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We need someone to make a new full server content download edition

>What is this?
Ace Attorney Online! Allowing anons to unite to talk, shitpost, perform AA-like trials and have fun overall.
Our server is Attorney Online Vidya, come join us!

>How to download this?
The following document has all download links and information:

>FAQ & Tricks

>Gameplay footage WHERE?
Streams are almost always running. Ask in the thread!

>My client keeps crashing, what do I do?
Check the FAQ & Tricks document for help.

>[music/character] when?

>Strawpoll document

>How do I play [x] role?





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Post them screenshots bois

Anyone casebuilding?

I posted this in the old thread by mistake.

I fucking new it. Dudebro, Wicked Turnabout, Yo was fucked at the casebuilding.

I knew there was a lot of unneeded information that nobody could keep track of, you waste three evidence slots with the car, the car trunk and the trunk key. This shit does not deserve three slots.

I was told beforehand to fuck off for complaining but I was fucking right.

>Suffers from a retarded 1st wit who has a contradiction that is literally worthless and wouldn't move the case along, might as well had a fucking lamp post

but yeah you were right :^)

Oh shit, screencap I took is in OP post. I feel like a photographer whose photo is on a front page.

Really? When I arrived each of these evidences had a FULL box of text and helped bring it down to a more manageable amount.
And TWO crime scenes.

Sorry to bother you, I'm entirely new to this and it doesn't look like the Attorney Online Vidya (Dedicated) server is on the list when I start my client. Do I need to manually add it?
Also is it alright if I just watch cases without participating?

Check the previous thread's replies for two ways to fix it.

You can participate by just selecting a character and not talking.

We have moved the master server, in Base edit the masterserver config 0 =

You are more than free to spectate trials and talk in the OOC to the right.

The master server has changed, you need to add the new IP to the masterserver.ini file, the new IP should show at the chat when you boot up the game

Alternatively you can add the IP manually to your favs list, guide at the FAQ

Thank you! I was able to find the correct IP. Thank you again.

Not sure how relevant this is, but there's a full download including all the updates in the Alternative Torrent download in the download document. The only issue currently is seeders.

Any activity tonight?

If you want, I am in courtroom 4 and waiting with a half built case. I'm alone though and I'm not sure when others may arrive.

Getting ready to casebuild in A4, I think A2 and A3 are in midtrial.

After 6 hours of being called retarded, I now have to face the fact that I may indeed be retarded.

2 Just started

A3's done.

Streams where?

I realized that I was, long ago.

If people show up and help with building, A4 will have one.

Reposting the character editor again: a.pomf.cat/pxndzy.exe

Taking features requests, feedback bug reports, and etc.

Sorry to the previous person in the other thread who said there was an error. I passed out shortly after. This was created with Windows Forms in C# and targets the .NET Framework 4.5.2 so that might need to be installed. Otherwise, if you're still around, could you tell me which .ini's were causing you errors and describe it?

Let me add, trying to get this case to involve two victims. It is NOT a ridiculous set up or anything, and we can either allow it to be a straight forward case or something a bit more challenging.

Earlier user here.
It works with Manfred, so I guess it's not just me and my computer.
I tried opening it with Cammy's ini though. It got that error I told you about.
Which may say something about either my ini for Cammy, or the program itself. I dunno.

But what do you use it for? If it's for editing, how do you edit?

You are not retarded floating dishware.

Yeah, it's the .ini kinda. Thanks for telling me, it's now fixed. Basically, all the way at the bottom there's this line which I assume is suppose to be a comment:

\\ Well, requested by someone, so whatever. -Nahman

Which can't be parsed properly but I've made changes now to allow that.

Select the character's ini in it's own folder, then make changes to the fields then save. You can also preview how it'll look. Some knowledge is still required, though I could make changes in how one edits a config if you can describe what they are: docs.google.com/document/d/1sMMJcKwkt9Z905sl4_fawExoeG4C_zBwdz1Aa1zEk3E/edit?pref=2&pli=1

>60+ people in the server
>thread about to get archived

This is what happens when the game is good and everyone is playing instead of shitposting or dramaing

Area 3 needs a judge and detective!

Still need those spots filled. Plus a steno.


Why can't I see the court record?

Press the R button.

That didn't do anything.

Try blowing into the microphone to blow away the excess fingerprint dust.

Press the Court Records button on your touchscreen.

I gave that a try despite the fact that I've never touched my monitor, it still didn't help.
But I don't have a touch screen!

They are just teasing.

Ask in the OOC/Right chat for case docs.

Wright, how can you expect to defend your client if you can't even use the court record button? Do it for me, please?

R-Right! I'll give it a try, chief!

What sort of lawyer can't even access the court record? You're a fraud, Wright!

Give me a break... At least I don't forge evidence like you...

Rick star when?




Case stream

Shut up Lewdton

Who made the aceattorneyonline.com site?

I don't know but its fucking terrible

>tfw having to judge that trainwreck

>Witness for the first time
>Accidentally leave almost no contradictions in my testimony and leave barely any room for doubt
>Prosecution has to pull a second witness up for the defense


>be prosecution
>give defense a second witness for no reason
>defense gets salty I'm spoonfeeding them

>be prosecution
>tell defense there isn't enough doubt
>defense gets salty I'm "wasting time that could've been spent calling a second witness"

which one do you guys even want?


Last chance to vote

After extensive Read: Not really that much polling, our goal horn setup is now the AAI2 Objection/Pursuit combo


So what exactly changed with that new Gregson?

I see no difference


Know that you're missed and we love you.

Some of his animations got a lot cleaner, from what I noticed, I think he also got one more emote

what the shit

> Oh I'll check out this AOG thing.

Three days later. Fuck my life.

Don't forget, you're here forever

>Three days
Let me know how you're feeling after four months

w e e d l a n . d e
It's WIP and as of right now it's a "stream" of the basement

Ace Attorney really is a BL series

>mfw the witness confesses

What is this?

Connection lost? I don't get it.

As per understandment, the QUALITY Music 2.0 poll is being held in the strawpoll document
To give everyone a chance to sample all of the songs I had picked out for the bundle, sans the ones that have already made it in, and to vote for the remainders' inclusion or exclusion.


Nice client, what's left to be finished?

changing bg sometimes doesn't work and it's completly missing masterserver access, a charselect and the ability to write something to the chat
but it's already much better quality than the "streamers"

I only get a white screen, what does this use?


HTML5 websockets
this should run on almost any browser

I hope it'll be completed soon then. I know some HTML and Javascript if any help is needed. Also I don't really want to jump ahead too far while it's still unfinished, but will there be any possibility of customizing the emotes in the future? I don't mean anything too advanced like uploading our own images, just essentially changing the combination of preanimation, idle, talking, and sfx that gets played since everything is essentially sending messages at each other. What are the "streamers" anyways?

appearently some people enjoy watching AOV on twitch with horrible upscaling

Because it's convenient when you can't actually take part in a case but you still wanna spectate.

So why keep so many people locked to 1 case all the time?

>3 Defense
>3 Prosecute
>2+ Witness
>1 Detective

If everyone wants a single witness in the trial then you gotta start doing it before the trial starts when you're case building. This whole "every trial has 11 people" is getting old. Stop wasting time, the 2 extra defense and 2 extra prosecutors serve no purpose except they have the ability to chime in on the trial usually OOC whenever they want. Why even bother with a stenographer? You can just let the judge do the steno job since the judge does almost fucking nothing the entire time except say stupid shit.

Honestly you can have a whole trial with just 3 people. Defense, Witness and Prosecutor just get rid of the steno, detective and judge and let the witness play both the witness and the detective.

1. Multiclienting is frowned upon as it lets less people play the roles they want.
2. Cases have started before without co- and support roles.
3. Not every Judge has an amazing WPM or doc formatting ability, not to mention some judges do a lot more than others.

You don't even need to multiclient the detective and witness literally you can use /switch because the detective doesn't show up much after his first appearance.

That wasn't his point..

Need judge and steno in area 2 for bank robbery murder case.

My point was is that taking multiple witness slots shuts out other people from enjoying the case.

Re-reading your post, you also seem to think judges are just worthless mediators who spout HOW DECISIVE I'M READY TO HAND DOWN MY VERDICT.

Need wit 1 now too.

I'm sorry but this is the evidence list:
>incendiary rounds (two /k/ posters in case)
>vault contents (missing money)
>security cameras
>Unknown Gunman

I wouldn't touch this with a 10-ft pole.


In Ace Attorney a witness needs to lie in order to make contradiction.

If the client is innocent the witness is wrong (lying/mistaken).

The basic cornerstone for this formula is based on evidence. Bad evidence ALWAYS kills cases because witnesses don't know how to use them.

I hardly see how the judge adds anything except bonus dialogue to a trial and anything the judge says that has to do with the trial can be said by the prosecution or defense. The point of my post was that people seem to try and end trials on the first witness so why have more than 1 Witness? The Witness that get's skipped isn't going to be happy so taking the role away from people isn't going to hurt them anyway.

There'd be more trials going on at once if there was less people in trials which opens more opportunities for people to take roles already taken in other trials.

What is your problem with the evidence? Just asking to see how to fix it.

1. People usually don't end the trial on the first witness unless they're terrible fucking players or there isn't enough doubt.
2. A neutral mediator in the midst of the court is necessary to stop 10 hour shit-fling debates.

The only reason the judges are there are to

1.) Force witnesses to talk when the Defense points out a contradiction
2.) Stop long-ass debates
3.) Keep both sides from being dumbass cucks spamming IC with [whispers] during WT and other important segments.

Judges don't do that shit anymore so it's no wonder all of our judges are terrible and act like they don't exist.

Let's break down each piece of evidence.

1) The Pistol (murderweapon)
>Four lines of text before detective
>suppressor nonsense
>sub-sonic vs supersonic ammo analysis

2) 6 bullets
This is evidence I guess?

3) Balaclava
"Was pulled off of the defendant at some point."

4) Vault Contents
This evidence is the lack of evidence

5.) Security Cameras
These are always cases killers.

Can't you fags just educate yourselves about guns instead of just expecting everyone to follow your nonsense movie logic about how guns work?

What is with this server and insufferable people? Even the mods are nothing but shitposters who abuse their powers. Especially the Cammy and the naked Professor Layton.

>Can't you fags just educate yourselves about guns instead of just expecting everyone to follow your nonsense movie logic about how guns work?
What are you even talking about.

Here I'll fucking fix it for you
A pistol with an attached noise suppressor, damaged by incorrect ammo. 3/6 bullets.

>2) 6 bullets
>This is evidence I guess?

How is this not evidence...?

Most cases with bullets just add the bullet in the autopsy report or what was shot/hit

See AA games.

What do you mean?

>the mods... abuse their powers
How can Namu abuse powers he doesn't even log in to use?

Lead Pro from Area 2.

Lagging THE FUCK out right now, gimme a second.

It's this time of the day when the shitposter appears to stir up drama

>its bait
>so i will respond to it