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Slow, Painful Death Edition


>Daddy is gone, he left us for Beamdog
>M ASS EFFECT: ANDROMEDA leaked details
>The White March – Part 2, the second expansion to Pillars of Eternity, was released on February 16, 2016 (IT'S HERE)
>Siege of Dragonspear available on GOG and Steam
>Obsidian is working on Tyranny, a fantasy RPG where you're the bad guy - should be out later this year
>BG1/2 EE and IWD EE on sale on GoG for -85%
>PoE 50% off on GoG

Dragon Age Shit:
>Check THIS before asking questions:
>DA:O Mods

>How do I import my save into DA:I?
You can use this website to create your own DA World History by bringing over your choices from the previous games. You need an Origin account.

>Where is my Warden?
Checking his privilege

>Yar I'm a piratefag, help me break the law!

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>/dag/ booru

>Help me /dag/+/bwg/, I want to get comfy!

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>tfw all the cute /dag/nas are out partying on Friday night


Bout to hit the deep roads in DA2

so /dag/, what shall Carver's fate be


also does anyone remember if he actually disappears from the character select if he dies, or will his grayed out ghost just haunt me the rest of the game

i want sex and i want it now

warden it is then

wait, that means I need anders too, and varric is automatic, so I've just inadvertently let you fuckers determine my entire party!

>tfw playing vidya with dogbro


So I'm playing DA:I blind

Was making myself human female, rouge, double daggers a completely retarded thing to do?


I bet your waifu can't dance this well.


waiiit a minute

I'm at the end of the roads and we've got a tie on carver death

I think I'm gonna boot anders from the party with the console and see if A) the outcome is determined upon exiting the area and B) whether he leaves the party select screen when ded

aaand it turns out the answer is yes to both.

but I think I'll reload and choose the wardens anyway, the gap tickles my autism nearly as much as the greyed-out-carver would

I can't believe you fucks...

fucking lol. I can't believe this is even an option

>I'm going to die
>but there's a chance I could live and join a very important cause


and that's how we snuffed out /dag/


there is no version of this that makes sense, except carver being suicidal which he clearly is not. if there was some previous suggestion that being a warden was 'a fate worse than death' then maybe it could be believable but there is no such thing. especially in the context of DA2 where wardens are considered heroes regardless of DA:O origin, unless you count that one conspiracy theory rando in the hanged man

Can someone interpret this for me?

Hawke was a shitter protag. FemHawke just had nice eyes.





Meredith did nothing wrong.


I think it might be related to this, or other similar posts

>can't even make it to 300 posts
Ha ha ha...



>Skipping to 943 when the last one wasn't even 50% full
That's not how we were supposed to reach 1000


It should still be 930 or something by that logic


Why is it so hard to find Leliana fanart with a male warden?

because leliana is a wlw... don't erase that

get OUT k*k*

W-what's a wlw?

Women loving woman!

typical of you to silence the voice of sapphic, woman-aligned people

it's not my job to educate you, but if you must know it stands for woman-loving woman

She also loves men and I have like 5 fanarts of that while you could easily find 50 lesbo Leliana pieces in 3 minutes

I guess she isn't popular with straight men

That's just how fanart/fanfics seem to work. Even with canonically straight characters

More like WHALES loving WHALES

>woman-loving woman
Well, almost. Women-loving woman makes more sense in my head though.

i will literally physically kick you out of /dag/ once i figure out what sapphic means

>Sapphic can refer to:

>Related to Sappho, a 7th-century BC poet
>>Sapphic stanza, a four line poetic form
>Sapphic love, related to female homosexuality

Leliana sure loves w.....IENERS!!!

Cass, Miri and Ash suffer from this the most
Whales loving Whales thankfully aren't into older games

Really bizarre

leleiaba is dead in m y canon talkeing about ter is very triggering to me uwu


reminder that the Liara romance is canonically straight

another big qualm i have with da:i is how anytime someone says something remotely nice about sera when she’s not in earshot, it’s immediately followed up by “but don’t tell her i said that” like.. why not? what’s wrong with letting sera know she’s liked and appreciated and an indispensable member of the team? sure maybe she’ll lord it over them for a while but only because she’s so entirely unused to being treated with respect and good will that she’s GIDDY when someone does so & OF COURSE she’s going to want to talk about it and remind them that “hey you said you like me don’t forget no take backs” like why can’t anyone just treat sera like a human being who deserves to know when people think highly of her

Hourly reminder that Liara and Shepard are no longer canon.

She's not a human being though, for two reasons: She's an elf and she's a lesbian

Why's that?

Can I join you?

I think it's more cute than the femshep version

Liara is fucking disgusting

it's also really sad I think

your disgusting!!!

How many Shepards do you have?

>mostly Paragon Femshep, dates Liara
>half-and-half Femshep, dates Garrus
>hardline Paragon Manshep, dates Tali

Want to do a renegade Manshep, can't pick between Jack or Miranda.

>two femsheps
>worst romances
ha ha uM WTF???!

I only have two. One paragon, and one renegade, but the same otherwise. I don't like the way custom faces look, and it feels weird doing different romances with an identical Shepard
Plus I only like one of the MEfus

Custom femshep for Kaidan + Liara (played the same one twice)
Sheploo for Ash
Custom maleshep for Miri

- Paragon maleshep: Ashley
- Renegade maleshep: Miranda
- Renegade femshep: Traynor
In process of neutral as possible maleshep. Started with Ashley but I might go for someone else. Don't know.

hello please keep f*msh*p away from liara

Liara isn't my MEfu, she can stay with the ghastly "fembeauty" for all I care

please also refrain from posting downs syndrome girl

I'm feeling compelled to post her now

Paragon Shep/Liara in ME1-2, Kaidan in ME3
Renegade Shep/Miranda
Renegade Shep/STEEEVE

everyone in Mass Effect is a slut

Best taste here tb*

/meg/ kill yourself

wlw is a great meme because women are incapable of love


cn u spk eng pls

no sorry

that's not how you play guitar...........


>Playing the guitar with gloves on

Oh, sure. You can tell everyone else off after their loyalty mission except Miri. The dev team must have loved her.

What kind of alien is this

What's worse is they don't get that Cass gets aggressive when it comes to sex. I mean she took dominant positions in the sex scene.

Bioware's tools don't leave you much of options and I can't roleplay as Sheploo. OKAY?

Maybe they secretly want to get slapped around by men but can't admit it

Maybe YOU want to get slapped around by men

>I can't roleplay as Sheploo


Come to bed (w/ me)...

I just woke up...

Get in the bed woman

Go buy a cake and I'll think about it.

Where am I going to find a cake at 5AM on a Saturday?

Bake new!

M-maybe I do??

My dog found one. Will that do?

Gift it to Lel.

Post malesheps...

I have never, ever seen a good custom maleshep

I based him on Cullen