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Soul split fun edition

Official World: 42
Official FC: "grindanfc"
Clan: GrindanScape (For an invite, go into the FC and ask for one. No requirements.)

>I've been inactive, what did I miss over the past x years

>Latest Update

>Latest Patch Notes

>Latest BTS

>Money Making Guide

>Gear Guide

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1st for SS is balanced

2nd for rather SS than 100% prot

2nd for SS ruined giant mole

4th for Fuck leveling Rolayne


reminder that if you use walk animations you are cancer

He can't hit worth a damn, so trying to tank an enemy while he tries to solo it can take so long you log out from inactivity.

bro with followers that hit like shit you should just rush treks and they'll level up automatically

But just kill them yourself and move on, I leveled him to 99 in like 2-3 hours yesterday (though admittedly I have no idea if this is fast or not)

10th for page 10

Its fun if the two threads are next to each other on page 10!

>last thread had a bunch of people lorefagging it up for a while
This needs to happen more

i desperately want super antifires, and to do that, i need to acquire around 54m to drop into herb

pls give suggestions for making that money in a reasonable amount of time


thx padre

Also Fight Kiln and Slayeer :DDD

Is vindicta glitched on NXT for you too?In second phase he often comes to me gliding and facing me from the back

Daily reminder that capes, SS, Nex, Boss pets and GE ruined Runescape

You forgot EOC

I dont get how Nex ruined it?
HP from armor?

You leave my highwayman cape alone

>Easy and fast kills
>Shitload of resources every drop
>Top tier armor

>tfw you space spam quests and read up the lore from wiki afterwards

wiki lore is pretty shit tbqh. At least read the transcripts

i do this too cause shit eyesight cant read the dialoge text, then I read wiki on phone in bed lol


I wonder what else you do in bed~

Hi guys, Schumi here.

I was the one who kinda started the shitposting about SS in the other thread. While I wasn't the one who made the very first post, I made some replies to it, samfagging and pretending to both agree and disagree with it. The whole thing kicked off after my posts.

I did this because I was bored. However, upon further reflection, I realized how autistic of me it was to deliberately shit up the thread. It only makes me look like a fool, and I realized it brought the quality of the general down. I now regret what I did.

I hope that you can forgive me, and I'll try to refrain from shitting up threads in the future.

Regards, Shoemaker


>Easy kills

ah okay

>he thinks Nex is hard

Shitter detected


I heard nomads elegy is harder than pre eoc nomad requiem.is this true?

Fight has checkpoints.
Annoying shit you have to do between fighting him.
Jamflex said harder than 300% spoder.
Most bossfags said it was less the 0% spoder.

Its far harder than fighting several 300% enraged Arraxors at the same time!

Its currently impossible in nxt because one of the first sections breaks the client.



I hope we get weather effects in the actual quest.

Beautiful. Here's hoping it does well.

Well, they've done snow effects in quests before, so rain doesn't seem too farfetched for that

Proper storm weather effects and the actual battle they want to show will be a great first piece of nxt content

no it's ridiculous
I can't even farm gwd properly and I did it

are they going to update vanescula?

What you mean you can't farm it?

Looks like it

jagex says its 300% arraxor
i killed it with no effort
i've never bossed in my life

All the afterlifes icthlarin tells you about seem pretty awful





Help, I'm shit at this game.

99 range, overloaded, Ascension crossbows, Sirenic w/ Ascension Grips and Armadyl boots, Ava's alerter, amulet of souls, world guardian ring, Slayer helm and on task, using Geyser titan because 90 Summoning, Soul Split and the ranged Turmoil whatever it's called.

QBD best time is still only 1:40 and my average is more like 2 minutes. I'm stepping every spirit spawn perfectly and getting to the artefacts as soon as I can.

I just seem to do fuck all damage. Pic related is my bar, is there something obviously wrong with it? I basically just copypasted the wiki's runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Revolution/Bars page. I'm animation cancelling Snipe properly as far as I can tell too, if that's any relevance.

>QBD best time is still only 1:40
Fuck off faggot.

are you using dbane or ass bolts?

also, getting a better time is more likely to happen with oh dld, or a slayer task with t90 ammo and a titan.

buy 99 summoning already

if you are using dragonbane stop doing that on task but otherwise those times aren't that bad, maybe a little slow for being on task

That was one time. A 2 minute average in that gear level is not good, as far as I know.

use your sirenic at spider instead. invest in augmented pernix wiith crackling and dragon slayer. etc.

Ascension bolts. I was splashing once or twice a kill though, I did notice. I use dbane when off task but basically never do her off task because it's tedious as fuck.

Maybe the times aren't as bad as I thought, but I see people going on about 60-90 seconds being "good".

Why not dbane on task?

the accuracy provided by dragonslayer gloves and the slayer helm brings you up to ~100% accuracy with t90 ammo, which deal t90 damage, a lot more than the t60 of dbane.

So nomad's elegy confirms Korasi and Jessika were lesbians with each other right?

No thanks

Is Runescape NXT a whole new game?

Its a new client

RSC>RS2>RS2,5>RSHD>RS3>RSNXT is how i see this shit

good game jagex

really good game jagex


>glitch was present in the first NXT stream
>glitch was still there in the first and second beta
>glitch is in the final release

>only one guy was working on nxt
>they only added one after it went into beta.

Not really a glitch, just an oversight.


what were they even thinking when they did this skill

The jagex logo needs to be in crayon.

Your moms ass

They rushed it to replace their original idea of fusing weaponry.
Which also had cool shit like living weapons.
And custom named gear.

>someone thought this was acceptable

it was made for NXT you fucking shitlord just wait until NXT is released it'll fix all these low-res textures and low-poly models

it looks like a fucked up painting

Reminds me of the area "The Gutter" in Dark Souls 2. Basically, trash/whatever is sliming down these pillars and you can see all sorts of shit that doesn't fit in a medieval game like rubber tires and garbage bags. One of the pillar's textures has a fucking Heineken bottle on it.

At least that moved, this is just a static texture

Friendly reminder the only positive thing RS has over OSRS is skippable tutorial.

And better graphics.

And less autistic community.

And more content.

Please tell me Nomad's Elegy gets better


It doesn't.

Its a shit quest



Don't ask questions you already know the answer of

Holy shit they didn't even get the fight mechanics right, Nomad's wrath travelled through a pillar to kill me

I'm glad i'm not the only one to be bothered by that
Nomad's wrath is disintegrate now, except you can move, so get that resonance ready

>watching chronicle streams
>some guy has a ton of views, apparently Jagex paid some hearthstone streamer to play their game for a bit
>hang out in his stream when he goes back to playing hearthstone
>heard of it but never saw anyone play it before
>looks fun
>been playing it the last 2 days
Bravo Jagex, great advertising

based kripp


it doesn't matter if the attack would have hit a pillar, you can only stand in one specific square for it to be blocked
I found that out the hard way

>32000 more lobsters to go

kill me

>not just tanking it so you can keep DPSing instead of wasting time

When the hell are we getting updated player models? All npcs since rs3 look better than this old sameface shit. Every close up makes me want to kill myself

>tfw still haven't got Nex's followers book for mqc
>decide to go leech it off someone killing Nex by standing in the bank and waiting for them to get it
>hop through literally every world in the game, almost no one killing nex outside instances
>tfw it's yet another Thinking it will be super easy when it's actually not -episode in Memecapescape

>tfw no option to bring korasi back so she can lez out with Jessika

pretty sure there is a nex mass fc