Insider trading

Assume I work in an office and my boss happens to be a board member of a public company (not the one I or my boss work for) and I occasionally overhear him speak on the phone about that company with its management and I use that information to personally trade that company's stock.

Would that be considered insider trading?

Yes but they can't prove that in a court of law, nor would they suspect you in the first place.

Thanks, you're probably right. I'm just a small fish flying under the radar. On top of that, I'm located half-way around the world from said public company.

If it's a big noticeable trade, then yeah it'd probably be suspect. Either way, probably no hard evidence.

if you are a small fish and invest, say 25,000 in this public company, no one is ever going to look at you.

I would recommend that you don't. It's illegal and immoral.

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It's completely unethical. It's not a fair competition, how could someone spend money that they didn't earn properly. This is why this hyper-capitalist competition of over securitization is totally wrong, humans can't be trusted to be ethical in a free market.

You tell tell me what's morally correct about insider trading.

Technically yes this would be insider trading, but you would never get caught for this.

I say go for it.

The possibility to donate the money to charities?

We wouldn't need charities if rich people stopped ripping off the honest hard working or if insiders kept ripping off the few honest investors.

purely for research purposes OP, why dont you tell us the ticker symbol and whether to buy or sell it?

Ask Martha Stewart, she's all about that life.

yes... but you could be smart about it

like don't have no account activity then suddenly buy a bunch of put options immediately before bad results get released etc...

but if you were to actively trade that stock plus maybe one or two similar ones... (win, lose, breakeven over time) then take various punts based on the information in addition to your usual activity... then it would be much harder to detect... especially as it is personal account stuff and there isn't really any paper trail or direct link from you

It's illegal but you won't get caught.


at least make a few memestock threads about it on Veeky Forums so we dont lose all our $ on MGT/fantasycurrency etc.

>Posting in future court evidence thread
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>having morals
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Assume I'm a NEET and I spend my days stalking board members of a public companies and with the aid of a directional microphone I occasionally overhear private conversations about that company with its management and I use that information to personally trade that company's stock.

Would that be considered insider trading?


Tell me what's morally unethical about it? All competition is unfair to the person that gets out-competed.

U should use a laser microphone and aim it at their meeting rooms.

OP you can do it one time, but if you start doing it frequently they will catch you.

You're literally risking jail time for cash kek

>You're literally risking jail time for cash kek
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how do they actually determine and discover that you have indeed been "insider trading"?

>Would that be considered insider trading?

But when people talk about insider trading, what they really mean is under the table deals where millions or billions of dollars are being used.

You trading relatively tiny amounts of stock wouldn't be suspicious in the slightest, and you may as well take advantage of the opportunity.

I'm a lawyer and whenever I get an inside scoop on companies that I'm operating for, I trade them and make a nice chunk of change from doing so.

Call it immoral or whatever you want, but bottom line is that you're a sucker if you don't take advantage of the opportunities that present themselves to you.

Lots of research, which could take years to do.



Be smart and short or long the trade.

If you invest in it, have evidence that you actually did fundamental analysis of the company. If its fundamentals are lackluster, just say you admire your boss's leadership and have confidence he has the ability to revamp the firm