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Tsubaki will kill both of these!

Fuck you're still around

wew, that's like the third fap-worthy image of Tsubaki that I have ever seen in my life (the other one is the one where she's dressed as Izayoi and you can see her butt under her skirt and the last one is the picture where she's nude except for a sweater and she's covering her crotch with it)

Have you been practicing /blaz/? What have you been improving on?

I've been improving my backhand technique!

i'm practicing downloading im@s songs that i can listen to

i learned that there are more songs out there from the franchise that i like

improving my neutral

Do you like Chihaya?

she's okay but azusa's singing quality is unbeatable

Who's your favourite Idol?

I haven't played in a month or so unfortunately. Will probably play tomorrow though when I've finished my college work.

cg karen

Made for marriage.

Haven't gotten to play as much recently, did practice some UNIEL but want to focus on BB.

Probably the most delusional shipper on /blaz/.

Ragna will either die (along with Noel) and be replaced with Naoto, whom Rachel probably already loves more than Ragna anyhow.

Or Ragna will end up living a happy life on a farm with Celica, the only girl he ever loved and the only girl who deserves to be loved by Ragna.

I've been practicing Xrd since Revelator is coming up.

Can't wait for those recolor palettes

Just messing around have fun

Good god, I wanna paizuri those titties so bad.

>whom Rachel probably already loves more than Ragna
Kill yourself, Naoto is very clearly dedicated to Raquel, whereas Rachel is doing absolutely everything in her power, going as far as giving up her own position for the sake of Ragna. Even if Ragna does end up dying in CF, he and Rachel will be going out together as both of their fates are very clearly linked.

Celica is basically his fucking mom, there's no romantic feelings from his side there. It's just her wishful thinking due to the fact that she's unaware she raised the guy.

Rachel and Ragna are the most perfect couple there is, and their chemistry is actually appealing. Very few couples in games, and I'd say even no other in FGs, have what they do. Ky and Dizzy is the closest thing, and even that was just thrown together and not nearly as strong when it came down to it. The marriage there just seemed to be more for the sake of it rather than it just being the natural course of things, which is the opposite of how Ragna and Rachel are handled.

They'll both end up surviving and getting married to eachother, living together in the Alucard Mansion as a couple who argues on the surface, but truly love eachother beneath that.

If they do die, then they'll be proclaiming their love for eachother and disappear while embracing eachother, leaving an impression for ages to last.

Alrighty, Hakumen plays quite a lot diffrently from the rest of the cast. He hits hard, but without meter, hes hitting once or twice, then the combos over, so your meterless damage is actually pretty low compared to the rest of the cast. Combine that with his crappy in air mobility and his slow normal moves and you find that more often than not, you need to be the one to go on the offensive, since his options under pressure are limited to 2D, 5D and jabs. His tools for getting in are pretty good, however. His 2A has one of the longest ranges for a crouching jab in the game and is pretty fast, his 5B is jump cancellable on block, so you can do some nasty instant overheads that I'll get to in a minute, his 2B is a fast, long low and his 6B is a decent overhead that you can cancel with a D on hit or block. His C attacks generally arent that useful to pressure, outside of 5C, since its somewhat safe on block, unlike 3C,2C and 6C. When you do have meter, Id say around 5 pips is a good threshold though its really up to you, Hakumen becomes a very diffrent beast. At this point, you should start doing more than just pressuring, you should be looking for actual hits. Try to land 5C, as thats his optimal starter for big damage combos, though any combo that works off of 5C will also work after the first hit of either his Zantetsu special or Renka special. You can cancel either of these with his Kishuu special, his crush trigger, each other or Gurren, though Gurren is really only useful at the end of combos, since it prorates hitstun and damage quite heavily. When you want to land a big damage combo, you want to be trying to land either 6B counter hit, 3C counter hit, 5C or j.2C. Im not going to break down every combo off of these, you can find them in the counter breaker combo video.As a final note, Hakumens OD should be saved, and not used on a burst unless you really need it. His overdrive makes his damage go from large to top tier to death in the corner

Doesn't change the fact that Ragna loves Celica and Celica loves Ragna.

That's a pretty high quality Es render. Have they shown any gameplay of her yet?

Ragna does not love Celica, he only sees her as a mother whenever she attempts to be affectionate towards him. There is no romantic feelings present from his side there, and they're very clearly focusing on her relationship with Nine over anything else. Rachel however, has her focus be on Ragna, her life dedicated to keeping him there and always watching out for him whenever possible.

To claim that Celica is even nearly on the same level is delusional and grasping at straws, especially when they're making it blatantly obvious that she's lost anything resembling a "focus".

No they have not

I can do taokaka combos now, now i just need real fight practice

That sucks. I wish they'd get to it.

>loving celica
toppest kek

Reminder that Tsubaki is best girl and only a fool would let her get away for their selfish ambitions, she is the best.


Hopefully, Ragna will end up with Noel.

Did she start getting more art yet?

Ragna does not see anyone in a romantic light though which given his background makes sense. He may care for you like a friend or family member but beyond that it ain't going anywhere.


I hope Ragna never drops you, he is a good man and he should not do the same mistakes Jin did on Tsubaki.

well jins a piece of shit. she should think for herself

sometimes I feel sad

but then Rachel makes me smile

thinking of rachel here makes me happy

Would you?

Are we having a friday night lobby later?

the happiest kind of rachel is one that is raped

why play games when you can just talk about them


no user, you're wrong

Remove yourself

she can rape me instead

Just let me know

Mohammedians from Geymany detected.

alright im gonna just skip dinner if you want to play now.

You don't have to skip dinner but if you're really doing it then yeah I'll play now

Oh, are we playing?

'Merica West Coast

oh shit, terrorist right here on the west coast! help...help!!

yeah rooms up

Sure, I'll make a really shit lobby


Thank you.

And I'll make it even shittier!

What's with that meme

>Punctuation is a meme now

>Router had a heart attack


59th post for hanging out with Makoto & noticing that one of her nipples slipped out of her underboob and not telling her.

Platinum was a mistake

tager was a mistake

I agree but hey better than fighting Litchi imo

they both are annoying. at least with litchi the matches dont last as long running away.

Just one more second

Oh right I was supposed to join the lobby. Whoops.

Worlds finest Ragna coming at you

Woah, is it Pupwa_______? I've seen him on Jiyuna's stream

He's not here at the moment

Alright lets try that again



Will there be a twitch stream of this?

I never knew his ground hop/dash thing could be canceled into an air special. I'll practice that. I'm also not too sure what other combos I can use. The only ones I know are:

xx > 214A >41236C > 2C > j.B > j.2A > jc > j.2A > j.C/Any special

xx > 214A >41236C > 2C > j.B > j.2A > j.214B > jc > j.C

CH 6B > 5C > 214A > 623A > 2C > j.B > j.2A > jc > j.2A > j.C/Any special

j.D > 5A > 5B > j.B > j.2A > jc > j.2A > j.C/Any special

Grab > CT > 2C > j.B > j.2A > j.c > j.C/Any special

Back Grab > 623A > 2C > j.B > j.2A > j.c > j.C/Any special

2B > 236B > delay 623A > 2C > j.B > j.2A > jc > j.2A > j.C/Any special (Though getting the timing for 623A so they can't recover before 2C is difficult)

Other than those, I'm not sure where to find more. I also can't make any use of Mugen or OD because I don't know where to find combos of them. Match videos have really weird ones and I've been trying those but they feel really flashy instead of for the kill.

Most of the time I use 6B it works for me but usually people wise up to it and throw something out to beat it or punish me on block. For instant overheads, do you mean TK j.214C?

Yeah those bullet matches are oldish. Looking over them, it's really embarrassing how I got hit by her overhead every time.

I'm guessing this counter breaker combo video is on youtube and not nicovideo or something? Also, I'm not entirely sure what you mean as instant overheads.

Somewhat, like I said previously, you can cancel your dash into an air special.

Does Drawfag still show in these threads I wanted him to draw Ragna and Noel being scolded by Rachel

I'm here, don't know where the other one's at.

In your opinion, which character has the prettiest combos?

there's plenty of drawfags

>Finally clear course C in Score Mode
>It unlocks course D
Well, fuck.
I'm trying to focus on improving my throw dodges so that Tager doesn't mean instant death for me.

CF Lambda and Nu are pretty cool too.

This. Prettiest girl has prettiest combos too!

CF Nu or CPEX Nu? No Spike Chaser and reduced D chains in CF make me sad.

Noel and Mu 12 call Ragna brother in their in quotes in central fiction act 3 and there are no baka baka insults between Ragna and Noel either. You know shit is serious when mori drops something that has been in BB since it started.

Please stop torrenting, mi familia

I'm being honest though. I hate Noel so much, but her theme's called Bullet Dance for a reason. It feels like there's a real rhythm to all of her combos, and just when you think that's the ender, there's a microdash normal or drive that's just visually gratifying to watch link. Sometimes I forget to block her because she's being too god damn beautiful.
Fuck Noel, stupid whiny bitch. Hope she dies in CF.

they are obviously downloading the idolmaster big collection mp3s torrent

2nd astral of the night

>being unironically tsundere for Noel

So gay.

I, for one, think that Noel is a cute and beautiful girl and I'm not afraid to admit it!!

Nah fuck you
Her CP costume is shit
Her hair is ugly
She's easily the worst clone
The only thing she had going for her other than the combos was the hat, and now it's canonically dead. No amount of backservice or ZR will allow me to forgive that.


Yeah, your desires come through loud and clear. Stop being so tsundere already.

poor noel can't sleep at nights cause everyone on /blaz/ hates her so much

No, it's all the gay sex Ranga and Jin have that keeps her up.

Ah, she'll be fine. Still, it's strange how Noel and Ragna never came across each other throughout the entire 3 acts.

Her drive is Chain Revolver you dummy.

Ragna is NOT gay, he loves CELICA

Didn't feel like coloring or working too much on it, but here you go


When did I ever say otherwise
I said her theme's Bullet Dance

Amane. Cloth designs on his C normals are tight as shit and all of his potential enders have just the right flair to them, combine it with all the movement and twirling make it look like he's actually putting on a performance.

Level 3 Rensokyaku is the most satisfying non-astral move to finish someone off with in the entire game.

Thank you. Rachel pretty much does this to them in her arcade mode so I was wondering what it would look like if she fussed at them both at once.