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New Content.



Any lewd animation mods yet?



Why? Sims 4 has the hottest females.

Yeah buts its the weakest game of the lot, so no one really wants to support it if hardly anyones gonna play their sex mods.

I like the emotion syst4em. Makes the sims feel less robotic.

Yeah but with so little content, it's basically Sims Lite, and no one wants it over Sims 3 (except like, me... Sigh.)


I prefer sims 4 over sims 3. :(

Sims 4 has so much more character. Sims can be so fucking adorable it hurts.

I just want to push her over, again and again


>tfw I'm tsg's screensaver


Detroit was a rough place. One missing persons case I worked, I found two corpses frozen together. When I pryed them apart to get a positive I.D., I had shattered off the ding dong that I hadn't noticed was lodged into the other guy's ass. Imagine telling the grieving family that funny story. I dunno, Rick laughed his ass off when I told him about it.

That poor fucking girl

Mom..could the stuff in that movie Halloween really happen?

Miriam, where did you see that? I told you that you aren't allowed to watch horror movies anymore, you keep thinking that stuff could actually happen and you get nightmares.

But yea, Michael Myers isn't too far off from the Titty Slasher. I watched Johnny unload a full clip into him and he kept coming after us. Turned out he was so drugged up on oxytocin and steroids that he was basically an unstoppable monster who didn't feel pain. This stuff is very real kiddo.





I wanna run a restaurant. It's been ages, but I seem to remember those in Sims 2 being really neat, and 3 was pretty disappointing in that respect. The food in this game looks really good too, but maybe that's because I'm a fat fuck.



I remember ts1 hot date having a decent restaurant system also.

I like trains.

I finally managed to finally legitimately own the Lucky Simeolon Casino without paying a dime. I was grinding EA's ad for simpoint feature and I got lucky with the daily deals. I have managed to grind up to 900+ points in a single day and got the casino lot for 500+ points instead of 1,000+. Now I am working on completing the Up the Ante collection which is the one thing I really wanted most from The Sims 3 store.

Nice to see this thread is back.





Glad to see the general back, even in its zombie form, I'm hype for the new packs. Finally we're going to get the other stuff packs as well.

Hmm I love Sims 3 but I know 4 has less stuff then 3...is it still fun though?

>Still no teacher or therapist career

How about no

Also is blackroom still spilling spaghetti, or did any of the other anons talk to them?

Why don't you pirate it and find out?
Pls don't give the devil himself money.

Yes, it's fun and with the expansions there is quite enough content so you're good to go and play it right now. It's nowhere near as bad as vanilla. Of course, not everything is there yet, things like seasons and pets are missing. The emotion system and multitasking will make it hard to go back to 3, they're really great. The sims themselves look great, the new artstyle works great. So yeah, I recommend it.

Thats what Im doing now. Going to pirate it and give it a try. Then buy it later when it goes on sale.

Don't bother buying it at all.
Unless you really want the gallery or if you have to have the stuff packs right when they come out.

ah well nvm then lol. Yeah just sims 3 had so many open things to do. But I like the sims personality and emotions. Much better then 3.

Oh yeah! Hot Date, I never did get that expansion back then. I really wish they'd put the first Sims on GOG or something.

Does anyone else here have the issue of being sent to the map when they try to join their sim during work?

that's neat and all but you know you can just download it for free without watching ads


Fucking hell Roxie, I don't know what's gonna kill you faster; diabetus or shitting out your lower intestines from all that lactose.

Seeing these two talking is giving me deja vu of the beginning of a vhs porno I stole from my old man.

I wonder if this means we can run a restaurant. Hopefully its a little more in depth than the current get to work jobs that all feel the same.


I hope Miriam and Lydia are doing ok without me. I at least hope she didn't go back to fucking Johnny...

I hope Rick is doing ok. I swear if he's having sex with any blue women, I'll cut his dick off and feed it to that retard Liongirl.

>She said it was a gummy worm!!

Nah, hes eyeing up some retarded bee girl

Are you sure that wasn't AFTER you were smoking catnip

Hey, Roxie is goddamn adorable.


Is a good kitty.


>I don't wanna see your holiday photos anymore, Johnny.

That cat girl would look nice whooing with a big black sim.

Few things would traumatize her more, I feel.

I think she needs a guy that's a lot more like her, not necessarily a nice guy but probably someone who's also autistic


why dont you make one for her

It wouldn't be traumatizing that way, she wouldn't have to hang out with a douche like Johnny anymore

I'm doing that right now

I'm going to work. You guys play nice with Liongirl.

Or what.

>Someone who's also autistic
So you're making a self sim then?

He's done

We're talking computer programmer levels of autistic, not total vegetable levels

>page 8

For some reason he looks like a chick with a beard.

>Decide I'm gonna fuck around with spare Rick's face until he looks more like Greg Giraldo
>Suddenly it's almost 4am
Fuck, time to sleep.

I know, I was thinking of a skinnier, more twinkish Steve Wozniak when it came to looks

What does Liongirl see in him?

What do you think she would see in him? Since he's a programmer, he would likely be the one making the toys instead of buying them

Programming =\= engineering

Ding dong.

Good to know. but if you want an answer, she's probably see someone in him who's very intelligent and to her he would know basically everything. Someone who's relaxed and sees her as someone who could hape with his software and programming, she would see a teacher in him, to an extent as well, as she would end up learning lots of new stuff from him, stuff that would actually help people

I can't wait for BR to come back and go off on you for trying to insert someone off-base into his family again instead of playing your own shit.

I don't think you've grasped the concept of Liongirl.

Also what is your fascination with endlessly expanding on characters that aren't your own and pairing up them up with characters for no reason?




>characters that aren't your own
Why does it matter, what's with this drama?
Why upload Sims if you don't want others to do something with them?

Because you keep posting ridiculously out of character stories for these characters, betraying your blatant misunderstanding of them. It's clear you just want the thread to recognise you - especially when you tried to highjack Liongirls minor popularity with your own catgirl (by encouraging folks to bully yours instead). Just make your own and stop complaining that "it's hard". Your first Kalees sim gets recognised well enough.



ded game general

Isnt a fundamental aspect of liongirl her childish innocence? Why would she want a boyfriend?


Don't worry, a game pack or better an expansion will fix it. Everyone will come back, you'll see.


If we even get another expansion, I'm a bit concerned about that.

/tsg/ still lives! Good to see, I stopped playing the Sims for a while due to Fallout 4, but always got a kick out of the threads here. Heard TS4 was getting some new content but so far it's "meh."

Also, here's Candy getting a wedgie.


This is my fetish

A Lydia wedgie? She seems more the commando type.

This, too, is my fetish.

What, making girls go cross-eyed?

Also this.

Bitch please, Lydia is a classy lady.

Briefs when no one's looking

Indeed she is.