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At least we're not Armored Core General Edition

Nintendo released the Miitomo app for smartphones. (iOS/Android)

>Not on Google Play?

Platinum Coin Guide: pastebin.com/UM5qk5Yq
Troubleshooting Guide: pastebin.com/LEQSPbc4

Booru - miitomo.booru.org/

Mii Twitters/QR Codes:
Form - docs.google.com/forms/d/1yYaVytyFBIv1lRCvcQYTJIpNtoci4EadouC52alXBtI/viewform?c=0&w=1
List - docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ET_Id359CB90l6MIe2_TwrAJhfUp_tQjtfZWTaIIvt8/

Crash on launch? This happens to Jailbroken/Rooted devices:
>To bypass on iOS: Install xCon Beta from Cydia.
>To bypass on Android: Install Xposed. Then, install the RootCloak and MiitomoSecurityBypasser Xposed modules. In the Xposed Installer app, enable both RootCloak and MiitomoSecurityBypasser. Open the RootCloak app, tap "Add/Remove Apps", press the "+" on the top bar and select Miitomo. Reboot your phone.

Miitomo on PC: pastebin.com/kz6WJnEg

Comfy BGs: imgur.com/a/8EFLT/all
BG Templates by Domenica: imgur.com/a/pWBi1

Sm4sh /Mii/ Fighters Tournament:
Previous Thread:

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1st for TC's a big cool dude

Xth for new Miimers have invaded the thread, but you can keep it the Discord chat is way better

Xth for
>the circle jerk is better than the pure image board

Lamao @ u

Only losers use the Discord!



Don't forget to add, don't be shy we are all friends here


The best part is no gor or mark

Gor is cool dude though, he makes funny original miims, just like me
t. Mark

Adding more friends would be nice.


If it was blue, I'd go up to you and say 'Hoy'

Implying >

OK it's time to test star fox. I hope you guys n "girls" have a good day.

Adding more friends

I wish Bane still answered on Miitomo. Genuinely funny.

Holy fuck, update the form in the OP already.
It's 2 weeks out of date.


Well miim'd friend

Oh my

Shiny new hat!

People are using my miims

Bane never accepted my request
Time to kill myself

Also tea rapist reporting in, who wants some tea?

I prefer coffee.

One wrong move and you're gonna lose all your starchips


what, am I not chill? I'm chill like N2(s)

Never seen this general yet

I hope its not too normie for me

Daily oppai! Mage Edition!

>I hope its not too normie for me
I laugh because its both incredibly normie and incredibly degenerate.

Guys, this is really important!
What ice cream, strawberry or banana?

Did you switch away from bimbard?


Strawberry ice cream! And no I didn't, just trying out this spell castin stuff!

Strawberry, also @_brandNEWdays

Would there happen to be any collectors here that could show off all colors of the full set of the Gothic Lord gear?

Or, uh, have enough friends to include them all in one pic?

>it's possible to buy $80 worth of coins
Has Nintendo gone full Zynga? Seeing the explosive growth of this game, Nintendo will probably be looking to raise their arpu next.

Why not both???


That lingerie style is bonerific.

bimbard is best class! And I'm glad you enjoy it~

my twitter handle is @robotnexus

What's the different between buying $80 worth of coins and buying $10 worth of coins 8 times?

At least with the $80 purchase you get more coins.

Ok so the captcha asked for palm trees ands im a little trunk and just clicked ALL trees, 2/3 were palms but I KNOW that third one was a maple tree but it accepted it anyways.

What the fuck captcha learn your god damn botonay

brrrr pic related

I ended up with banana, because I dont get the chance to have it as much. I bought some berry juice to go with it tho!

You have your times
Strawberry master race


fite me

sent ;)
March senpai!!

Don't we all, Ms. Tsundere?

Testing superpowers

Dark magician tits
Was kinda hoping for a winky face

I once paid $50 for Simpsons doughnuts. I wrote it off as "modern full game price". Then I figured out how to get infinite doughnuts.

This honestly. If you're going to drop money for this you better go all out. Nintendo knows this. Thats why they give you the "bonus" coins.

I've seen this also with Pokémon shuffle. If they have the same people on board, expect a "coin sale" sometime in the future with extra bonus coins or reduced price.

Stop this abuse.

would a different winky face suffice?

None of you /mii/mers have actually spent your platinum coins yet, right? You surely didn't waste any of it on something dumb like a bee suit, suurrely?

There isn't going to be anything good ever.

I wasted them on

The mario suit
10x tickets (fuck. Gothic. Pachinko.)
and a SNES/Super Famicom hoodie

>>I'm a little trunk



Oh, you say that now. But just you wait.

>>>I'm a little trunk
I will beat you
But it looks like someone beat me to it

Oh god, when did this happen?
I want to see papa franku and jontron together

Cushiki appreciates the help. Cushiki will teach you all of Cushiki's secrets.

The only "worthwhile" thing are games I can already run on my 3DS for free anyhow.

Nvm, i remember when that happened. I'm an idiot


Talking bout strawberries almost got them in a convenience store.

Oh i know what you like, you pervert
Sometimes we forget stuff don't worry about it and be calling yourself that
I love you the way you are

This is nice, thank you

Im rethinking ever doing this comci should it be deleted forever? y/n? It's really cringe and i wish i didn't make it

make more

That doesnt look like real fruit. Proceed with caution

post Mini Miis

What's a mini mii? To make a mini mii, mae a mii using the camera, and post the first result. Namefagging is encouraged

Already saved for prosperity senpai

How about now?

Anytime cushiki.
You're okay in my book.

Hellllo erection!

>tfw dog won't stop barking

Wew also tried another go for the hat and missed
I'll just leave it alone till tomorrow

Yep gummy berries

>When saying the namesLiu Bei,Guan YuandZhang Fei, although the surnames are different, yet we have come together as brothers. From this day forward, we shall join forces for a common purpose: to save the troubled and to aid the endangered. We shall avenge the nation above, and pacify the citizenry below. We seek not to be born on the same day, in the same month and in the same year. We merely hope to die on the same day, in the same month and in the same year. May the Gods of Heaven and Earth attest to what is in our hearts. If we should ever do anything to betray our friendship, may heaven and the people of the earth both strike us dead.

It's funny tho.

I'm playing Pokemon Yellow and I want to fucking D I E

Do you happen to know Al?

hey guys check out my manga

So I checked my miitomo and I noticed my voice was very odd sounding, like he was choking and squeaking so I changed the sliders a bit and the refresh seemed to fix it. I figured maybe nintendo made an update or something that fucked it a little. Then I went and listened to Melody's answers and her soothing ghost voice was replaced with a generic tomodachi life robot noises

Now I'm not sure if I hallucinated the entire thing, because I have no idea how Melody could have made her voice so different than every else's
Someone please tell me they heard Melody have a spooky sounding ghostly-wail voice before about noon today

Miitomo has been creating some really dark/depressing pictures lately...

All I have done is add the top line.

user pls, stop drinking in the mornings; you're tearing this family apart.

y tho

Maybe too hard for him?
alcohol doesn't affect mark he was born from it
Doesn't sound very different
much romance etc

Because the mechanics are garbage compared to the more refined newer gens and I've been spoiled

There's no way

I spent 10~20 candies listening to that voice
wh-what the heck

>shitting on gen I

yur a faget

Hello genwunner
Sorry but your precious childhood game isn't literally perfect like you thought it wad



I'm not a genwunner gen IV best gen

You just don't shit on your history

>it's okay because it's old
Never ever have this opinion ever again

Don't ever fucking reply to me again unless you're contributing to the thread

Gen 1 is garbage and you are garbage
Here's a contribution to thread
She's referring to you

I'd just like to interject for a moment. What you're ref
She is cute but you are wrong

Explain how I'm wrong Mr. Hitler
Explain how "It's good because it's old" is a good argument

I don't think it's good because it's old.
I think it's good because it amused child me.

I don't think gen I was 'good' but you don't shit on your past! It's like flipping off your granfather for not knowing there are 5 kingdoms

I'm not "shitting on the past", I'm shitting on a game that aged like milk
That's like saying it's bad to hate a dictator because another guy came around afterward and he's okay


I'm not advocating you ignore it's flaws and claim it's the second coming of Jesus, but you need to learn from it. If Game Freak didn't learn we wouldn't have gotten past Gen II

If I say it will you stop posting

Why does my mini mii have lipstick? I dont wear makeup