch it off?

this is no party

>tfw getting back into XCX
forgot how good it was m8s
also OP, good job on you with the Rush reference

Tried it off and no idea what it does desu. Sad that I can't have voices through the headphone.

I had Pokken a week early and nothing happened. The only thing was it didn't acknowledge I'd been playing Pokken, it kept showing my mii say "I've been playing Super Mario Maker" although I hadn't actually played that for over 1-2 weeks.

Xcx is shit

My Samsung already has eye tracking and eye scrolling and let me tell u, its shit

There better be another real Andross fight


Anyone got the manual for Dark Arena on the GBA? Game's almost gone from the Internet and I want to read the manual and get some Dark Arena facts.

Did you know: The player character's name is Angelina Bradshaw but it's never mentioned in the game, only on the back of the box. Who knows what lore I'm missing out on.

Here's a proper ROM dump of Dark Arena btw, the one that frequently comes up on Google has a dumping group intro.


It's a comfy Doomclone.

so the stereo in the gamepad has a function that, if held correctly, makes the stereo sound like surround. this is used in the game to make it seem like the poeple talking are around you

Pls give me start fox today USPS

>try to fly around object
>game forces me into it

Megaman Legacy collection on USA amazon for $16

When will there me more Castlevania games on the 3DS eShop?

1, 2, and 3 are cool and all but is there hope for more?

Seeing as Konami are a bunch of broke faggots I'd say no.

We MIGHT see rondo of blood or other Konami Snes games in 6 months.

I just got starfox should I open it or just leave it packaged so the series isn't wrecked for me?

Don't let some sjw cucksucking weenie "journalists" ruin the series for you.

I will hate you forever Gor if it sucks and you made me open it. Your shitty advice will have ruined starfox for me.

It's really good so far. I've yet to complete each route and mission but I've done a playthrough.
The bosses are more difficult than in 64 and the gamepad use isn't intrusive, there's an option which effectively turns it off - though it is very useful because you can continue to aim and fight during cutscenes and maneuvers. The missions have optional objectives which affect which path you get.

The story is pretty much a retelling of 64 (almost), not that it matters.

Dropped Starfox after the second mission. Laser upgrades don't carry over.


so i uhh, photoshoop'd some star focks
tell me what you think..
just ripped some arwings off of a comic book page, upscaled em, smoothed em a bit, and swapped out the background

booo hooo
aww no i have to work just a little so i quit


I still need to play rocket slime

Thanks bro.
Too bad nobody talks outside of new releases/Direct news/Responding to babt here.
Fuck I hope not. They're too busy leaking info on /R/3ds and shit.
I hope they don't come here again. What's happening?
Welcome to "arcade style" games. What don't you people get about this?

Are you retarded? When has it ever been like that in StarFox?
And when has the blue laser been a timed upgrade that disappears after a while?

These changes make no sense and ruin the flow of the game.


there are a lot of changes.
why arent you bitching about the fact that it should cost a life to replay a level and a game over = a reset?
its prolly cause that change gives you an advantage you fucking bitch

>he doesn't know how to use the reset button

>thinking thats a defense for acting like a bitch

>not being able to hit reset if you want that each time you die
>getting this defensive over bad gameplay design

Post your favourite themes from Starfox!


it's funny because the controls are garbage in this one

>tfw you want to buy the Fire Emblem Fates women theme but that derpy looking Oboro ruins it

We've come a long way, lads.

Remember staying up late trying to defeat this guy? He was one hell of a first boss and set the tone for the rest of the game.

I hope the new Star Fox lives up to the old.

yep, we've come a long way.

How come there are some many different powerups in mario games which have similar applications?

who cares

They're just similar.

To give some variety, sure they all, for example, give you the ability to fly but they all feel different.


Is that really a fucking game add on the package?

Thumbnail looks like a gb game