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First for boats.

>leave for an hour
>thread dies
>new thread already on page 6

Second for dead game with the whiniest community ever.

What's the most track you ever laid on a single server, user?

>fucking around with CustomNPCs
>made my NPC play an animation when it's interacted with
>no idea how to make him stop and go back to normal
>can't look up guides or anything literally nobody uses CustomNPCs

I think I've found the limit to my autism.

what a shit general
can barely make it halfway to bump limit

Can pet different spots of their body. Some spots they react really well for stat boost, and others make em slap you.

There is a nekid apron maid now as a support unit, she picks up items only i think..

I'll drink to that.

Glad I shut down the server I used to shill here.

>some faggot keeps spamming /v/ tier posts pushing threads off page ten

>Dead thread
What did I expect, all the kiddos are at school right now.

>6:12pm on a friday

>0:14 AM on a saturday

>19:16 pm on a friday

>3:20PM on a friday

>almost 1:40am on a saturday

>5:43 pm on a friday

Wow, nice fucking thread, real nice.


years between (lackluster) updates, the common modding framework being controlled by a guy with anger issues and all the people that's in it for nothing but the money
it's no wonder minecraft is dying

>third time I've had to kill minecraft because I'm a retard who made an infinite loop while trying to hackjob my way through
all i want is for the dumbshit npc to do something else after either the player leaves the area or a couple of seconds passes

my life for a wait() function or an ounce of programming logic

Hold up there senpai, it seems to me that you are making some implications that you are possibly playing or considering anything after 1.7.10. I sincerely hope I am mistaken, and that you don't actually do this.

>I sincerely hope I am mistaken
you are
when I tried out 1.8.x you needed a mod just to make entities move in the usual smooth way. that was enough to turn me off from 1.8+

but it shouldn't be like this.. all these regressions. with mojang and the mo(d|b) bosses pushing for flawed updates for the cash or whatever reason..

Is there a mod that lets you mine for salt in this game?

>implying 1.7.10 was ever good, and not a clusterfuck of bad performance and shit design choices

>implying 1.8.9 or 1.9 are any better
Less mods, shittier version.
No reason to ever upgrade.
Also thuamcraft isn't the only mod.
t. person who followed thaumcraft from it's first iterations.

>salty mod
>pams harvestcraft

hey thanks m8

>One user buils a completely functioning marketplace with monstergirls, little girls, and various other waifu
>this guy can't trial an error enough to stop his npc from doing one thing.


Make the NPC do the thing you want to do while it runs an Update script to check for the lack of players around him.

Is this bait? Even an autistic 8 year old messing with the mod for the first time can create merchants since they're one of the pre-built behaviour templates.

Actually programming an NPC's behaviour to do shit other than stand around, talk, and do pre-built jobs, that's the challenge.

there's also salt ore in magneticraft

holy fucksicles content?
Shit I'll throw in some too even if its just pictures of bulllshit.

is that ic2?

some of it is

>Tfw X will never do a modded playthrough

Any idea why an me access point would kill a network with 24 free channels?

>tfw making a palace and you look on google for palaces made in minecraft for inspiration
>tfw the first result immediately kills all your enthusiasm and drive to continue

>It's like I never left Trainserb.

Security station doesn't have a default permissions card?

>Oil reserve near Quarry is low
>One 200 blocks nearby
>Waterproofing costs 1 cactus dye
>1 waterproof pipe per dye
>Need fucking 200 cacti at least

Fucking WHY

Cactus isn't exactly hard to find, or hard to farm either. Is this your first time playing BuildCraft?

I set up a card, but tbqh I'm not sure what to do with it after I've edited it.

>mfw ender io's portable nestable fluid tanks

Build a farm
Railcraft tank carts
Trains haha, yeah right
Other pipes from different mods
Lots of buckets

>plasmacraft is dead


>Mine stone
>Think I have enough for what I want to do
>Always run out long before I finish

I thought you weren't gonna come back to /mcg/. Still mad no one's commenting on your autistic creations? Someone make some discussion so this faggot doesn't sperg out over people keeping the thread alive.

I think you have me mistaken for someone else. Also by /v/ tier I mean literal threads that belong on /v/, not a general or anything.

Ah, okay.
Any good adventure/biome mods?

Chocoquest is fun but kind of laggy

>played on a server with the creator of the mod
>he was a bro
>serb died
>never heard from him again

It's kind of a shame they don't look as ugu kawaii as the medios or GoG mobs

a nip author ported it to 1.6.4/1.7.10, but I think he stopped when the mcf/curse version was updated to 1.7.10

What are the major mods for 1.8.9?
The only ones that come to mind are Thaumcraft, TiCon and Intangible.

>Start new world
>Convince myself I will build here and just focus on making things extremely convenient
>Get tired of the world in a week and restart

>Creeper comes from behind and one-shots me
>Lose everything I had
I'm ready to break my window.

hey guys, gonna post some of my recent stuff

a lot of it is still in progress

hope you like it as much as i did making it

version 1.2.4

sonic ether's shaders

furniture mod


rear of bulding

that office is on the right wing of it from this angle

front entrance of that building

across the street

terraced homes

still a lot of interior work to do

inside the building on the left

Anyone have an experience with this mod? It promises to boost fps which sounds too good to be true


wish i could into architecture

2bh with minecraft there are just a few tricks you need to learn

like using upside down stairs to make windows seem round

first steps into that house (which needs a lot of work)



left wing of the house in

initially inspired by this building:


i went a little off-course

first floor

I never meant that 1.8+ were better, I'm just saying that 1.7.x wasn't good either. Not only from a vanilla standpoint, but a lot of mods were shit as well. Just look at AE2.

Not that 1.6.x was any better, that was during the AIDS known as FMP.

last pic for now

Any good 1.9 mods yet? If not, what should I use for a 1.8.9 pack?

Change the animation into frantic masturbation, and your job is done.

Also, r8 my TFC house. I'm almost 5 days into my 360-day hardcore challenge. I have two ore stones and I don't think they're the ones I need for copper tools.

I've never played TFC before. Any reason I can't make a salad out of five seaweed?

Also, all I have for food so far is seaweed and pheasants. I don't know how farming works.

>Also, r8 my TFC house.
pretty good

Shit, I forgot to upload it.

Inside is a single firepit, a wood log block, and two vessels with items inside

10/10 would put spawners all over the place and survive a zombie apocalypse in

Not really, modders really rushed to be first for 1.9 and as a result mods are extremely unstable and buggy. For 1.8.9 I would recommend blood magic, tc5, intangible, rftools/dimensions, deep resonance, and ticon. Enderio is basically the sames 1.7.10 but it fills the tech gap. Extra utils is pretty buggy but it's got some interesting stuff.

>no thatch door

Does the intangible guy have any plans to update witchery? Because I can no longer live without his potions

I can't make doors until I get planks. I'd fill it with thatch instead except during my last attempt at this challenge, I ran inside the thatch door running from monsters, and the skeleton just came in and poked me to death.

Probably not, managing even one mod is a hassle. ;_;

Rest in rip brew of harvesting, planting, growing.

They can't see through it, but can follow you inside if they are already targeting you.

Mods themselves are fine, as not much changed from 1.8.9, it's just that every first version of vanilla since recently is massively buggy (1.7.2, 1.8.0, 1.9.0) and should be treated as development ones. Also, on 1.9, Forge keeps doing breaking changes once in a while.


Also, I've been panning enough to make a tool. Should I make a saw, so that I can build chests and wooden supplies and such, or should I make a pickaxe, so that I can actually mine?

I'd prioritize the saw for storage options. Make a prospector pick as well to help you find ore, I'd recommend watching a tutorial on prospecting too. There's a good one on the wiki somewhere. Unless you aren't new to tfc and were just asking for opinions.


I fucked up.

Cooking brass instead of bronze.

Let's hope I can break the kiln without losing all my copper nuggets

Are you faggots insane enough to play this mod with something like GoG?


>Come back to Minecraft after years
>Don't know where to start
>I know! I'll start a new server!
>Realize I don't have any friends anymore

>wanting to have friends

I never had any friends.

>Zombie Awareness clone
nah, better off with ZA

iirc ZA doesn't affect other mod mobs and destroy blocks and build bridges

So, I've got a house made of planks, two chests, a buncha logs, basically not enough copper for anything else. Now I get to build my house! and a fishing pole! and a bed!

Also, what does wet mud do? How do I dry it out to make structural blocks?


But at least I'm on day 8. Got a new, prettier house, I still have enough food for a few more days (Mostly sheepflesh, because I want that bed and fuck taming creatures) and some fancy rainwater barrels.

My only problem is that I don't have all the food groups. I've mostly got veggies and proteins down, but fruits I can only find from wandering, and I can't find any grains.

But soon I'll have a bed! I'm excited.

>wanting the mobs to tard bridge/pole and grief
you might as well start a vanilla pvp server

BOOM. July 2nd, meaning I've spent my first month here. I only need to survive another 11 months before I finish my challenge. I still have some food, enough for maybe another few nights, but then I'll need to try to get some more. Hopefully I can make a quiver/javelin by that time for some bear hunting.

Also, I finally finished my furnace room (On the right) where I can use a clay kiln and firepit as much as I want without burning everything else down. I still need to make a nice and dark and cool cellar room to store food inside of, and I don't have enough metal ores to actually make anything except the saw that I currently have... But I have a bed! Chests! Actual storage! Water barrels on the roof! But not enough willow wood to finish my house. Can't find any willow trees except for the three, and I forgot to mark where those were.

I've also got to tear those logs down- I made a mistake placing them since they take so long to break.

Oh well. Terrafirmacraft is a lot of fun, so far. Irritating in the way that I can't even mine, yet- and I kind of want to cancel cave-ins entirely, because those just seem bothersome- but we'll see.

Anyway, I'm off to bed. Night, /mcg/.

>Tfw UU farm is complete
Iridium will never be a problem ever again.
>RIP frames

Where's your Creative Energy Cell?