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Tips for new players
You can change vocations at level 10 at the Gran Soren inn or BBI.
Character appearance can be changed later on.
You don't need pawns, but they help.
Don’t miss your sidequests: dragonsdogma.wikia.com/wiki/Side_Quest_Progression
Further info on "Must Do" sidequests: docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1qS9A47duONEwozGu8A6_oX_HyCxgBwbquGmlZqEQqqg/edit?usp=sharing
Make sure you understand the romance system before you get too far: dragonsdogma.wikia.com/wiki/Beloved

>Wiki you lazy shit


>NEW /ddg/ Pawn Sheet

>Stat Growths

>RC Calculator

>In-depth Beginner/Advanced Player Guide and FAQ

> Old /ddg/ Pawn Sheet

>Character Creator Sliders

>Current mods available

>Collection of small mods (model/color swaps etc.)

>Hotkey Script for PC Players

>Modding on console and old pawns

>Guide to get DDO

>DDO Beginners Guide

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The thread and its posters are all but empty vessels, no different than pawns.


Did anyone else learn aught of old English because of DDDA? I think I looked up like 5 new words because of all the aughts and prays.

I was pretty sure for a really long time that they were using Aught wrong, and it meant the opposite.

So I didn't play past Origins. What's the story past that?

are you talking about dragon age


You may be thinking of "naught", which is indeed the opposite of "aught". Naught = nothing, aught = something.

Post your arisens.


>The Wyrm was easier back in DD:DA


So I just beat this marvelous game, and my time in this general is over.

What game do I play next/general thread do I move to?


Sent D'artayan back, couple more webms of the run

I'd like to take that arisen's command

if you catch my drift


>the nude arisen had to put on clothes for the daimon fight

See you tomorrow.

Don't want to look incident in front of Daimon


It was not out of necessity, she's a married woman now

oh I guess I am guess its time to arise out of this dead thread

>What game do I play next/general thread do I move to?
See you tomorrow.

Any piratefags that can help, I got the game from codex but only skidrow has released updates. Do they work for codex release?

Don't judge me, I'm poor.

>takes off half a healthbar

jokes on you. i used four perries so it was a whole health bar.

This game had no significant updates, go for any version i guess




gibe blood and rates pls

>mfw no mod to edit longsword and warhammer stats
Abandon all hope.

Am I kawaii?

She can spam the "Come!" command until I turn Guardian.

maybe if you put clothes on

I haven't done it yet, but there is a mod that adjusts base stats and i'm tempted to make my base str be 3,000 or something when as a warrior.

I'd complain but no one sees the Arisen.

You can give yourself 10k strength, I've done it.
Protip : Damage is still kind of shit honestly.

Yeah, I keep my pawn well-dressed and behaved (not that anyone ever hires her). Arisen is just there because I like scantily dressed girls killing huge monsters.


Cute, I like the freckles and the eye color.

8/10 would let suck blood

With that much str, it's better to use lunge and combos instead of arc

this guy gets it.

>mfw lunge does more damage than arc anyway

I did use level 3 Lunge. With that much Strength Corona and Lunge are great but shit still doesn't melt as fast as you'd expect. I think I gave myself 7500 strength, plus weapon, and augments put me at like 15k total. Doing chunks of damage with core attacks again was nice.

Trick to this is that it shits on enemies that take a lot of extra damage while staggered/knocked down. Bad news is that this strat is still kind of shit against Daimon/Awakened Daimon and Death.

what if gale harness

Gale Harness and Showdown should've been Warrior skills along with a personal buff that increases knockdown/stagger resist.

Gale Harness really has no business being a Warrior skill. A berserk skill similar to DnD though would be perfect (Str Up, Immune to some stuff maybe, Defense down or greater Stamina usage).

>Gale Harness
Fix the damage scaling instead of ruining the charm of Warrior.

I installed the updates, game seems to work so guess I'm good.

About to start the game, any tips?
Besides those memtioned in OP.
Also, how hard is this game?

>About to start the game, any tips?
When making your pawn, you will encounter a series of questions that will influence your pawn's personality and inclinations. You will see the effect of these in a menu that shows bars with the names "Guardian" and "Scather" etc. that show you how much a bar will be filled when you select an answer.

Make sure that Guardian, Nexus, Acquisitor, and Medicant are as low as possible. Prioritize answers that place Scather, Mitigator, or Challenger at the top.

Never use the "Come!" command in-combat or out of combat. That raises Guardian, which is probably the shittiest pawn inclination ever. Do use "Go!" commands in combat, which decreases Guardian inclination.

>Also, how hard is this game?
Some parts can have difficulty spikes. Be sure to save often whenever you see a big enemy or after you get done with killing a tough enemy.

Don't ever be a mage, besides for getting the Attunement Augment if you want to play as a Sorcerer.
If you're not doing enough damage, get better weapons.
It's very easy and fun, might be frustrating at times, but it's all in good fun.

Oh, also:

Don't get hung up on the idea that you need to stick to one class (or "Vocation") for the whole game. You will need to play other vocations at some point to get their "Augments", which are passive abilities that are learned when you reach a certain level, and can be equipped directly to your character regardless of your current vocation. The same rules apply for pawns.

Some noteworthy augments are: Clout, which is gained from one of the last vocation ranks as a Warrior, and raises your strength by 20%. Vehemence is from one of the last vocation ranks in Fighter, and raises your strength by 10%.

There's also particular stat growths that each vocation gives your character when you level up. While min/maxxing is entirely unnecessary, you may want to consider having a rough game plan on what kind of character you want to play, and half-assedly stick to a vague leveling plan to better build your character to that end.

Select an item and press numbers to hotkey them
Backspace deposits all items of a category

Since you're using the shitty offline pawns, get mages because at least they'll do their healing/buffing role better than damage pawns (use help command outside of combat for preemptive buffs)

Also, buy inclination elixirs for your pawn for making her less retarded

Most important of all, min/max your fun instead of stats and play whatever the fuck and wear whatever you feel like wearing


Oh, you're the guy pirating it?

You should download dinput8 so you can edit those awful offline pawns.

That way all you'll have to do is find some that look okay physically, and you can edit their skills, inclinations, levels and equipment to suit your needs.

What they said but most importantly
wolves hunt in packs


Will keep the tips in mind, thanks guys.


Don't forget to have fun.


When will they learn?

I think I'm going to change the hairstyle. Again.

no, she's cute. That's a good expression.

I like that hairstyle.

I need a mid lvl 30s pawn, anyone has one? I already checked the pawnsheet.

The hairstyle is fine but it clips sometimes with the cape. And I have yet to try a short haircut on her. I'm also happy with the brows but the blush is bothering me, there should have been more makeup options.

meant for

So are purification results completely predetermined for each color when you aquire the item via a random number generator and will never change so matter how many times you try? I really want a dominion claw.

You got that right kiddo.

Everything is predetermined.

They're set from the beginning as soon as you create a save.


>you're starting to shadow rent but not post
Thank you for the RC and the items, you know who you are. I'm honestly just exited as hell you're back and I don't care how gay that sounds.

Wouldn't it be funny if pawn tendencies were pre-determined too

At least there's only 2 possibilities for blue lv3 weapons

Would you be able to to love and raise a retarded Guardian+Medicant+Acquisitor pawn, /ddg/?

I'm starting to think they are.

>implying I don't care most about fashion

Sounds like it would make an excellent warrior daughterfu.

Sucks having to give your pawn smaller boobs so some clothing doesn't clip through armor.

Small boobs are great too.

warriors are great in HM BBI too.

Not even small, but a notch or two below max setting.

>not liking petite titty

I like small boobs tho.

>pawn gets aggro and stays glued to you because of guardian
>while you're getting assblasted by the mob she lured, she ignores you and goes to pick some harspud item because of acquisitor
>uses it immediately on herself before you can transfer it to you because of medicant

Sounds like good inclinations for a comedy playthrough

somebody should create Donte 2.0

Yea that's not too bad. For yellow I always get revanent wail which would do my ranger arisen good. Considering I already having a chilling focus maybe I should just prioritize my pawn go with a sanguine stalk since I'll eventually perma switch her to a sorcerer. It also matches her outfit perfictly

Also it's sorcerer with nothing but affinities and High Maelstrom.

And 100 kindlings on inventory

Nah that could still be clutch with the Maelstrom.

Give it Necromancy and Frazil and other utterly useless spells.

>Nah that could still be clutch with the Maelstrom.

I like the possibility of a heroic turn around, even if it's unlikely.

a qt/10

there's no point in being mildly bad
it's gotta be actively sabotaging the party in more than one way or nothing


What about a Guardian/Medicant/Acquisitor fighter pawn with only defensive skills ?
Steel Will / Perfect Defense / Launchboard to force your spellcaster into melee.

That would be excellent, but we should see if another class has any more awful detrimental skills.
If we do go with fighter though we should have shield drum because it's the single most annoying skill in the world

Make it shield summons, the basic one.
Spammable, not as good as Shield Summons as drawing agro, meaning the pawn could use it more often.


>it's gotta be actively sabotaging the party in more than one way or nothing

I was counting the blinding factor in my choice. But with nothing but buffs I wonder if they'd ever cast it.

Buffs only take up so much time and it's kindof a boring way to be shit. I'd give him two or three of the elements most things in BBI are resistent too and fill the rest with useless spells.