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Jetpacks Confirmed Never Edition
CIA approved thread

Previous Squadwipe News:
Julian Gollop - lead developer of the original game X-COM UFO Defense - is working on his new game, Phoenix Point. It's a turn-based tactical game with strategy elements, destructible terrain, geoscape and character progression much akin to XCOM, where the enemy mutates to adapt to the tactics you use.
Also you can target individual body parts in the tactical layer for different effects. A few anons are on the e-mail newsletter for this; ask in the thread for more info.

Here are some links for the curious, though there isn't much yet:

The same Julian Gollop held a conference three weeks ago discussing the past, present and possible future of the XCOM franchise and style.

LnI is back!

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Essential improvements (Skip intros, alleviate stuttering, multi monitor support, resolutions past 1080p)

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First for pure codex

Second for pistols are useful

Pistols are Useful.

snek a shit

finally someone's thinking straight

Snek for president 2016

I have a suspicion airgame user made the OP again

Any recommendations for some fun class mods that are out there?

This is commemorating something which happened last thread famalam, you'd know this if you actually posted in the general.
I'm one of the people who told the guy posting early OPs to fuck off from the get-go, right now you're acting so paranoid you're either false-flagging or legitimately mentally handicapped

>>pointless Lets Play put as news when its not the same as Gollop making a game. Its like announcing Beagle is doing a new playthrough as news
>>possible sign its airgame
>>no discussion of AC/DC/ last thread

Fucking shitty OP

Check the modlist famalam, the ones in there are really good. Barring those I've heard codebreaker and field medic are okay

>>putting baneposting in the OP

Is this how far /xcg/ has fallen?

>new piece of information which is relevant and interesting to a relatively large chunk of posters
>airgame =/= jetpacks
>AC/DC was featured in the new LnI, which most of /xcg/ watched

Of course you'd know all of this if you were actually an /xcg/ poster rather than someone who comes in to cry about not getting to post OPs anymore, asshat

i guess you could say we didn't fly so good

/xcg/ confirmed for ded game, ded general, ded thread

>>privileging some white culture nerd lets player as news

I don't care. It doesn't matter if its Beagle of Lnl - Lets plays should not be news.

>regularly comes into threads bitching about OPs
>goes on to say during several occasions he doesn't appreciate nor play the game we're supposed to be discussing

Gee whiz user, you sure are a top contributor to the quality of this thread!

There is no pleasing you niggers

I disagree. If it's interesting to a large enough portion of our posterbase, it's news. There's no ruleset here beyond popular demand, if that's what you want then fuck off to a forum which works that way.

Anyone have any experience with this mod, is it worth a try? steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=632648555

Fuck yes it is. Arguably a little too good, but they're interesting and fun as hell to play with, really mix it up with the vanilla classes. Versatile and great for providing a base of fire whilst your specialists and grenadiers support, grenadiers flank around and sharpshooters snipe. I love 'em.

Polecat's one of my few infantry and she's campaign MVP thus far.

It's good.

No, we've risen like a fire, brother

Was getting archived part of your plan?

Alright cool thanks folks didn't want to start a new campaign with it before having an idea if it was good or not.

>Alien Hunter coming out soon
>Beagle making videos again
>EU/EW enemies being modded in
>SHIV being modded in

XCOM2 is entering a golden age.

>Alien Hunter coming out soon
>Beagle making videos again
>EU/EW enemies being modded in
>SHIV being modded in

It's a good day to be /xcg/

It wasn't me.

I still believe Jetpacks are happening in XCOM 2 one dayy.

LnI is very relevant stuff.

Uf chorsh, that user refused Baneposting in favor of lesser memes, I had to convince him otherwise

Its pretty eggcelent, truly exalting news.
Which reminds me, if we are getting EU/EW enemies soon then excited static

I can keep praying that the Archon Ruler armor has a jetpack

>EU/EW enemies being modded in
I miss Thin Men and those snazzy suits

I'm willing to donate some fingers for this to happen.


Let us Dream.

35th for cyclops eye mod when

Something along the lines of that Hostile Territory mod with Eggsalts? Man, that'd be fucking heaven.



>ifunny.co watermark clearly visible

Typical EXALT, you guys deserved what you got

>miss thin men
>they don't miss you

Yes, definitely delete this


You come with us.

anyone know what movie this is from?

I watch these every-time. Every. Time.

>sectoid commander among corpses


Long War adds aliens to the HQ mission.
Explanation is supposed to be that as EXALT gets pushed further and further by xcom they get desperate enough to start working with they ayys.

Its the only difference in canon between the mod and the base game

These models really bring the toy-ness of the XCOM guns out.

well there goes the thread

I wish there were more of these.

Petting game mod when?

>viper king

Gigantic musclebound naga or svelt futa god/dess?

That Teal'C voicepack uploaded recently is fucking gold if you watch the series

>Things will not calm down. They will in fact, calm up.
>It would seem his fate is well-deserved!
>They are susceptible to human projectile weaponry!
>You are assumingly intent to attack me


I might be able to make that happen with his help.

You're the one porting EU/EW enemies? God bless you man

Unfortunately, I'm not able to make any progress until I can get in touch with Firaxis because of the editor. It doesn't seem to be importing animations correctly, even though every other program sees them correctly.

God speed man.

I'd suggest tweeting at twitter.com/davehinkle, twitter.com/M_nauta and twitter.com/xcom to speed things up, they're usually pretty active


Will we have a breed of hydrophiinae to contend with in the remixed version?


Would you guys play a Xcom styled game where its only massive aerial battles with mechs and tanks on the ground?


That all depends on whether or not you want to be able to fire twelve shots in one turn.

Stokes, you da reel MVP.

Looking good exalt!
Also 12 shots are you exaggerating?

It's a movie called Sandstorm, by Darude Studios.


Maybe a little. I think it was more like eight or ten.

It was the perfect storm. Infantry with Adv. Exp. Mags and Adv. Autoloader who just so happened to proc Death From Above via AWC. I don't think I will ever see the likes of it again. It was beautiful.

I know the feeling man

lmao this nigga gonna die right

no lol

haha yes you were right
this is such a good video game, 100% fair and it was my fault this guy missed his 100% shot haha

i sure hope they didnt change this in xcom 2

If you download his Rocketeer class, it has an overwatch ability that lets you keep firing as long as the previous shots hit.

Also the infantry class has an ability that lets it have +1 overwatch shot depending on how many AP you have left, so not moving and overwatching gives you like three shots.

also nice aspect ratio dude epic

haha yes thats why he missed lol :)

such a good game

>still no TF2 classes mod
I want to Mann vs Mayychine

Sounds good though I feel I should add more ayys so this doesn't get too easy

frick off

Get bigger squad sizes too because the enemy counts fucking ridiculous if you trigger more than one pod.

Noted, have a tank for your kindness.

/xgc/ is a bully-free zone

Maybe you should git gud. Break LOS whenever possible, and stop relying on the RNG to always be in your favor. It won't be.

give me your lunch money you dork

hELP! I'm bein bullied!

reported for being a wimp

Well, of course it didn't work. If you can't see why, you're an idiot. Fuck off back to SomethingAwful.

>you're playing on fucking Easy to boot

o-ok, you can have my money, please dont tell my Elders


My god, this fucking SHIV...my body isn't ready


fuck yes

Gods yes

So one of my mods is fucking up LoS so that walls are transparent. Anyone else have that problem? I cleaned MyGame config, verified my cache, and reinstalled all my mods before starting a new game so I'm pretty sure it is a mod.


Hello /xcg/

Veeky Forums League 6 is coming up soon and i want to know if the general wants to participate again.

implyingrigged.info/wiki/Veeky Forums_League_6

this isn't FUTBOL

You asked last thread, and we are down.

i cant its against me religion

just you, though
to actually participate we need to do all that voting and shit for new players since we've got all the new DANK MEMES
And then we'll need a captain and all that to actually play

FUCK MY BODY HARDER. Started looking through the guys other stuff, and he is working on god damn xenomorphs


Here is all of his videos

>dem xenos
Oh damn

god bless Dor and the titanfall mod