Steel Ocean /sog/ Admiral

METAGAME and concussions edition.


Current events (check in-game Events tab for details): SOON TO BE UPDATED.
- From Apr. 12 to Apr. 27, hitting 6 torps on enemy ships will get 90 merits.
- From Apr. 20 to Apr. 27, killing an enemy DD will give 4 VIP matches

> What is this?
Steel Ocean is a multiplayer arcade game focused about warships from World War 2 era.

> Steel Ocean Info Any way I can play with (You)?
"NA clan: No Botes Allowed"
We have an active clan in the game. Find it on the fleet page and then click application button. Post IGN in thread to get accepted.
Also post a meme.


>Commander calculator
An easy way to come up with commander setups without having to deal with the clunky UI. If you have any issues explain them in the thread.

Launch from there, in game go to Claim, then Storage, Non Battle items, click 'use'

Events: (6pm-8pm PST)
Sunday: 5v5
Monday: Helena Overlord
Tuesday: Fleet Battles
Wednesday: Fap to botes
Thursday: 5v5
Friday: Helena Overlord
Saturday: Fleet Battles

Kantai Collection posting allowed.
Feel free to talk about botes here.
If you have any questions, post them in the thread or read the links.
Remember to love your botes.

Previous Admiral~!

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Also, yodo.

Second for headpatting H A G U R O

Always headpat your DDs when they do a good job.

Reminder that the dutchies should be targets for execution under the crimes of having fun and bullying honkers.

webm incoming

>trying to out-yodo me.

No mercy.


RIP cats

Rusky boats when?

>SMD should declare war
>Oh Lord what is it now

>Actually read the steam topic
>Agent Orange DON'T Gentlemans! JUST REDNECKS!


Reminder that there's still plenty of time for people to try out 5v5s, as the season is still starting out.

While the best time to grind out points is towards the end of season, people should still get a feel for the format first.



Every thread.

Is the game as dead as the thread?

Thread's dead because fleet chat.
Game's populated at certain hours, and ded in other hours (EU and NA TZ get the most population at all tiers).

Also most of the thread lurkers/bumpers are sleeping now.

Goodnight bump.


>he doesn't like Will Laren art

>Will Laren

>image compressed enough to generate artifacts
disgusting indeed

Salt on suicide watch.
I'm okay with this design, I like my poi, but this kills the smugfu.

>Will Lauren
I think we should post bote butt.

wew lads, need a few more games to get out of tier 4 hell

>few more games to get into the tier 5 hell

Nothing wrong with t4. Only occasional tryhards shitting things up. You should t5 for the commanders and qual anyway though.

Then t6/t7 heaven.


the only similarity to heaven is that both are eternal

What the fuck is a "data anomaly"

Forgot pic of course.

>mindbreaking players wasnt enough
>NBA will now mindbreak the game itself

The numbers Mason! What are the numbers!?

That is odd... Do you play behind 7 proxy's? Perhaps playing from Europe one day, and South America the next messed with it?

Not a clue... just tossing out a guess based on past online game experiences.
This guy sums it up:
With fleet chat communication occurs in port, and in matches even.
And there isn't all that much to shitpost about usually, other than allies that MM throws us with.

This games drawback would be simply: It doesn't have another games popularity/$$$ to carry its population higher, faster.

Like WoW(orcs and men, and botes). They make an online F2P card game... And it makes/made more per month than League of Legends. (20 million vs LoL' s 18) .. A card game is beating a MoBa.

Or call of Duty, every copy-paste game a record/best seller 6 months before it releases due to pre-orders.
Or WoT with 45 million total accounts in 2012 and 75m in 2014(12m signing on per day), that much possible Income/fans will fund/play anything they make.

Steel Ocean is by a newer group so no mega-millions advertising, and no previous game to have fans from.

>>Not a clue... just tossing out a guess based on past online game experiences
Not using any proxies other than teh shitty German one. Probably just chink incompetence at its finest.

We have to gas the dutchies first.

Has anyone paid attention to how wisdom and other perks that proc on getting below n% life work?

I'm noticing wisdom proccing long after I've taken the damage, so I'm wondering if they roll every time they get off cooldown or something (meaning if you're at 10% you can get potential to activate multiple times if you stay alive for a couple minutes).

Don't forget UNK.

no mercy solo 5v5 no ammo but tosa can eat HE too..

I like it, looks classy, like a winter outfit while her original's like a summer outfit. And the smug issue can be solved with fanart.

As long as it is /cute/

Is this you smug? you were reported in the steam forums for TK and verbal abuse, that might be a ban, since it says it ends the 23th.

I don't recall being reported for a TK. The verbal abuse thing was brushed off too, by Elder. My bet is this shit game fucked up while logging in and has banned my accoutn for a day because they think someone got their grubby mitts on it.

See last posts.

Fair enough. The cunt was sitting right next to me in his Lafagoy and not scouting so I shot him. 2k games and he sits back with the BBs while in his DD still.

Considering just quitting this pile of shit. The players drive me up the fucking wall too much.

Play some ToS with me when you feel burnout. /cute/ can heal all the wounds.

Gotta wait until the 28th for that because I refuse to buy into a game that will be F2P in 6 days.

Delayed into may, also it seems they will give a 50% off soon.

Well, waiting for fanart is all we can do in this case. Also some porn of her k2 already up on pixiv, first pic within first hour of release.



Oh. Guess they wanna grub more shekels while they still can.

The smug lives on.

>notice I'm missing 50k freexp
>remember I bought ducky guns in a fit of rage

They're good.

yes but I prefer saving xp to unstock ships that are actually hard in their stock config

baka so hard desu senpai

> 53 hits

Miko gifs where?


I really want to hug honkers.

>even Honkers is defending me

[distant Anglo laughter]

Just fug already.


>wake me up

>Perfect gentleman

brb heart attack.



Too cute.

Which another must-have commander should I buy?

You know that most of those commanders you can get them for free getting a line to T5 right?

I know.
The only I'm missing is the SS comander.

to be considered:
Gordon Chung-Hoon, if you're swapping out Arashi. Francois Darlan had something interesting but cant remember what; still not worth of 1800 merit.

>MM puts a Myoko in a T5 match

Musel for DDs if he isn't a level reward.

S-so... it happened...

>First gift/donate[/spoiler] from twitch, depsite no donate button

oh god halp.


Only in the same sense that Playboy magazines are considered porn.

I'm back motherfuckers. the fuck do I play this game again?

Click. Optional: click and drag.

Hard to be popular. I mean you even had that one ruskie steal your stream format before.
Accept and treasure it.


welcome back!

Aim, click, dodge, repeat until victory.

or just launch planes and have them work for you.

>officially the 23rd
>still suspended
Chinese time keeping best time keeping.

the 14-13 in might mean 14:30, in your timezone I guess since the game usually converts everything into the user's TZ.

>sakura series

Oh right. Shame they can't format times right.

Brush painting a 1/350 Yamato is a real ballache.

So.. incase you aren't already in the fleet.

You could join the fleet! if you so feel inclined.

But warning, side affects may include: Bullying, Being called a cheater, Being expected to carry, and death.

Scenario is on right now.
Get in fellas

Recently started here.
Is it me or does the Neptune just have poorly protected magazines?
Two games in the Neptune and both games ended fast because of magazine detonations

I haven't studied bong BBs besides T7 but since every other line has shared characteristics, I guess the Neptune has the same issue than KGV/Nelson: poor Mains armor.
What does it means? Any other BB has enough armor in it's mains that other BBs can pen it, son there's a low chance of mag det, but brit BBs can and will get penetrated in their mains, and possibly get a mag det out of it.
That coupled with low armor in general compared to their counterparts.

tl;dr: you might be right.

Orange successfully removed.

God bless your soul.

Goodnight /sog/
Have one last Honkers' cute engrish.

>tfw wont be able to play tonight

scenario is rather enjoyable.. and the free xp rewards are improved.. Silver could use some tweaking, but Overlord is meant to be the silver event, and this the Free XP one.


ayy lmao
isnt thay spangrish?


Lewd. Comparing flight decks.

hahaha definitely took a similar screenshot myself when I noticed it in the match.