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04/11 - 04/25 - Ancient Lightning & Ocean Dragon
04/18 - 05/01 - Batman vs Superman Collab

>PAX East Event
[Duration]: 4/15 (Fri) - 4/24 (Sun) UTC-8

Daily Login Bonuses
4/15 - 4/24: 1 free Magic Stone delivered daily (10 Total)

Prizes Galore!
4/15 - 4/24: Experience of a Lifetime (2x EXP)
4/22 - 4/24: Stream Rewards Dungeon

Ark Deity
Noah Descended! (Coin)(Water res latent invade)

The Fire of Competition
4/15 - 4/24: Descended Challenge!

10x +Eggs in Descended Dungeons

TAMADRA Invades in Castle of Satan
Invade at 2x the regular rate!

Legendary Dungeon Bonus
Select Technical Dungeons Latent Tamadra invades and 20x +egg rates

Fusion Bonuses
2.5x chance for both Skill Ups and ‘GREAT!’ Or ‘SUPER!!’ EXP

Normal Dungeons +Egg and EXP Bonus
3x chance for +Eggs at various timings
1.5x EXP bonus at various timings

Limited Time Dungeons Egg Drop Bonus
1.5x chance for Egg Drops in the following Limited Time Dungeons: Rare Monster Infestation!, Descended Carnival (Legend) and Evo Monster Infestation!

Technical Dungeon +Egg Bonus
5x chance for +Eggs

>Previous thread


Meimei is very hage

Post cute.

Every thread until Awoken Oku.


>not posting cute Oku

user pls

I'll post memes instead thanks

If Friday Dungeon is notoriously know for never giving you the mithlit you want then why the fuck haven't they changed it? I mean Monday dungeon has kinda helped but it's still annoyingly obnoxious to get the rainbow one.

I'll help

susano system is not a meme and actually quite fun and capable.

do i spend all of my pal points rolling the JP PEM

that's a good one, keep the memes rolling

infinite 50% damage reduction is not a meme.

X^D is not a meme, I made it to counter the bait shitpost.

save up until the 25th when all PEM rolls come out as +eggs for 2 days


>50% 136956 damage
Sure it's useful fami :^)

I doubt it's much harder than getting any other specific -lit. The problem is that Dub-mythlit is the town bike of evo mats. It's used almost three times as much as the regular RBGLD dublits, and doesn't even have a 100% drop rate dungeon like Keeper of Rainbow, which is also used a for a fuckton of evolutions.

68k damage is tankable.

Tank it with your Susano

It needs to be visible IN GAME what the reward is for a descended challenge. I don't wanna waste 50 stam for another jewel I will never use or another latent auto recover tamadra. DEATH TO ANTONIO.

well I could if I wanted to.

does JP do that?

Am I ready for regret?

Are DQXQ actually good again

So you don't clear challenges that you aren't looking for the rewards at the moment?
Sasuga /padg/ retard ne

If you had to ask, you already regretted.

For the first time.

x100 multiplier for little effort

they are okay.

Post team
>If you had to ask, you already regretted.
He's right


Good enough, I guess.
I'd wait for an Eschamali though.

yeah, go for it. yomeme dragon is still very good!

Can I do Celestial pole with a run of the mill Bastet team?

I want to awaken my saku

Just kill it before it kills you ;~)

Is that even good enough anymore without a HP multiplier

if you have a triple donger and some orb changer you can clear it easily

Post team

Even non-awoken Bastet can clear Fagan with ragtag rem and farmable subs


24~25k HP with a defensive active and strategic picked subs is all you need.


>No edition
Stop being lazy


>Ra Dragon
>worse than anything

Lazy meme

Nice one lel

No edition best edition.

Anyone want to run Zaerog Infinity Mythical + on Co-Op, Bastet team, on NA?


A.Bastet,A.Susano 2x Vishnu and either GValk or L/GSaku

I guess I'll give it a try

>Ra Dragon being worse than Xiang Mei

Devolve right now
It's ok, go for it.

>2x vishnu
yeah that's enough right there kek

>Ra Dragon being better than Shanmei

do people care about multiplayer dungeons or is it the new PAD W?

Ultrawhales love their cool shining machine zeus speedfarming teams, but it's just another fad to disappear once they get bored of farming e-penis for whatever reason.
I never cared about coop. Depending on willingness of another autist just to farm? Fuck that shit, they could remove multiplayer from the game for all I care.

>10/46 for second Scarlet
Holy shit this one really didn't want to be max skill in this life.

Great for uberwhales power button farming stuff like Scarlet or new friends who can clear it if they can get carried.

>implying he's worse than her

She's really fucking good, I'm not denying that, but she's not Ra Dragon.

yes it's a lot of fun. it's probably half of what i spend my stamina on lately.

Of course not, she is better.

I want my Lubu team to be relevant.

I don't.

Let's just hope never ok.

it's fun to run dungeons with people and spam "NICE!" at them, and the rewards for completing multiplayer dungeons are good (high rank xp, good descend cards like Z8)

It'd be nice if he got an upgrade!

It'd be nice if he got a downgrade

It'd be nice if he got a sidegrade

Bet you wish he... Made the grade


post your sister

How's everyone's plus egg farming going? Farming with Panda is comfy.

Started giving some pluses to Saria too.

Only +297'd Akechi and Ryune.

Only 3 hypermaxed cards combined during the previous 2 events (APandora, Sylvie and Ryune)
I don't want to use stones on stamina, my monster box is still weak

I don't have anything else to 297 anymore. Everything else has no synergy or is simply irrelevant for me.
I was thinking in finishing AKagu but I will probably just use him as assist card or something so the +eggs will be wasted

>tfw procrastinating hard.
>less than 2 days of 10x left.

I've been farming +es for my ShivaDra I don't have yet.
Have 4/5 Flampys for him.
Don't have any resist Latents used them all on RaDra
Until then, Urd'll farm em just fine

Which dungeon is the best to grind on right now?

The one DKali can clear


Kanetsugu gives good rank exp and 5-6 eggs per run

>that one guy who keeps the same lead in multiple team slots
Explain yourselves.

Well I have co op versions of all my leads.

I have AShiva in my first slot, Saria under best friend alot and APandora on my active slot

Thanks for reminding me that I have no idea why I filled my other team slots when I never use them.

Come at me motherfucker

>enjoying the tight teen pussy
I envy you, and respect you

Now all you need is Bikini Karin when she comes out this summer.

>same lead in multiple slots

My lord, yes.

True. If Shiva is in both slots it's because I used him recently and never switched.

One day I'll wake up both my Karins...


Whenever you akarin


What dungeon did you run with your waifu today padg!!


None. My push-button Friday team is deprecated.

I have Isis as a sub on I&I