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How do I win roguelike?

Daily reminder to NEVER GIVE UP



My god.

It's full of stars.

Holy shit.

Damn nigga you smart as fuck now.

Jesus christ, that's less likely than finding a randomly generated grayswandir
Please don't fuck up

It's also clarvoyance, meaning it maps my vicinity passively.
A shame I don't plan on using spells and get displacement from my quest artifact, but still it's 9 free AC.


I see even NetHack can't resist the Amber.

Nth for building cabins and dried trouts

PCB has a shitload of amberite uniques too

Is /rlg/ full of normalfaggots since we're this dead on a Friday night?

are you some kind of commie european

Well it is a fork from Zangband somewhere down the line.


how do you get food early on? I tried hunting but I can never find animals, fishing is OK but kind of boring, and my trap fence didn't do much

are the amber books worth a read

Wait, are you telling me my dude died while studying a book
Why didn't it stop reading the book when the other dude started hitting him
was it because the book blinded me
did it also paralyze me
I had 19 int, why did it do that
This is silly

See, this is why I also decided to go on a spell-less conduct.

How did your cloak go back to +7 from +8?
And why do you have so little AC compared from before?

Trap fences can be really profitable but are very unreliable, and you have to find quality locations like lakes in the middle of forests.

I usually do active hunting - spotting animals is very random, yes. Good 'eyesight' - stat is essential. You want to stand on taller tree tiles on the world map and look out over mires, preferably during the morning when game is the most active. I usually don't spend all day looking - scan for it when you wake up, and track animals down if you see something. If not, do something else with your day. I usually trade most of the roasted cuts from my first elk or reindeer for smoked and dried food at a village, and I dry the next one on a shelter since I usually start in spring when that's still possible.

Fishing isn't tedious if you use nets - active fishing is pretty shit, I don't like it at all. If you do the fisherman background and buy another net or two you'll have more than enough fish to do whatever you'd like - just check' em every other day.

On this character I've planted a medium-sized field of about eighty or ninety tiles - the turnip yield will feed me for a long time. It's not too much work, as long as you have a shovel. I also have three small trap fences, for supplemental furs and such.

>tfw no qt ogre gf who blushes at the thought of ruk gifts

>How did your cloak go back to +7 from +8?
Disenchanter I just couldn't kill landed a hit on me and I realized displacement doesn't have MC 3. I tried killing it with the ball, tried killing it with my hands, tried kicking it, I kept trying for a thousand turns until I realized that I could scare him off with my mirror.
>And why do you have so little AC compared from before?
While I was stairdancing the disenchanter a water nymph came by, sandwiched me, stole my only mithril coat and when i killed her I realized I was on water and since vampires fly innately, I couldn't have grabbed it again, so I went on without it.

If you don't mind fantasy.
But it's very different from the traditional sword and sorcery LoTR fantasy.
Also even though it's quite old, the protagonist of the first five books isn't very heroic, more of an asshole really.

Convict vampires have a hard life.
Have you ever won a non-conduct, just a traditional run, of DynaHack?

I managed to kill One eyed sam once, but I didn't remember he had an amulet of life saving.

In my defense I didn't provoke him, I just tried to charm his cockatrice and all hell went loose.

Oh wait, won

no no no

Goodness gracious I haven't even seen the wizard of yendor, the farthest I ever got was Vlad's tower

But I believe practice makes perfect

Pff. I zoom in to check on my field and I find a bird sitting right next to me. One kick later and I've got dinner! Who needs bows?

Oh. Apparently I had a trap, there.


you've had eleven minutes to read my reply user

Great, now jog down an elk and paddle it to submission

>refreshing a thread which gets 3 replies an hour more than once every half an hour

autoupdate has been a feature in Veeky Forums for three years or something, even without extensions

>Sword and Sorcery
Sword and sorcery describes stuff like Conan. LotR is just high fantasy.

I sohuld've named this character Trog's fuccboi, because holy hell is he spoiling me

I'm here

Say that to my fur pile.
Honestly, this isn't very large since I've only been playing this character today.

Can't strike with a paddle, unfortunately - I tried against that bird. Kind of weird, since it's basically a huge club. Engine difficulties.

There was supposed to be an "or" between them but I accidentally it.

>it carries an ancient arrelgeean curse

What are you playing?

I said trog, not ashenzari

>Ogre problems

Bretty gud. You get to see how much drain actually hits in the midgame atleast.

Always birds, never bears

I was playing DCSS earlier but it's so boring after having played it to death. I was playing Demon too but the monotonous levels make it tedious to play after a while. Maybe I'll do a couple runs of Halls of Mist

So far it's breddy gud, literally tabbed my way through the entirety of orc
Also lots of good finds this run huh

>Halls of Mist

I never got anywhere in that.
How are the mid- and late-game?
Is it very much a *band or does it do its own thing?

Is there any way I can change the font in Demon? It's even worse than Comic Sans.

>that EV
Remind me to never ever splat Chei characters on D:10

>unusable gloves

stop trolling

I wish

He needs big hands so he can grab his big ogre-dick better.

I've never made it past midgame, and I don't have much experience with other *bands either other than Sil and some PCB so I can't really say. Someone said it's basically ironman angband. I'd say it's a lot like Sil because you explore a single dungeon, and have a min depth that encroaches on you and encourages you to dive first and grind later, and stats are pretty important for a variety of things. Teleport sources seem pretty rare even in midgame unless you're a faery race or a mage, forcing you to use safe positioning and exploration. The god mechanic, in which you sacrifice an artifact to permanently worship a god and get her bonus, seems interesting, but altars, ego items, and artifacts are so rare I've never actually gotten a chance to play around with this.

Ask the dev on the forum farn, he should know

That feeling when you forget about your fucking furs

It all makes sense. Ogres and Trolls can wield GSC's not because of their overall size, but because they have BIG HANDS. Formicids can't because they have multiple baby hands with limp elven wrists.

New vehicle FAULTS in dda.
sounds fun.

Elk just wandering along the shoreline. I probably should smoke this one.

>elf 2
>portal to ice land
>bunch of ice devils and blue devils
>nothing too bad
>at the end, door with small room inside, alarm traps leading up
>pretty clear this is gonna be final boss then loot
>its a fucking ice fiend
>luckily shining one stronk + berserk potion gets me through
>fucking nothing of value on the other side

It's at times like this that i really wish i was worshipping chei or ru

You don't like +2 ringmails of rC?

fucking fuck shit
I accidentally set fire to my stack of two thousand branches, enough firewood for four hundred small fires

It was +3 of rN but since im ****** with shiny i already have intrinsic rN+++. Also there were two helmets but i didnt even check them out because im a minatour.

sometimes they have aux slot armor with rC egos which is really good

Have you used your holy brand yet with TSO? You should totally not use it on an exec axe and instead use it on a triple xbow. This isn't more efficient or anything, this is just more fun.

Ring mail is objectively the best armor type.
Git gud.

>minotaur on Elf
He can PROBABLY use something heavier by that point user

I have ring mail, its resist poison which is more useful to me since i already resist negative

top kek

meme mails cant generate with archmagi so no

Whats a weapon of slicing do?

Do you have no other sources of rPois? I assume you've finished the Lair branches so rPois is not a very high priority anymore, but you'll probably want something else in that slot, rF for instance.

>ring mail the best armor type
>not cloak of preservation
crawldev, stop shilling your shitty non-lavaorc versions

From 33% to 66% more damage
Crushing/penetration/chopping/whatever are the same thing, they're just called differently for flavour. We usually call them vorpal

if you hit enemies with it, it does damage

Bet u don't even lvl dex?

That's a vorpal brand, it's just a bonus to damage with no other effects.

They're mathematically inefficient compared to glorious ring mail.

You mean GDA

>He wears GDA
Look at this tablord and laugh.

I finally managed to not splat a MiBe (Don't ask how it's 20 hours)

Minotaurs are such a boring race to play, you can't really do anything with them other than tab

>he doesn't wear GDA
Must suck not being a formicid
Don't worry, there's room for you vertebratefags in my killholes


I havent done lair stuff yet actually. First branch was shoals which i dont do unless i have a way to resist the siren songs, and i just decided to do at least to elf 2 before trying spiders nest

>doing Elf before Lair branchess
user stop

minotaur picker


if you have four limp elven wrists, are you half as limp or twice as elven?


You get back here you little shit and fuck your mother like a good boy!

Walls fucking up, now we can weather winter
N' actually not lose all our food to spoilage

Real bitch tb h

>Finally clear snake pits
>Grab the rune
>Meet three mambas, berserk because i just want to kill them quickly
>Poison burns through 300hp
>Can't quaff because zerk
Fucking hell, doing snake without rPois is such a shitshow

>all those consumbales

Ownest fault, user.
Ownest fault.


Didn't even shoot them with your rod. user, that is a pretty bad fault.

With ogre defenses?
Fuck yes.
Why would you fight so many enemies at a time and berserk to boot?
Should've thrown ruks, I don't see any around so I assume you didn't even do that.


if they're easy enough that they're not a threat, you shouldn't make yourself vulnerable by berserking

if they're hard enough that they could be a threat, you ALSO shouldn't make yourself vulnerable by berserking

trog is for weapon acquirement and BiA

That rod was shit, it never did enough damage
>3 enemies
They barely registered on my radar, i wanted to get rid of them quickly. It's also my first ogre, so i didn't think they'd be that squishy
Where do you think that troll came from? I'm not totally retarded