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Ebin Hawk edition

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Legio XVI Coruscantia - Tomb of Freedon Nadd (Imperial)




Ebin Hawk has the most vocal anons but I have literally not met a single one except Thadi.


I wish I had saved stuff from beta.

I though I was the only one on there besides him.

I never see anyone else mention it except for once in a blue moon


I really want to see that "I bet that mask would look good on me" line spoken by a character wearing Revan's mask

>they made it so FPs are either Solo mode and drop nothing, or Tactical which bolsters you and can't be soloed easily
Why did they do this? I just wanted to run old FPs for decorations and shit.

Because they want people to play with other people even though they go out of their way to make this a single player game
Don't complain, user. Or you'll be banned

I will miss those sluts!

Harbinger guild when!?!?!?!?!?

Also I can't stand playing a sniper or a slinger.

>Came back from Vacation
>Go to log on to see how I did while I was gone.

WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON IN THIS GAME? I can't even ask on the offical forums as I am banned there. I am reading up on the old threads and freaking out. I don't even know how to do an exploit even if someone told me. I can barely operate a computer.


It seems they're just banning people for being rich...

was a thing for a while but then it went away.

Imp or Pub on Harbinger? I'm going to come off 90 shekels and move off Shadowlands


Because as much as Harby players like to talk shit about swgg guilds on other servers and how if they made one it would be the best, they won't actually do it for whatever reason.

lel I'm probably still GM of

If I have any takers I'd like to form the Brommando Initiative pubside.

Welcome to the club. Enjoy your stay

I have one vanguard trooper. I'd join.

Post butts.

unless you faggots start posting screens proving you are banned this meme needs to die


I honestly can't see how they can call it an MMO anymore. The whole Kotfe story is pretty much a single player game storyline not to mention how nearly everything is personal phased now.

Are you fucking kidding?

>He thinks it's a meme

>he shills for Bioware for free

fuck off


If you listen closely, you can hear the dicks he's sucking

BIDF is real

Don't they delete perma banned accounts?

If they do then that explains something about the tragic end of BillionaireAnon

I'm still here. Didn't get banned

Well then that's weird
It says that your character's deleted

No, because they need to allow time for an appeal.

I transferred back to Shadowlands from Burger.

pretty sure he transferred off BC after the giveaway

Oh. Okay. I was worried for a second

Yea Burger was fun, but the lag I was getting was making the game unplayable.

>waiting for appeal response
>get email from bioware just now

>The final Chapters are approaching -- It’s time to return to your fight against the Eternal Empire!

goddammit, I didn't unsub, you fucks banned me

>Bioware will definitely maintain better quality than SOE

Ah, that makes sense. Well then, enjoy being back home. Metaphorically speaking

This is what I get for not paying attention

man, i thought you guys were joking. Thats ruff

That's the worst thing they can do.
>wrongfully ban you
>but still spam your email with their shit asking you to come back

>Ah, that makes sense. Well then, enjoy being back home. Metaphorically speaking
>tfw no more Vidomina

If i were to buy SWTOR and play it as a single player game (kotor 3), how long would it take for me to finish it?


Vid's still around, he's just sorting out the EH Pubside guild that's an offshoot of TOI

Not on Shadowlands though

If you play through all of the class stories and take at least one up to the current content you could probably spend a good chunk of time.

>EH pubside

Ugly whore

stop avatarfagging

How many characters do you have that all look generally the same?

It's a universal thing that the Imp/Pub ration is 2:1

Anyone on Harbinger for the Dark Design Heroic? This is really going to suck because I hate jumping puzzles.

only about 1/4 of my posts have a picture with them
Yea pubside is dead as fuck. Thankfully my main is imp

I intend to finish the playthrough as if it was KOTOR3, just normal jedi playthrough.
By the way, can you fall to the darkside playing as a jedi initially?

He's literally so autistic all of his characters are essentially literal clones of Thana Vash.

EH pubside's less dead than BC pubside

its thana vesh you fag

More like Thana Trash, faggot.

no one cares about your shit waifu you faggot

Probably like 20 hours? Been a while since I started a character from scratch and for the dark side question there's a bunch of dark side options throughout the story but you can't really fall and the options themselves are more stupid than ones from KotOR.

Well those are some of the better facial options in the game.

It would take quite a long time. Even if you just limit it to purely class story quests for all 8 classes on Imperial and Republic factions. Add in planetary faction quests, side quests, and expansion stuff with Rise of the Hutt Cartel, Oricon, Forged Alliances, Shadow of Revan, and Knights of the Fallen Empire you're looking at a good 30+ hours, minimum.

It really isn't.

I hope you had a nice vacation and were relaxed. You can thank EA for bringing you out of that stress free zone.

>Find what I think is the best looking sliders
>Everything else therefore doesn't look as good to me

Besides, besides being a white female with that hairstyle (not counting armor) I don't see much similarity between Thana and my characters, facial/complexion wise.

That's your opinion

Big fucking whoop, loser.


Your characters are awful and you are awful. Please stop breathing.

If you appeal to your ban and did nothing wrong you should be unbanned
Are we witnessing a new meme?


I got that shit too. fucking assholes

How would Bioware react if someone responded to their email threatening to report them to the Better Business Bureau?

>How would Bioware react
they wouldn't

eat shit faggot shill

They'd send you a video of a man laughing at you

They would do nothing



EA doesn't give a shit. I think they don't even know how to separate the good from the bad. I don't think they even care. I think they used this as an excuse to go after anyone that had over a certain threshold of money and/or were going from server to server selling things.

i'm trying to join Legio XVI Coruscantia but everyone that comes up when i search for it says they're from Korriban's First Legion. what's up with that?

Any pub Harbinger guilds?

Preferably without a stupid name.


Watching the movies again I dislike kotfe's storytelling even more


ded guild

LF3M for [Heroic 4] The Shroud Revealed on Harb.

What is this, the GenChat?

>think about making a femtrooper
>remember the voice


>that hairstyle
please let it die


reminds me of the old joke 'Don't steal, the government hates competition'. Apparently going server to server buying low and selling high is considered an exploit even though it isn't in their TOS

Han Solo would be banned.

>Apparently going server to server buying low and selling high is considered an exploit even though it isn't in their TOS


I did it once. ONCE. I know people who did that shit a few times a month. I guess they're all gone now, too.

I just defaulted back to preferred status, should I re sub or just fuck off from the game?