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>How do I zoom out / downsample from larger resolutions / take those cool giant screenshots?
Guide: pastebin.com/WN3Eqm2Q

Or try using your GPU features: Nvidia -> DSR, AMD -> VSR

>Bats/Mushrooms suck, how do i change it?

Chucklefish had no hand in the development of this game. They only published it, and Concerned Ape (the creator) asked them to publish it BEFORE the Starbound fiasco.
So don't be a fucking bitch and play the game already.

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First for Emily's wicked dance moves.

Nth for lewd farmer

second for dead doomed general
hopefully all the waifufags are gone now

They'll just migrate to reddit

nah reddit mods ain't having none of their shit
you can't even post inappropriate stardrop messages or bulletin requests without getting banned

Finally it's weekend!
I must ask, did that based user update the best mod yet? I really want to see the 13 hearths event.

I am talking about the Vincent mod of course by the way.

don't die on me again

question, is it possible to plant fruit trees on grass land (land you can't till, for example the top right corner of your farm)? On one hand I read about people planting them even outside the farm, on the other how they won't grow unless they're surrounded by free, untilled ground. Has anyone experimented with this? Do untillable tiles affect their growth, for example the rightmost column or top row of tiles on the farm?

im under the assumption they need untilled, free, ground but im gonna try planting some in the locations you said

Didn't mean to scare ya

This general is as good as dead, friend


Is the anthro mod worth it

Any way I can use SMAPI and still get Steam achievements?

Requesting that comic of Abigail (I think) going Aw Yiss with a bunch of gems and the other villagers looking for her.

Nope! Sorry user.
On the bright side, I did finish the 2 heart event with relative ease once I had clearly outlined what would happen.

For this reason I spent some time outlining Vincent's entire character arc, which helped in deciding on what the contents of the 4, 6, and 8 heart events will be. I'm hoping to release all of those in a single update once they're complete, with enough substance to make it worthwhile for me to start a new game and romance him all over again.

I did at least get most of the way through writing the 13 heart event, so it'll be the next thing I add into the mod before I work on the other events or add in the yandere rewrite.

Here's a Vincent picture to sate you.

I love you

There's a new montergirl mod for farm animals, yay!

Unlike mine it also has all the coop animals, In fact they are so cute that i don't think i'll need to do them. It shows that you can't beat nips when it comes to drawing loli.

>keeping the nigger name

Is Demetrius even a nigger name?

How does it feel after all this threads to know that you were right?

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Should I just kill all my animals? My crops are already giviing me tons of g

Why don't you make them cute instead?

Harvey is only liked by old women

Shane is best husbando.

How come the last thread died with less than 50 replies and has music playing??

Sounds great! I can't wait for that 13 heart event.

Who are the two people on the right in that image? the farmer and...?

Don't die please.

Some faggots please argue about waifus to keep the thread bumped.

Abigail a best!

Yeah, and have stupid cunts cry about waifu/husbando posting. Can't win

Vincent A best you nice person. I respect your opinion and choice not to argue over virtual waifus/husbandos.

Nah, Shane a best

This general will die before the update can even get out. So here is an assignment.

Give me the most absurd reason as to why the Community Center was closed down in the first place.

Some user said in a previous thread about an explosion in the boiler room which killed Jas's parents.
Although, I think those tire marks on the road near the tunnel might be something to do with Jas's parents.

That Caroline fapfic really makes me want to steal her away from Pierre and marry her now.




Holy shit why is the general so dead

Too busy playing

I wish there were more villagers, like people who moved in, and more heart events with everybody. I really love the whole social aspect of the game. I crave more unique experiences.

I loved how in Tree of Tranquility you could literally get more and more people with more rainbows you made and items shipped. Made it feel really unique.

Like, I understand why this won't happen. But I will always daydream.

Depends on what you consider "worth it".
It's pretty high quality and also includes sprites.
There's this one:
With the awesome Griphon Marlon.

But also this one:
That has a more high-res feel to it.

Both farmers, male and female.

Uh, never really thought about why it was closed down in the first place.
The most logical explanation would be that a lot of the people who used it before moved out of the valley (since the remaining residents never go there, except for CLINT WHEN YOU NEED HIM)
Most absurd reason though?
Lewis said that he's always been the mayor in Pelican Town.
I be he made a pact with some spirits/demons that are in some way related to the Junimo, so that he'd give up the CC for them to live in if he got to be the mayor of PT for all of his life.
Bet he also promised remaining alone, so as not to create any possible heirs.

If the farmer hadn't come to the Valley PT would have become a City-State run by monarchy.

Which one? The "Lost Lust" one?

Is this a starbound general or just a stardew valley general? It doesn't get many replies but you have links to Starbound stuff in the op.

Cucklefish is the publisher so they use the starbound forums to promote their game.

The Starbound links are because Stardew was published by Chucklefish (not developed). Otherwise, it has NOTHING to do with that mediocre game.

Mediocre? With mods its even better than Terraria. And here you are playing a shitty harvest moon clone.

Clint sacrificed his father there in an attempt to get a date, the noxious humors released from this foul deed resulted in the Center not being included in the next year's budget allocations. When the Junimos returned, each of their offering requests were to cleanse the building and cover budget shortfalls.

Clint returns their every Friday to stare at the ashy bones of his father within the boiler.

Clint got the date, but he was too much of a pussy to actually show up.

Huh, never thought I'd see a Starbound fanboy. And you can't use "mods" as an excuse for game quality. And so what if Stardew emulates Harvest Moon? Harvest Moon is a dead series, and it doesn't it own the farm life genre.

I didn't use mods as an 'excuse' for anything. Starbound vanilla sucks, but who the fuck plays vanilla? I play modded and its absolutely amazing.

I always wondered: is Stardew Valley better or worse than the best Harvest Moon, and by which margin? I mean, am i missing out on an improved SV or is SV good by harvest moon standards?

>Starbound vanilla sucks
It was vanilla Starbound that I was referring to. So, it appears that we're in agreement..?

Based on the Harvest Moon games that I've played, they don't offer nearly the amount of customization as Stardew Valley. Other than that, they're pretty comfy.

>Which one? The "Lost Lust" one?
Both of them involve stealing Caroline.

Emily better not be the romantic rival for Shane. I don't think my little heart could take it.

Well, it's not like rivals are implemented.
Though it'd make the game a bit more entertaining in my opinion.

I want there to be rivals, for sure. But my best mate better keep her hands off my man is all I'm sayin'.

I wish rival marriages and kids were a thing.
Then we could play as the second generation, with different & new NPCs.

Hold up, it's a dead series with a game released in 2014 and a new one coming this year? All they did was change its name while Natsume runs the old name into the dirt.

Have you tried Story of Seasons? They actually went and put a lot of customization stuff in that one.

So did A New Beginning, which even let you remodel the town but holy shit was that game boring. First Spring, tutorials out the ass.

Same reason literally nobody uses the CC after you've spend at least a hard working year fixing it: neglect.

It isn't about the game's quality, it's about the shit the devs have and haven't done.
>out in 2013 no matter what

Yeah, I agree, ANB's turtorial season killed it for me. I eventually went back and finished it, but it took me a few months to bother picking it up again.
SOS isn't too bad, but not long after I bought it, SDV came out and I've ignored SOS since.

There's a mod to save anywhere now!


>"And here's Penny"

I like the sweater though

Oddly enough, I put down SoS a while ago and Stardew's making me want to pick that back up when I'm done with it. I never did get hitched, after going through the slog needed to get Elise to even be eligible.

Isn't Elise the gold-digger? Yeah, she's a bit of an effort to snag. Then again, been ages since I last played, so I could be way off the mark, so correct me if I'm wrong.
Yeah, I'm hoping to pick up SOS again eventually, but I got too much Stardew Valley on my mind.

No, she was the filthy rich spoiled girl with daddy issues who was only in the farming for the money but you teach her to not suck.

Holy shit, she's Haley, but with actual writing.

Ah yeah, shit. For some reason I was thinking of the magician girl from ANB.

So is there any way on not to go gay with Sebastian at his 10-hearts event?

I think it'd be better if you could befriend all marriage candidates to ten hearts without giving a bouquet, then have an extra two hearts greyed out, and in order to romance and see their last heart events you need to gift the bouquet. Similar to marriage I guess.

To that one user that wanted Jas lewds...


My knowledge of anatomy is sketchy at best, and oh god how did I end up drawing these.
They're way more lewd than Vincent's ones.


>Vincent, in case anyone wants them

The karma for these images will come in the form of a thousand lego pieces under my feet.
And probably the feds.
But mostly the lego pieces.

Yeah, but he said "THAT Caroline fapfic", implying it's specifically one of the two.
I'm just really curious about which one he's talking about.

>Chocolate Cake gives 150 energy and 60 health
>Cookies give 90 energy and 36 health
>They are cooked with the exact same ingredients
What's the purpose if one dish is literally better than the other?

I agree, and that opens up a possibility for another heart event, which most bachelors could definitely use.

Afterwards marriage could bring up the max hearts up to 16 or something.

This game has a lot of things.
Balance ain't one of them.

you learn them from different places

Yes. That.
I also just think that it's kind of screwy that in order to be good friends with someone is to date them first. Why can't I be best friends with some of the candidates that I'm not interested in romantically?

Must agree with this. I didnt want to kiss Sebastian damnit

Maybe deep down you did.

Ancient Greek male name

Be honest /sdvg/, how much have i fucked up?
Tomorrow is the 1st of spring, but my Iridium watering can will be ready only the 2th. I thought that these seeds, being sold in the desert only and shit like that, would be worth it, but damn if i'm not fucked if these seeds suck dick, not to mention i have bought too many of them.

B-but I'm already married

>Why can't I be best friends with some of the candidates that I'm not interested in romantically?
This is a very good question. Despite all these mini-patches, romance/marriage still needs a ton or two of work.

The way the game behaves right now with spouse jealousy and event inconsistencies (more notable on some bachelors than others, but Sam's are the worst culprits if you're going after Seb or Abby) you'd think CA meant for you to pick a bachelor, max him/her out and never ever, and never raise any of the others past 0 hearts.

But who knows what this mega update will consist of.
CA mentioned at one point that he wanted to add/fix a lot to do with romance and marriage.
Here's to hoping.

>CA said he'd take a small break to relax and brainstorm and he'd share his plans "soon"
>it's been 3 days

Patience sweet user.

If I skip a heart event where I have to choose dialogue, does nothing happen?

Umm.. Potatoes almost bring the same income than thoose but they give the most income out of all the spring crops, except strawberries

you just miss out on a few bonus points if you skip it before answering

From what I know the update should consist of, at the very least, a divorce option, more "endgame content" (which probably means money sinks) and of course Emily & Shane will be added as marriageables.
Don't know about anything else though.

Nothing happens, you can still date and marry them just fine. Some heart events add or subtract heart points to your relationships based on your answers, but if you skip the event nothing should change.

Thanks for the info

And all that already sounds like a shit load of work as it is.


Krobus as a marriage candidate when?

I really hope he's also considering adding the already married characters to the bachelor/ettes pool.
He's already said in an interview that he wouldn't shy away from the kind of drama it would cause, after all.

Yes. The valley needs more drama. I hope he does add divorce to married couples. Steal me some Kent. Jodi doesn't deserve him.

You got it. There's way too many unhappy marriages in the valley, though.
Wish you could break up existing couples and play matchmaker.