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--FAQs for Robinhood--
Visit the website first -
If you're not into robinhood -
> How is it free?
They invest your unsettled funds after a trade.
It's also pretty basic software.
> When is it coming to my country?
Probably never. They only have plans on an Australian beta (
> It's been X days, why isn't my account isn't verified yet?
If it takes more than 3 days, try emailing their support. They are very good.
> Is this the right place to pump and dump and/or shill a worthless stock?
No, please go to Stocktwits, Plebbit, or one of our many chat groups.
> I hit sell when the stock was X.XX, but it actually sold at a lower price, am I being jewed?
No, that would actually be illegal. Robinhood graphs are just shit and only show you an average, not-really-realtime price. To get Bid/Ask prices and important things like candlestick graphs, you should use a more robust platform.
> Where can I get better charting or bid/ask?
thinkorswim is bretty gud if you want to go open a second account with real broker.
Otherwise you should be using Yahoo/Google finance or even Stocktwits for your graphing in addition to Robinhood.
>How do I git gud?

> If I have Robinhood do I need to worry about 'Free riding' violations?
No, its not applicable for limited margin accounts (instant), and if you don't have instant, RH won't let you buy with unsettled funds
> Can I use Robinhood on my PC?
Yes, download an android emulator. Setup is extremely easy.


we going down to dollar town


what's the deal with this? i bought at $0.96. i'm holding long until it is near $2. only bought 30 shares though, lol, just getting into this.

Why'd you buy in?

Buy AMD at open? Future's looking good, should gain a few bucks by eoy right?

Was saying this in the back end of the last thread. I expect AMD dip early and thats when I'd get in.

>buying the dip

Where is the registration button for RobinHood?

Buy high?

I was in at 78 before the hype train hit.

CERU and REXX ftw

Just put 3k into GBSN yesterday at 4pm. After hours it's down so I'm probably fucked but Im hoping for a spike at open.

Why is REXX moving?

>Not putting it into AMD

Literally why?

Welp apparently SGY is about to go bankrupt and I got about $450 into it. someone hold me please.


Not taking the bait, no way

How to use outside US? Even as a citizen it requires an address

Bought AMD yesterday and I'm up 30 bones, if I'm looking for a quick buck so I just sell at open or at a limit a bit above where it is now for later in the day?

Take the Winnings Boyum, don't get greedy. Wait for potential dip later in day

True, could buy back in, do I just market all at open or are you just never supposed to do that?

Just put a sell order in for open, should be fine

Frogposter abandoned us in our time of need. Maybe.

source, faggot.

CADC is the next KONE, these China stocks are being insanely pumped. Everyone get on the ride at open






Hey what are you gonna do about HTBX?

I sold my htbx like two days ago

Look at that volume jump, we actually getting on this thing?

I am with like 150 for laffs

KONE is the next KONE dumbass, don't jump on at your own peril.

Fuck it, I got the cash to run. Let's give it a shot.

I bought AMD at 2.22 and sold at 4.50 (right before their product release), I didn't expect it to be somewhat good. Wish I'd held, but hey, what cha gonna do :^)

Shit I haven't been following biz

Holy fuck cadc on open. WTF

Alright Veeky Forums, how many of you are responsible for this?

I don't like the candles on this.

Idk man but I wish I bought more than 75, dipped at 5.3. Easy money, thanks for once Veeky Forums

Just sold my 300 KONE

I'm positive now. Up 1.4k from when I opened my account.

Hoping HTBX jumps at least to .85 by EOD

you and your software are golden mr frogposter, too bad i logged in my broker, right during the spike.

$GSS for them gains



I'm happy I got my gains at open but good fucking job lad

We're both buying the dip, right?

Why did I hope for the best?

Bail now or wait?

am I gonna get fucked with CADC?

>you bought amd

Can we get to 6$?

>tfw sold at open

I bought in a few as well, I'm gonna wait until 11 or so at least, still think it could be shaking all the early sellers

Read an article that the new target is $6.75

>mfw sell order at 6.70 before the dip

I don't know.
Brb suicide.

NFEC taking OFF

Put half my portfolio in AMD last night. Moved the rest of it over at open. Is this a longer hold it should I sell midday

AMD, thank you for making me feel like I know what I'm doing. Surely one day with all this money you make, you'll be able to poo in loo.

Gold down, $GSS still up, watch for the spike if gold goes back up.

Fucking piece of shit PTX. Too distracted by AMD gains to pay attention to ptx, forget to sell at open, plunges 9%

finna get new (non meme, so gtfo with your dirty chink pumped shit) long positions. Anyone have any recommendations?

I intend to do my own DD, just looking for leads.

Get dividends


KONE fuck me man wish I had held

KONE. The stock is yielding some pretty good dividends as of lately. Not saying it's guaranteed but if you have $100 you might as well go ahead and spend it on this stock

yesterday I bought in at 8.50, set a stop loss at 8 and it sold within a minute
volatile piece of shit

CLDCW. Here's another penny stock that had a low for this week you might be able to make a quick Buck or two if you're willing to invest a dime and hold for a couple days

$MEET at a dip and they are about to report gains on the 1st. Buy for ez gains.

>taking investment advice from someone who doesn't know what dividends are
>being the sucker who buys in when it's time to cash out
I seriously hope you guys don't do this.

Dipping now senpai

Set AMD limit sell at 5.90 without adding an extra decimal, hits 5.90, doesn't trigger, promptly falls to 5.68. The fuck motherfuckers. Guess I'm holding now. (in at 5.16 and I'm a greedy fag)

Anyone have some good long holds, or perhaps any info on upcoming watches? Bored, want to do some DD

>AMD at 5.70
I think I only got like 5% profit but gains is gains, still learning




Gold, silver, and tvix

Do you think it's gonna get pumped?


That feel when making money off memes just to cover losses from MGT and IMNP

Who knows that feel


Volume increasing, heads up goys

Brb buying low
Brb lower low

lmao literally me right now. Please MGT go back

Just got anally reamed by TLOG. Bought in too soon. Took my 70 dollar hit and gtfo.



Get on the train??


Hurry man its growing

No idea why I closed my short and bought at 5.72, thought we were seeing support

Oh well, AMD is a fantastic long hold till Q1 2017, especially at these prices

Too late for that boyum

I can't believe you dumbasses are still bagholding IMNP.
Cut your damn losses. No announcement means the deal fell through.

I'm new as well sold at peak and got 12% p happy. Still recovering from being noko'd though

Sold at $80 profit

Gonna regret not being kike but I'll take my fucking GAINZ

I'm down 28% on it

I'll hold this motherfucker till it gets delisted if I have to

Projection indicates it might go beyond 2.99 so set a stop loss there.

Let it go or you'll just lose more money.

Baggholding Gale and MGT

Shoulda sold Gale yesterday at .55, (My avg was .59 and I didn't want to loose dollerydoos) what do now fampai?

Yea. It's been losing its volatility for a while now and I think we should see some pretty heavy investing soon

When to sell for NFEC?

Think I'll take yalls advice. Only lost 15 bucks myself so not bad. Might throw my money into coke to keep it safe until a good meme shows up.

I'm gonna bail too. Down like 50% wew

Is anyone else getting mad dosh from SPU?

It has constantly gone up every day by 10+%.

I got in at 6 on wednesday,then sold at 9. Saw the insane gains so got back in at 11.

One day later were at 13!! Made a few hundred bucks. :)

This train has plenty of steam left. It has a p/e ratio of just 7 and eps of 1.78.

This stock is still severily underrated and can still easily double if you get in now.

Next week its going to 20+.

If youre planning to buy a meme stock, this is it bros!!

I'm surveying penny stock companies located in China and putting $50-$100 each.

Catching these bastards pumping everything with slint eyes.

Why all the red today? I thought there was a good jobs report.

$MEET is a long hold.
Literally buy in anywhere today and you will make money tomorrow and more if you hold longer

really hope the S&P starts acting crazy soon so I can make some scrilla off of VIX

today will be a slow day, but I need that after the insanity of KONE yesterday. I hope you guys got out of that while you were ahead...

>wake up late
>see AMD starting to free fall
>panic and sell out at 52
>it's going up

I fucking love these threads. You clueless NEETs are hilarious.

Never stop.