Based Dev Team Secures TrumpCoin.com Address W/ Their Own Money
(website content in the works, please use a site below in the interim)

www.trumpcoin.info CoinGecko is like coinmarketcap, but more international friendly (this will help to tap the Chinese market). Email [email protected] - and let them know you want TrumpCoin listed TODAY!

makemoneygreatagain.org/Content/Guides/HowToBuyTrumpCoin.aspx Introducing: TrumpCoin

>Low-energy Ron Paul talking about Ron Paul Coin


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Reminder that trumpcoin is a shitcoin!
Their official Twitter even states it!

The trumpcoin.info site looks a lot better than it did two days, way more professional. I hope the drama is gone, makes the project look like amateur hour.

It would be a bonus to delete, or push that trumpcoin.rocks site off the first page of Google.



Are any head-shots coming soon?

So glad to see this project finally get a full team put together and not just the random musings of a DJ.

It did amazing things with no direction, I'm feeling good about 4.17 :^)

To buy more or not to buy more.. hrmmm

Dev team, staff, and support are looking strong. Here's to Trumpcoin!

well, I guess it's finally happened.

The official Twitter is stated in the OP!


>made in 2009 before crypto
pick one and only one sir

The official twitter is twitter.com/TrumpCoinTweets

update your bookmarks for spicy memes

time to buy more trumps



fucker get me interested and don't hand hold me to buy?

ugh... can I use paypal??

I'll reeeee like crazy of I don't get in before the pump

Just open up an account at coinbase.com, for example. Buy bitcoin, then you can transfer it to an exchange Trumpcoin is on, like yobit.net, for example, then buy trumpcoin.

Honestly, I was on the fence when I heard that finally someone who cared was taking over.....we'd hears that before.. but iv been monitoring this project and like what I've seen.

now in see a decent site and this dev team mock up on top of all that , it appears promising. The dev team could use real pictures and names, but it's a step in the right direction.

plus the price is stable as fuck.. like oddly stable. This may be my entry point. I'll sleep on it

Step 1. Register on Circle.com
Step 2. Buy BTC
Step 3. Go to Yobit/CCex
Step 4. Buy TRUMP
Step 5. ???????????
Step 6. Profit


It's surprising that they managed to pull this coin out the shit it was in. Hopefully they keep up the good work, hopefully we reach the moons of Neptune

>Jason Bobbitt

noice noice noice. this is what i like to see.

its looking up bros, if you havent stocked up id start now

i'm holding a fairly YUGE wallet, but i might get some more.

i think we will see a great number of smallish wallets of between 5000-10000 TrumpCoins appear over the next 6 weeks.

it is a great time to get some coins while they are still under 10 cents each. Soon we will look back and remind ourselves that we once considered 7000 sats a high price.

Any forum lads know the status of a Chinese translation of the Ann thread? Also, I'm really intrigued to find out what convinced dread to stay, must have been something big

Minimum number of trumps to be happy November lads? How many k would you recommend

i would really love more coins, but the thing is, i'm out of btc, and money.
i'm hoping some o my sell orders get filled, so i can buy more trump.

does trumpcoin have a faucet?

Underrated post.

I read and thought the same thing.


If trump really goes to a 4.17 a coin 20,000 will make your life a lot easier i could live off 60,000 for years to come with my NEET lifestyle

Cool, I have around that atm. Might go in for more as my bitcoins were cheap

When does the moon journey begin?


yes I've been on this ride for over 3-4 months now, been pumping all my extra cash of about 200-300 a month into it. I always wanted to be an Astronaut growing up. With Trumpcoin my dream can finally come true.



Ughh every thread

>how do i buy trumpcoins

You trade bitcoins for them on an exchange like every other fucking cryptocurrency

>how do i buy bitcoins

Pull your head out from your ass and crawl out of your cave

This is great news.

Calm down man. This just means people who have never bought any crypto want to buy trump!

Help a poorfag out plz


So what's the plan with this? When do we get actual public notice and moon?



I think the superpac is still being sorted, then dread starts seo and video guy makes new videos. Then we find out what made dread change his mind and accept running as treasurer (rocket fuel).

just no

Lads, quick question. If we went from 200k to 1 million market cap on the rumour of a mention on the Alex Jones show. Wtf happens when they actually try and promote this coin to the media?

We all get laid.

I thought the same thing, lad. If he his sockpuppeting, though, you'd think he would choose a pseudonym that wasn't at all similar to his real name.

We really dont know. This has never been done before in Crypto.

Someone told me this is going to 20$ a coin! Like seriously wtf guize i need more coins

And ivanka trump is going to acknowledge this coin right? We should really get her onboard

wtf seriously?

Bitbob is Chicken idiots.

Coincidence perhaps? I saw bitbobb post in the thread last night (trying to start an argument with chicken) and when I refreshed 5 mins later it was deleted. This was soon after Signal saying he would delete posts berating each other.
Ask bitbobb where he is shipping the t shirts from. Signal seems to be based in Virginia.

why not follow the twitter neets?

So what's next?

literally nothing moves the price for like 3 weeks now.
>inb4 xyz is coming any day now lads


Ask them directly in the thread. Dreads sometimes here

I'd say this is a hilarious coincidence.
I've had the opportunity to spark to both over skype and they are indeed two different people.

Please stop spreading nonsense, Bitbobb is not Chris

What does Bob sound like

Pretty normal desu, more tame than his ramblings, seems to know his stuff

Chickens a goofy fuck.

I've politely criticized him a few times, he flush off the handle with shit English.... Come back later whole conversations deleted.

Definitely sockpuppetry going down.

Bitbob is chicken I think.

Why does he type/spell/format so shitty if he "knows his stuff"?

Types just like chicken

bitbobb is a US citizen, chicken is not

Why does he type like a forigner?

Stop worrying about bitbobb, he just sells t shirts and doesn't have any power beyond attention he is given. He's nothing in the grand scheme of things. Not every new buyers gonna look at bitcointalk, or care to look at more than the website and exchange.

Additionally, the one good thing about chickens thread was that nobody responded to bitbobb ever.

yobit sucks hard...since i used it in my office i can't login in from home anymore.. i have to enter the auth code from a mail but it says every fucking time "Invalid auth code. Please put valid code from email letter." .. any advice? this shit is frustrating..

just see him as a kind of mascot.. he's not a dev, nor a team-member oder something.. he's only the funny "rare mineral farmer"

>no free use allowed

Had the same thing happen family, think I sent them a Support ticket and they got it worked out overnight

Bitbobb is not Chicken. Chicken is not a US citizen...BitBobb is and runs his tshirt operation in the US

Agreed, they had to give him something to do. And I actually think the tshirts gig is pretty cool and suits him perfectly.

Imgur & spread

I'm debating doing some self advertising. Prob will if I buy more Trump

Does Bitbob take Trumpcoin as payment of shirts? If not, would you guys be interested in a TRUMP for shirts store? I have a printing business and I can bust out some legit stuff, including embroidery (high quality Trump coin hats anyone?)

Looks like he does, but I think you should definitely do that! Maybe message some people on the ANN and set yourself up!

He does accept trumps, but its done through bitcointalk pm's and just sending to his address. He doesn't have a store

Hmmm...you might be on to something here

So when are we going for the big P&D?

Spicy meme guy, can you repost what you collected yesterday? Do you have any that would be suitable for a t shirt?

All P and no D brah


I dont think any of my work would be suitable for a t-shirt, its pretty low quality desu



not my work/moon

Oh, well I can just start building my folder today. They're fookin good m8


Don't forget #Causecoin and #MakeCryptoGreatAgain if you tweet about TC m80s

Also #crypto #altcoin and #bitcoin


thanks Veeky Forumsbro, now reposting other anons great high energy work from earlier threads/










That's perfect for a t shirt


they gotta go back

new content!