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What are you emulating this weekend?

I think I'm gonna go with Sonic 1 myself

Playing CV Chronicles (original mode) then Bloodlines. Beat Rondo earlier this week.

CRTs are shit. Don't fall for the meme.

Elvis in sequined suit dons sunglasses after noticing bright sunrise through window over breakfast table laden with hot cocoa and maple syrup.

Nice meme

Well memed dude

>last thread reached bump limit

congrats lol

do it again pls

Woman in pyjamas plays a harmonica while looking at a picture of her mother hung over the sink.

I was thinking of playing some Sonic 1 as well on the master system.

Wait, if you beat Rondo earlier this week, why wouldn't you just go straight into the direct sequel that happens to be the best game in the series?


That was the plan initially. Played it for about an hour; had to put it down because frankly it feels really floaty and not great to play. I'll get back to it after I'm done with these 2 because I liked everything else about it and I like Igavanias just fine. It just doesn't feel as tight as Rondo.

The absolute madman.

>not running ZSNES in dosbox in retroarch

What are some fun games with little to no story?


Gradius II

Might as well say FF7 after the shocking revelations of last thread

Armored Core Nexus/Last Raven


This is my 200th thread with you all here on shitpostgen

It has been a wild journey, has it not?

Yes indeed. So much drama have we shared.

Who has been here since 2012?

2013 newfag checking in

Leddit has a thread where people against buying emulators are being downboated and people who praise the practice are being upboated. Is this what the world has come to?

Reposting this here:

Hey /emugen/, I've been having issues with controller sensitivity in God Hand. I'm currently using revision 1.4.0 and I was wondering if there was any workaround for what appears to be dropped inputs for my controller. I'm using a Dualshock 4 at the moment through DS4tool, is that an issue? Thanks in advance

Reddit is fucking retarded, stop talking about it

Plebbitors are mindless cretins with no ethics or morality.

Interesting thing to say coming from emugen.

How do you know?

I actually would take emugen/Veeky Forums over Leddit, and I can't fucking stand 99% of you shitters. What does that tell you about Reddit?

Practically nothing.


what shocking revelation?

The jenova being sephiroth for most of the game thingy I suppose.

Don't play just Sonic 1 on its own! Sonic Classic Heroes rolls all of Sonics 1 and 2 together, with Sonic 3 mechanics. And your choice of 0 to 2 follower characters (Tails and/or Knux) that you can switch to take control of on the fly. Best Sonic romhack ever.

I save them. Preserve the drama.


Hey You Pikachu

How the fuck do I connect a DS3 to my PC?
Jesus Christ, why is this shit so complicated?

"free market"
Picross is starting to handle some complex problems...

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Why are you using the pony one?

It's not complicated, something is going wrong with the installer. The furry fork is pretty shit really, just use the original project if you can

I mean I understand you've got some issues if you're a German Windows-using horsefucker but was the original software package really missing out on not filling your screen with 20 pop-ups when you connect a controller?

I'm just doing what the Wiki is telling me to do
As far as I know the only other option is Motioninjoy which is Chinese malware

What is the better alternative?

Use the original by Scarlet Crush. It's hyperlinked right in the same post.


Fuck off Special

This meme is old. Get a new one.

Okay, that seems to have worked.

How do I check if everything is working as it should

I can't get it to connect.

are you an IP lawyer? Because you sound like a salty imbecile.
until archive.org complies with a c&d from some publisher trying to mickeymouse their shit, the efforts of devs to bring retrogaming to endusers shouldn't be shit on like this.
Aligning yourself with the likes of that hypocrite Haze is bad form, and ultimately not in anyone's interests except those who would seek to diminish opensource emulation in general.....
you fucking cocksucker.

What PC-98 emulator do I use? The wiki only lists Neko Project II, but also links to an old thread that recommends unofficial builds of it. Since then NP has been updated so what's the current state on PC-98 emulation?

Go to bed batchboy

nix fags dun get to play like we do.


You know what, fuck this shit
I'll just get a 360/Xbone controller instead.

Been meaning to get one anyway


Did you run the service?

DS3 isn't perfect but X360 fucking sucks for 2D games

Sane decision, I did the same thing a few years ago and I don't regret it. I recommend getting an Xbone controller these days though, the dpad is much, much nicer.

There is literally nothing I haven't run at this point
It won't even (un)install the necessary drivers anymore

Why the fuck do they have to make this shit so complicated?

you shouldn't attribute to malice that which can be explained by incompetence.

Nah m8
This shit really is overly complicated, at least compared to Xbox controllers

So you think some amateur hobbyist should've made this as easy to set up as a multi-billion company distributing drivers for their own controller for their own OS? Fuck you

It's super easy too for everyone but your stupid ass

Did you actually follow these instructions or are you just randomly pressing buttons?

to be fair, all software like this should work just by clicking "next" or spamming the return key. Only advanced functionality should require anything else.

It pretty much does so you must be doing something wrong if it isn't working. Shit like installing Xbox 360 drivers is outside the scope of this wrapper anyway.

Xenogears. About 25 hours in so far. I bought it a decade ago but never actually finished it so i started it again recently.
Rondo is the best game in the series, what are you talking about. SOTN has a great OST but the level design is rubbish after a couple of hours.
Mario 3


How's it run?

Around 45VPS, with some areas up to 60 and others down to 30.

Better than I expected.

Is espfusion the same person as exophase?

Best non-CLI PSX emulator?





what kind of state is ps3 emulation in? Google searches turn up some stuff that's sketch as fuck.

Great progress is being made I see

There are some forks and no white person has an idea which one is the best

Oh you're pissed SP isn't putting all his waking hours into porting your pubes right this moment?

Uh someone should tell him there is interest since Twinaphex already forked it on Github...

Don't bother, see It won't go anywhere

All he does is taking out portions of the code to make it incompatible with upstream.

>4 days ago

Give it time dude. Or learn coding and do it yourself faster.

I'd rather do it in an upstream-friendly way, but that's unfortunately not what Team Libretro wants

Then just do it. You can fork it yourself and do it your own way.

This is how open source works.

THAT'S how open source works


So, you want money? Go do a patreon on Reddit or something, since they're all about paying money for emulators.

So if I post a issue bounty there, someone will make it happen?

>So if I post a issue bounty there, someone will make it happen?

Depends on the sum you offer

This is the state of the 3DS in 2014. What a laughable existence.

Post a screenshot of the most obscure game you've emulated.

Bonus points if it was only released in one region.

It tells me you can't handle normies, you weird standout faggot.

>LaunchBox is just one testament to what the Lord has done in my life, and could do in yours


What advantages do the SDL and D3D9 versions of puNES have over each other, if any?

It's nice to see a developer willing to be open about their relationship with Jesus Christ.


What does emugen think about launchbox trying to be the "Facebook" of gaming?

dead general